February 27, 2006
RE Silly

...I think Winamp is trying to cheer me up. I was all 'Argh, I hate the world' and then Dragostea Din Tei, AKA the Numa Numa Song, which is wonderful special crack, and never ceases to make me feel better. I was feeling kind of shafted because I had a down sort of day and then everybody I was talking to decided to wander off at once. Which is probably a sign that I need sleep, which I think I will go do, shortly. Anyway, an amusing anecdote from earlier, when I was playing the RE1 remake for Gamecube, and Ben was watching. It was right as the hunter appears after someone who is probably Wesker shoots Enrico, in the caves.

Me: Hey, how'd that hunter get in here?
Ben: The door, maybe?
Me: Maybe Wesker let it in.
Ben: *rolls eyes* He doesn't control them, you know.
Me: Shhh.
Ben: Daddy Wesker! I bet he pets them and they're all 'purrrr' and do his bidding.

Jokes about daddy Wesker and how he wears his sunglasses at night (it's funnier if you've heard the song) ensued. I'm still undecided on his hair, but man, his voice is sexy in the remake. Up there with Seishirou on the character files, who has the sexiest laugh ever. And entirely unrelated, Skuld wins the internet or something. Because she is just that awesome.

February 26, 2006

So I didn't end up playing any KH, because I sat around re-reading the last year and a half or so of my life instead. It encompasses all of the DRAMA! (people reading that long know what I mean), and a lot of funny quotes from me, like how Vergil (and Virgil) is a two-timing whore, and Michelle is like Hojo, but pretty. My life is so amusing sometimes. As is my Genetics prof - I need to do a post of amusing quotes from her at some point.

In the meantime, more Shinra's Finest babble! Because I love that game (can you tell?). It's almost kind of comforting how easy it is for me to slip back into them. I wrote Ally for the first time in about four months last night, and I managed to toss off more in half an hour than I've managed for most of the other characters I play lately. And on a related tangent, Spyderco has the most awesome boxes for their knives - dark green-grey with black spider webs and a little silver spider. I think Asher's knives will probably end up being Spydercos (actually, they're a matched pair of Shinra military-issue combat knives he bought on the black market, but talking about looks here). Mmm pointy things.

Gah, Turks are love. And candybars, the finding and then eating of which cheered me up greatly. Oh, and I meant to mention this earlier, but Eva is wicked fun to write. And I stand by her comment that purple velvet was never in.

February 25, 2006
Weird Mood

I am so out of it right now. I think it's probably the combination of a possible sinus infection (which I think is why I've been so tired lately) and spending most of the afternoon watching Ben play Silent Hill 3. I have also discovered that I officially can't draw Ally, at all. I'm going to have make cookies to bribe Grace with or something, she draws cute girls. And while I don't often hold grudges, there are still a few people I have a deep burning hatred for, when I actually bother to think about them. But in good news, Shinra's Finest is moving again - several months of prodding finally paid off. And I cleaned my room some - it's still cluttered, but you can see my floor again!

Also, I know I owe several people a bunch of stuff - I haven't forgotten, I just have no energy to work on anything right now. I'm really sorry, guys :\

There will probably be cosplay/con stuff post sometime soon, as I have lots to babble about on that front, and there may even be in-progress Seph pictures. Mostly so Skuld can mock my lack of abs. For now, I'm reading old blog entries (I need a new layout now gahhh) and then I think I will go have a cup of tea and play Kingdom Hearts, because everybody has wandered off on me and in this mood, if I don't have someone to talk to, I'm going to get all whiney and grumpy sitting here. And Kingdom Hearts is easy, and brightly colored and cheerful. And I can make fun of Squall 'Leon'. I've actually been playing Chain of Memories in ROM-form, but I'm stuck on Parasite Cage and the battle system isn't nearly as satisfying.

February 24, 2006

Anybody interesting in playing Tseng with me? I'd really like to play around with Rufus some, but it's no fun on my own >.>

February 20, 2006
Insomnia And Other Problems

I have a problem. It in of itself is simple, but a solution is more complicated. I am an incurable packrat. Anybody who's ever been into my room probably knows this all too well - I save everything. I have four years worth of movie ticket stubs in my wallet. I probably have my school notebooks going back to middle school, and I know I have the little yearly portfolios going back to third grade. I'm not sure why I do it - I think a lot of it is that I get emotionally attached to objects really easily, particularly if they have memories associated with them. This may be because my memory in of itself isn't so great, I dunno. But it's beginning to get wildly out of control. I have so much stuff, and I don't have space to put it all. My room is a wreck because trying to clean it usually just ends up shifting the mess to some other part of the room. And I have no idea what to do about it - I'm practically incapable of throwing things out or giving them away, and I don't think I could deal with selling stuff off, even the tons of old books I've got. Argh.

Also, I knew reading Aishuu's Alter Egos right after watching The Sixth Sense on TV and right before going to bed was a bad idea. It has given me too much food for thought, and the desire to go off and do some research for some of my own characters, but it's two am and I have Calc at ten. I hope my motivation holds through until I have some free time, probably Tuesday afternoon.

