September 30, 2006

There was a fire in my house, three floors straight up from me - dunno what caused it, and if it spread at all. The end result is that we spent two hours sitting around the commonsblock, mostly because the sprinklers had flooded the stairwells and probably all of fifth (I'm on second). My room is okay, although the carpet outside (by the stairwell) has a huge wet patch, and I suspect the girl on fourth in this stack of rooms is probably royally screwed. As is the guy on fifth who started it, if only because we may all gang up and kill him after we sleep. Seriously, I was about to go to bed when the fire alarm went off at midnight; a couple people on my floor were in bed already.

Haaate. So much haaaate.

Creative Frustrations

I really feel like doing something creative, but every time I try, I run up against some sort of block. Have a half-finished layout - I'm happy with what I've got so far, but it needs something more, and I can't figure out what; I'd like to do some RP, but I still have no one on AIM, and honestly, I don't have the energy a big LJ-based game takes; I have things I want to draw, but while my art is better than it was a year ago, it's still utter crap, and I can't move past that; I've got about a million and one half-finished story bits, mostly fic, although with a few Issac-Raphael bits, but I can't concentrate long enough to add anything coherent to any of them.

Argh. This is driving me up the wall. I don't want to get stuck in the rut of just doing school stuff all the time.

September 29, 2006
An Update

Chocolate worked wonders, as did the help of some slightly more level-headed individuals. Have come to the conclusion that this may be a 'we'll see' sort of situation, I think. There's one knotty bit left that I can't talk about with any of the usual suspects, just because it would make me a huge asshole. So, I'll give that a few more days, and if it's not worked out, calling counselling.

On the non-cryptic front, I survived my first midterm this morning! Got a little hung up on a combustion reaction question, mostly because it was working out really neatly, and then suddenly stopped, and I started rechecking all my math 'cause I thought I had done something wrong, but no, it's just that this isn't high school and the math doesn't work out so neatly any more. The next question confirmed this, so I finished with like...two minutes left.

And this song came on my mp3 player this morning, and I had to smile a little, because it's totally my love life right now. And the love lifes of several of my friends. So I thought I'd upload it.

Vienna Teng - Unwritten Letter #1

Fun song - it's a tango :D

September 28, 2006
Dear Self

You are getting way to worked up about this, and it's because you're tired. Being tired always makes things seem ten times worse than they actually are. Take a step back, eat your chocolate bar, and at least attempt to be rational about this, particularly because you did kind of make an ass of yourself there.

Or if you can't be rational about it, call and make an appointment with counselling, because it's what they're there for. But you are _not_ going to let this sit around and become a huge mess. We're through with that, alright?


PS: Study for that chem midterm!

September 27, 2006
Nocturne Tidbit

Hikawa is so sketchy. The 80s suit, the receeding hairline, the really suggestive pose as he talks to you... Yeah, Hikawa totally wants Hitoshura's ass. Then again, though, who doesn't?


For the third lecture in a row, my Bio prof is out. And for the third lecture in the row, nobody has bothered to send out an e-mail or anything. It irritates me, and I live on-campus - a good chunk of my class most likely busses, possibly from Burnaby and Richmohnd, which is an hour ride at best. Today is definately looking like a two cups of tea sort of day, though.

In better news - the neighbor has finally gotten the hint, possibly because I went and asked her to turn the music down every day for four or five in a row. Which means that during the day, it is now at a tolerable level (ie, if I have music on, I can't har it), and it's gone at night. And the new tv is working out stupendously, even if it's still just sitting on my floor. But I can sit at my desk and play video games, which I did for several hours yesterday, and will probably do so today, too, at least before I have to go to work tonight.

Also, self? Gym. Today. No excuses.

September 24, 2006
Utterly Random

Aha! I knew it was implied somewhere that Yamato belonged to Sparda, but I couldn't find where - it's in the description in the Equip menu as Vergil, which I just opened by accident in Bloody Palace mode XD;

And I have asked neighbor to turn down her bass, which she did, but I think I'm doomed - whatever the walls are around here, any bass it too much bass, 'cause it goes right through.


