April 26, 2005
Hamlet Junk

Kelsey, Claudia, and possibly Mara - May is open-FST month XD Come on, you know you wanna~ It'd be fun :D

Also, the Branagh!Hamlet loses for it's Horatio and the overplaying, IMO, of the pre-play scene, but it winz for teh ghei XD And the costumes. Shiny Victorian ooooh.

Also, Horatio is even sweeter than I first noticed in the text (not in the movie, I noticed it when we were doing our dramatic reading). Aw. I <3 him.

...And I think Mrs. Ferrell is amused by my enthusiasm for this play, particularly for Horatio.

April 25, 2005
Lookin' Up

We just finished watching Dead Poets Society in English, which was very good even if I had to keep from crying at the end.

And apparently our final project for Hamlet is to do good enactments of various scenes (as opposed to sort of the more dramatized reading we're doing now). I wonder if she'll give me a good Horatio scene if I sparkle enough XD

This and the realization that I have no homework so far this week have made my day :D

Time For Another Addition of 'Things Cocoa Doesn't Like'!

-Whistling. The next person whistling near me I can get away with hurting is doing _down_.
-Joni. One more stupid question and...*cracks knuckles menacingly* Nobody would mind, either. Even Mr. Gagne finds him irritating.
-Spanish class, and my Spanish teacher
-Actually, most noise in general right now.
-Tension headaches.
-Physics SAT
-Not being able to sleep well.

...Actually, despite this list, I'm feeling a little better, possibly because I just had lunch and actually had breakfast this morning. Going to go read and listen to music for a while.

April 24, 2005
I Hate This.

I hate being able to be hurt so easily. I hate that it's the little things that bother me, and that it seems like nobody understands how much they mean to me. I hate being let down, over and over again. I hate that I keep trusting in people not to do it again, anyway.

I've been having a bad couple of days. Unless you already know or are Winter, don't ask. I don't want to talk about it.

April 23, 2005
Meme Silliness and the Bard

I am meme-sheep. Baaaa ^^

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
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Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

QuizYourFriends quiz. Yes, it's deliberately tricky ^^

And for something of some substance, in the last half an hour of the day - Happy Shakespeare's Birthday/Deathday to everybody XD; Because I can. Blame Kelsey. I will take this time, then, to declare my new-found love of Hamlet/Horatio, and the fact that I really like Horatio. He's such a nice guy. And the only person with common sense/survival instincts in the whole play XD;

April 18, 2005
Another Shirt For the Collection

So, SPLISH was today, which is pretty much my school's teeny version of MIT's SPLASH program. Which means that all of us juniors ran workshops for middle-schoolers. I did a ghetto-costuming one, which turned out quite well. Mrs. Lang actually had to kind of make them leave at the end XD; I threw together something in the hour too, I got photos of all of it I can post later. There was also a small technology-incident, in that I didn't bring my camera cable to school, and the school camera's one doesn't fit, and nothing would read my memory card but Mr. Barys's printer XD; So we had to upload them into iPhoto, and then onto my flashdrive. Things went well otherwise, and I got a comfy new geek-shirt out of it proclaiming I helped out with SPLISH.

As for this weekend...I'm not sure how much coherent description I can make out of it, so I think I may not try. In short, Mara and I found a cookbook called 'A Taste of Murder', we watched the Gibson version of Hamlet which had some shinies but I still like the Branagh version better so far (because I like melodramatic emo boys XD), and neither has a Horatio I consider acceptable. Aaaand....there was happy and muffins. And that was all the important bits ^^

April 14, 2005
I Am A Bad Person

A belated

Happy Birthday!

to Mel, because I totally lost track and didn't realize it was yesterday ^^;

April 13, 2005
What Makes You Feel Loved?

Just a thought I've been pondering...different people have different ways of expressing/recognizing affection. I'm curious as to what fits those standards for other people.

Me, I'm simple, I guess. In no particular order: initiating a conversation with me, finding my stupid little stories interesting, trusting me, little gifts to show you thought of me, remembering things about me and what I like, writing me letters, especially (although a phonecall or e-mail is almost as nice), actually carrying through something you promised to do for me.

And you?


Stayed home from school today because I got up with a miserable sore throat, and I was so tired I couldn't keep my balance (and I got eight hours of sleep last night). So I slept some more, then went to the doctor's and had a lot of questions asked of me and two vials of blood drawn. Hopefully this will lead to something more productive than a slightly sore right inner elbow.

So I came home and had some food and did physics for a while, and ended up in a better mood than I have been in a few days. Thank you to all the people who left nice comments on last entry <3 I hope I can repay the favor someday ^^

I feel like playing Chrono Trigger :D In fact, I think I might ^^

April 10, 2005

I need someone to give me a hug and tell me in a way that actually convinces me, that everything is going to be okay.

This month just keeps getting worse and worse.

Life Lessons

I've been meaning to make this entry for a while, but my current discussion with Mara sort of pushed me into actually doing it.

There's a very important lesson I learned a year or two ago, from Winter. I was having a bad day, and we were talking about it, and I said something to the effect that I felt bad about talking about it to her because it was such a small thing and bothered me anyway, and she has so many more problems than I do. And she said something to the effect of 'No, it's still a big thing, because it important to you.'

Which is to say, that something that seems trivial to one person could mean a lot to someone else, and that we shouldn't judge other people's problems, really. I've begun to realize recently exactly how important that gift she gave me was...it's a special kind of trust, to know I can tell her things that bother me without fear that she'll get angry or upset or scoff at me. It's the trust that she won't judge, and I think sometimes, at least to me, that's more important than being able to trust someone to privacy.

It's also something I try my best to offer to all my friends. I hope you all can trust me not to judge ^^

Strange Dreams

Had a dream last night that I was trying to throw together a Phantom costume but my hair had magically grown longer and refuse to stay put when I slicked it back. There was also an amusement park with a giant water slide.

I checked out a book on cake-decorating from the library, because it had pretty pictures. I now feel inspired to design my own cake, but I have no cake-decorating skills. Went to see Winter's school put on Guys and Dolls, too. They did a good job except for one of the violinists who was really off-key and too loud >< But the actors did a great job, and I really like that musical, so it was enjoyable.

April 6, 2005
Happy Birthday!

To Winter, who is 17 today. Love you lots, and I hope this coming year is better than the last few have been <3

April 4, 2005

I had a sense that it was going to be a bad week, or at least a bad day, when I woke up fifteen minutes late, had no soda for lunch or tea for breakfast, found that the handle of one of our two bathrooms is broken and won't open, and had my mom get angry about my brother fiddling around with the router over the weekend. I had the realization of why this was happening when Nick pointed out that the date, 4/4, could also be written as 4/04. "Error, cannot find the requested good day", most likely. Bah.

Anyway, off to do homework. Or read. Or something. I dunno.

(also, for those who care, White Wolf has PDF of the Victorian Age character sheet avalible here. The one in the sourcebook doesn't look great printed, 'cause of the scan-quality)

EDIT: I want shadow magic. But I can't have shadow magic. Nooo T.T

April 1, 2005
An Evening's Work

Got a haircut and sewed most of the vest today, although you can really only see the second in this photo. It mostly just needs buttons - it's kind of a pseudo-Victorian style, in dark red with a black lining. The pockets are a little messy, but I was totally guessing for them.

And I am sore and in a shitty mood, and thus am going to bed now.