February 18, 2006
Before I Forget

Another big

Happy Birthday

for Jen this time, AKA the best FF7 crack dealer EVAR. I'd give you something shiny, but you have far more shinies than me already. Fanservice cosplay when I get Seph done ^^?

Before I Forget

Another big

Happy Birthday

for Jen this time, AKA the best FF7 crack dealer EVAR. I'd give you something shiny, but you have far more shinies than me already. Fanservice cosplay when I get Seph done ^^?

February 15, 2006
D/V Stuff

Probably should have posted this yesterday, but hey, it's still good a day late. Photos of the Dante and Vergil cookies I made for C and Ari for Christmas (warnings for silliness, cookies in suggestive poses with each other, and cookie-on-cookie violence), and a bit of slightly surreal sorta-Virgil/Dante - note the 'i' rather than 'e' in the first. Why I shouldn't be left on an island in Mexico with a copy of The Aeneid (warnings for weird surreal stuff, present tense, and I'm the only person that's edited it).

Read More?

February 14, 2006
Valentine's Day

I long ago made my peace with the rampant commercialization of this holiday and the fact that the only peopel who ever give me anything are my parents, so mostly I use it as an excuse to shower love on friends and buy candy on discount.

With that in mind,

Happy Valentine's Day

to all my friends, who I love dearly <3 You guys are great.

And, in the spirit of the day, a little confession - largely has no actual impact on anything, and has probably been guessed already, but hell, it'll be nice to finally share it. Ari - do you remember the conversation we had, I think while driving to C's house at midnight, wherein I swore I'd never have a crush on you? Fate enjoys proving me wrong - a great big fangirly admiring one, too, for about two years. Which kind of mutated into a great deal of respect and admiration come Claudia. Though I still think you're wicked hot. (But, uh, I suspect half the people reading this would agree to that.)

And now, I'm going to go sit around and be a lit geek. Or possibly find chocolate or something.

February 12, 2006

A great big

Happy Birthday!

to Michelle, who is turning eighteen today, as well as a belated one to Skuld - scary to think that I've known you for four years now, huh?

Hair Love

So, Ben and I were watching VH1's 'Top 40 Freakiest Concert Moments' because there's nothing else good on TV at midnight and we were bored. And one of them was David Bowie getting hit in the eye with a lolipop thrown by someone in the crowd. And as I was watching this, I realized that while I don't really like his music ('The Man Who Sold the World' is the only song I can think of that I like. Well, and 'Under Pressure', but that's Queen, too. And it's the 'Ice Ice Baby' song), and I don't find him really that attractive - not bad looking, but not really my thing - but I really, really like his hair. A quick Google image-search revealed that the reason for this is that I am a sucker for long bangs on guys - see Asher, Leon, Rufus, Isaac, etc. And David Bowie had that long-bang, side-part flippy-thing going on, and it makes me melt into a puddle of happy goo.

Some day, my hair will be that beautifully awesome. This is my new goal. (And I suppose I should mention that I also find that style of haircut really hot on girls, too...). And some day, I will get around to actually posting about worthwhile things instead of how enamoured I am with David Bowie's hair. And I dunno, actually get something accomplished. Maybe.

February 11, 2006
Memes and Lists

Because everybody else is doing it, and I'm avoiding Calc (again!), a meme!

Also, for those who haven't seen them, the Evil Overlord List and the Grand List of Console RPG Cliches (one of my favorites of that last one - 'Wait! That was a load-bearing boss!')

February 5, 2006
Music Pimpin'

I uploaded this for Michelle, but I figured I'd share because it is 1) totally awesome and 2) such a Sparda and twins song. If you didn't like my last file share, don't worry, this one's not noise rock. Just awesome dance music.

Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen

Actually, here, have a bonus, as I was uploading it for Mara. Same band, although I will warn you that this song will get stuck in your head for days and days.

Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To

February 3, 2006
For The Masses

First and foremost! I'm going to be calling about a room for AB, hopefully tomorrow. It'll be a king, all the doubles are sold out. Currently we only have three people who are pretty definately staying in it, which for a $175 a night room is...not great, cost-wise. So. Anyone coming that needs room-space? Know someone who's coming that needs it? I've got two full-sized inflatable masses, and we will probably have camping cots as well. As long as it's not Claudia, basically anyone is welcome - I would like to avoid the drama this year. And the yelling.

On a much smaller note, what do guys think I should do with my hair XD;? I'm having an indecisive moment again - got the stuff to bleach it out again, and I need to do that now if I'm going to, but I'm not sure if I want to dye it a different color, or grow it out, or what...

Those Damn Kids

The swim team kids are the most utter brats in the world, save perhaps for my demon cousins. And we are no longer allowed to wear long pants at work, although this probably won't stop me. There has been lots of fandom madness going down over the last few days, but I'm too tired to be able to talk about it coherently much right now. Suffice to say, Satsuki + Gibson = win, and Touya + Yuki + Sumeragi twins = whackiness. Seriously, the second one is going to be scary, but in a good way XD;

...I think I'm going to go study for my History midterm. Or read Life, the Universe, and Everything. Or sleep x.x