The bass, it is making me craaaaazy. Fifty minutes until quiet hours start @.@ Also, people - talk to me? Not necessarily right now, as I may go off and try to get some homework done, but general. I'm on MSN and AIM lots, but I'm convinced most of you secretly hate me or something, and having one sided-conversations suck tremendously, so I've given up trying to IM all but the three or four people I know will actually talk to me.

In good news, I have a tv now (which was really fucking heavy, let me tell you), and more Dante, of the gigantic lit-geeky sort. Although speaking of the other Dante...what made him think cowboy boots/pants that look like cowboy boots (I can't tell, that's the scariest bit) were a good idea? They weren't. They're worse than the manbra.

...The chair I'm sitting in is _vibrating_ with the bass. WHYYYYYY.

September 23, 2006

I'm _this_ close to just totally snapping and killing someone. I had to ask the girl next door to turn her music down last night at 12:30 when I went to bed, and I was woken up by it again at ten this morning. And earplugs do nothing, because it's her fucking bass. It's high enough that it makes things in my room vibrate, and _nothing_ blocks it. I was also woken up by what I suspect was two very drunk people talking very loudly in the hall at two thirty.

Net result? I haven't had a good night's sleep in a month, and it's turning me into an emotional wreck, because lack of sleep makes a total mess of my moods. I can't even take naps, because the bass is _constant_.

Today is Colour Wars, but fuck that. I hate my house, I don't want to support them. I'm going to sit around wearing black and glaring at people with my headphones on, and then go get myself a tv.

September 22, 2006

There are certain persons I would really like to pin against something and kiss absolutely senseless. Or, y'know, maybe a bit more.

I need either more courage or less hormones, I think. (And I know, the temporarily solution is to write pr0n. Which I may do.)


I've realized something. I've been totally spoiled by school. And not in the way you might expect - I got used to the workload in junior and senior year, which was tough (junior year more so), but at the same time, I was actually learning things. And now I'm stuck in first-year science, taking courses that hold no interest for me, in the branch of science I normally love. And it's driving me crazy, because I know I'm better than this. I was getting A's in second-year university biology courses last year. I may actually go by Science Advising and try to talk them into giving me credit for said second-year course, instead of a first-year course that doesn't actually exist, here or there.

Thank god for Chem, I guess. I do feel like we're actually learning things there, particularly in the lab - the prof explains what we're doing and, more importantly, why, and then kind of leaves us to it, unlike all the metaphorical hand-holding going on in my Bio lab (seriously, the graph I just had to draw up? Hurts my soul. Deeply). I'd start sucking up to profs in hopes of gaining real knowledge, but all the people in Bio I'm dealing with right now are Zoology, not Microbio or Cell Bio.

September 21, 2006
Weekend Plans

Local people! Anybody want me around this weekend? I'm all for seeing people, but I know there's work and other plans and what-not XD; I also at this point will probably want to sleep a lot, which I can't do here - goddamn loud floor ><

Drop me a comment/e-mail/IM and lemme know.

September 20, 2006

I totally keep meaning to post here, and then keep totally forgetting, or falling into the 'oh, I'll do it later', and then not sort of thing. Anyway. Good news! I have a job! With similar hours and pay as my old one, but more fun. Not sure how much I'll post about it, though, because it'd be less interesting from an outside perspective, and they're all very big on confidentiality, so most of the really unusual and interesting things I'm not allowed to talk about. But we have criminal record checks and our own radio codes, and it's all very offical-sounding XD;

I also managed to get out of the physics class I may have complained about at some point - it was so painfully, frustratingly easy, so I went and got an exemption from the first-year physics coordinator. She wasn't terribly happy about it, but she gave it to me. Now I have to do really well in 101 just to prove her wrong. And my schedule no longer sucks - that was my eight am, and one of my two days that went until five.

