July 31, 2005
KKM 48 & Assorted

...Can I steal Gwendal's wardrobe? Because frock coats...waistcoats with notched collars...cravats...I think I am in love *.*

I'm so totally cosplaying younger Gwendal way before I get around to doing his military uniform. Hell, I may go out and buy fabric for that green waistcoat tomorrow, because it was awesome.

Anyway, that aside, I have been slacking painfully. Grace and Anthony came over, and we hung out and talked and make cookies and went out for cheap dinner. It was relaxing, which I needed after the past week, I think. I dread when everything I've put off comes back to kick me (in about three weeks, actually).

...It may have caught up already, actually. I've been feeling really out of sorts with life the last few weeks, and I don't know what it is...there's been a few specific incidents that probably helped it along, but there isn't any real source, other than possibly my usual subconcious worrying about a million and a half things. Unfortunately, I'm also the world's biggest escapist, so instead of doing something about all this, I've been sitting around playing video games.

*sigh* I feel all restless right now...

(I miss you...)

July 27, 2005

In proving that the last two days really have been utter crap, I managed to get myself horribly lost trying to find Jon's house after work today. So lost, in fact, that I ended up in the next town over, which isn't actually that easy to accomplish. Managed to resist the urge to break down in tears and got directions home from a nice lady at the B&N customer service desk, although I didn't make it to Jon's. Work has also kind of sucked the last few days, because there's been tons of annoying kids, and people who stay right until closing. A hint, people - this is one of the easiest ways to piss lifeguards off. We want to go home, not spend an extra fifteen minutes we're not getting paid for cleaning up your used bandaids. I've also not been sleeping well - bad dreams, although only one of them was particularly bad. The rest were just the usual fare of me panicking in my sleep about the little things.

Also, I'm really starting to panic about my community service - fifty hours between now and Otakon, and I have no idea what to do. Local people, help?

Randomly, I want new clothing, which I probably need, but have neither the time, patience, or money to get, I think. Baring that, I'd like to finish my coat, but that requires the Fabric Place to stop being full of stupid slow people and actually get me my goddamn buckles.

...And yeah, I know I totally need to post on Shinra's Finest, and I have said post mostly done, but I really don't feel up to editing it and stuff. Sorry, guys.

July 25, 2005
Meme, Part One

...Argh, stupid crashy internet. I was typing up the memes Clare and Skuld tagged me for, but then I lost the page I was working on x.x So it's just Skuld's for now.

Pick 10 fictional characters you'd have sex with and then tag 5 friends.

More characters I find really hot, as I'm not really sexually attracted to people. In no particular order

1) Sephiroth, FF7
2) Rufus Shinra, FF7
3) Roy Mustange, FMA
4) Riza Hawkeye, FMA
5) Karen Kasumi, X
6) Seishirou Sakurazuka, X/TB
8) Sirius Black, HP
9) Gerald Tarrant, Coldfire Trilogy
10) Clow Read, CCS

Tagging my cosplay crew - Claudia, Mara, Yuumei, and Mel - and Clare, because she claims she never gets tagged for anything ^^

July 22, 2005
My Adventures With Cars

So, driver's test went well this time. We managed to get there five minutes early, after much panicking on my part, and the test was surprisingly easy. Just a bunch of turns, backing up in a straight line, and a three-point turn. I passed, no problem ^^

Came home, had dinner, had my previous plans for the evening cancelled, and then decided to take 'my' car out for my first solo drive (people who know my family's cars, 'mine' is the red '92 Honda. You know, the one that keeps breaking). I did fine until I decided to pay a surprise visit to Anthony, who lives over a very big hill from me. I got part-way up, and then the car just started dying. I was in the highest gear, and it just keep going slower, until I pulled over and cut the engine, at which point smoke starting coming out from under the hood. Got the hell out after putting on the emergency brake and lights, and called my mom. After a few minutes the smoking stopped, so I opened the hood and waited for her to come. She tried driving the car, and didn't have any problem, so I dunno what was up with it. I got to take the minivan out for a while, though, which was nice.

Ah, I so fail at cars XD

Assorted Notes

Anybody in the area interested in being a zombie? I've already volunteered, but I figure I'd spread the word.

I've got my driver's test tomorrow, but I'm only really worried about being late, because my mother is hopeless when it comes to these things. Anthony's car is nice to drive - he came over and we played video games and I drove some.

Randomly, I finally figured out who my mental image of Asher reminds me of - he's kind of like a younger Leon Kennedy with different coloration, and more piercings. And kind of a different personality, but it's the looks that was bugging me XD

July 18, 2005
Gaming Madness

Started playing Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask today on a total whim. While I watched Ben play a lot of it, it was about three years ago, and I had forgotten how delightly strange it is. And also how unbelievably creepy the Happy Mask Man is. I'm currently part-way into the Woodfall Temple, and I'll probably pick it up again when I get home from work tomrorow. The BGM is awesome, too.

I also picked up FF7 again, in the hopes that this time, it wouldn't crash right after the JENOVA battle at the end of disc 1, and it didn't, thankfully. I'm almost through Gaea's Cliff, I think, but it was getting late, so I saved and quit. I did realize that when we get as far as Nibelhiem in the RP, if there's anything up in the mountains at all, which seems likely, Asher is going to have a great bit 'OMGWTF?!' moment, because FF7 monsters are on crack. And also largely don't live inside Midgar. It'll be all 'Aaaargh why is this giant bird trying eat me?!'

Ah, I love video game crack. And now, I sleep, in preparation for my six and a half hour shift tomorrow x.x

July 17, 2005
Half-Blood Prince

These are in no real particular order, I'm just going to write things as I think of them.

Read More?

July 16, 2005
Don't Worry, No Spoilers

We've been making on and off jokes about Lupin the hobo, but I just realized that the best part of that is that then he really would have hobo magic XD

(Back to my book ^^)

July 14, 2005
...I am Amused

My e-mail program's help menu gives instructions on how to use PGP encryption, but not how to add someone to the address book. And I found my bag of knitting supplies from 5th grade, whoo!

Notes before bed.

HOL is fun, proving I'm a huge geek. I've got my robe fixed for Friday night, though, yay.

Got rid of my crappy shift at work, which means I have a good schedule now, as much as it can be said.

The RMV sucks and put me on hold for fifteen mintues with really awful hold music. I had to leave for work, and thus hung up, which means i have to call again later today.

And now I sleep.

July 12, 2005

Yeah, I'm around, I've just been wandering off doing other things. Mostly working, which still sucks, but what else is new? Hopefully I can trade one of my really awful shifts for a less awful one, though, which will be nice. I've also been doing a lot of reading - currently part way into the first volume of the Baroque Cycle. Also been having lots of fun with the Turks RP, which I just made a new layout for (art by C ^^). Oh, and I bought my plane tickets for Otakon, w00t ^^

Anyway - last bits of my NC trip. We watched Deliverance, which is amusingly bad, and features Burt Reynolds the Machismo Tire - many jokes were made about this afterwards. We also went to Christmas in July, which is kind of a little street-fair type thing. My cousin Tyler, who is fourteen but very very short, entered a bunch of his goats in the livestock judging, and I got to help out with getting them ready and stuff. He came away with one third place, one second place, three first places, and one Grand Champion, which was nice. Then I spent the car ride home watching Kyo Kara Maou, which I will probably dedicate a full entry to later, when I'm not so tired.

Things I need to do still:
-Call the RMV and book a road test (Tomorrow or Thursday, before my mom kills me)
-Pre-reg for Otakon (Sometime between now and Friday - the price goes up then)
-Fifty hours of community service (Before Otakon. Someone save me please I have no ideas or time *hyperventilates*)

July 4, 2005
A Pretty Pair

Back from NC, plowed through e-mail and stuff and got that all sorted out, then read fic. I'll post about the rest of the trip later, but for now, have two rather wonderful mp3s.

Vienna Teng - Harbor : My favorite of her songs that I've heard so far. Sweet and hopeful.

Drew Bunting - Gin : I picked this one up off the Vash/Wolfwood FST, and wasn't disappointed at all. He's got a great voice, and this has a beautiful, bittersweet melody.