On a slightly more cryptic, personal note - I told her last night. As I expected, it doesn't change anything, really, but I feel better having said something. More than I expected to, actually.

September 19, 2006
Random DMC4 Thoughts

Now that I've actually read some of the info (look, I've been busy), and thus _have_ thoughts. The combo system sounds awesomely sexy - kind of like DMC3 and KH's bastard love-child. And there are some who are probably rolling their eyes at that, but I did find KH's combo system fun, just too easy. I don't actually mind the lack of style actions, because other than Dark Slayer, I never really used any of the style commands. I will, however, probably be a bit disappointed if it turns out Nero genuinely doesn't have any secret connection to Dante. Because then they're just sort of reusing character designs, and that's lame. I'm also definately digging the new scenery, particularly that it has more outdoor sections, and seems to have lightened up a touch from the overwhelming WoD-style thing they had going for a while. Dante wearing the manbra again? Because dude, no. Shirtlessness is aaaaall good by me, but the manbra is just silly.

September 17, 2006

Canadian cell phone plans are so ridiculously bad compared to the US. I had T-Mobile's cheapass plan - $20, 100 anytime minutes and 500 weekend minutes, no roaming or extra long distance fees in the US, and voicemail. The last two bits, from my understanding, are pretty standard in the US, at least.

Not so in Canada. Want to call somewhere out of your area code? Extra thirty cents a minute. Or you could get no extra long distance charges, but pay thirty bucks for one hundred minutes. Total. For the whole month. And as far as I can tell, voice mail is extra.

I need a phone, but this is ridiculous. And yeah, I know, landline is an option, but that unfortunately requires being in the dorm to use, which defeats half the purpose of getting a phone - being able to get in touch with people on the go (the other reason is to have an incoming number people can call - otherwise I'd just use phone cards for four years).

September 15, 2006
Totally Random (with fic!)

You know what I really want right now? A bowl of honey. Or frosting. I've got granulated sugar, but that's just not the same. Shoulda bought some at Safeway, although I wasn't craving it then, and spent more than I really should have anyway.

And regarding my last entry - I feel less guilty about going there because Alexander Pope did too, in part. I just didn't pick up on it when I was reading (we're doing The Rape of the Lock right now).

And so there's some content here, have some kid!Sparda-twins fluff. It's a bit pointless, but Mara said it felt like the begining of something more, so...will see, I guess.

Read More?

September 14, 2006
A Dare

Someone totally needs to write Dante/Virgil in the form of an epic poem. Possibly with sex as a stand-in for war XD; I'd do it myself except I'm absolute crap with meter. Bonus points if it's in terza rima!

(It struck me this morning in English that I possibly know a bit too much about epic poetry, at least for an eighteen-year-old. I blame Dante.)

September 12, 2006
Quick Hello

Just posting to let people know I have not in fact died or anything - got home last night just fine, but the time in-between has been filled with doing things, or feeling dead. So long squeeful posts will have to come later, particularly after I figured out what I can post without people killing me XD;

September 9, 2006

Just checking in to let people know I am not dead - currently at house Viko, stealing Amber's bedroom. Delicous alcoholic drinks were had, video games were played, and I managed not to get horribly lost on the buses getting here. So yes, good plan.

Aaaand I owe people (and by 'people' largely mean Jo and CoM folks) RP stuff, and have more class-babble, and really really need to scan the beautiful drawing of Ally that Mara did for me (and mail Mara's stuff to her~), but, uh... gonna have to wait until later when I am back at rez and it's not three am. Also there is fic-fluff to be shared.

September 6, 2006
Return of Blah

I need more friends on campus. Preferably ones without a million other friends so I don't feel like a perpetual third wheel. Because exploring Vancouver would be way more fun with someone else.

Also, my Chem prof is also very British, and while less funny than my Bio prof, still awesome.

And someone was playing rock music down the hall at eight am this morning. Not good rock music, either - this was Shinedown or some crap like that (Sorry Jon, but it is crap).

Off to explore by myself, I suppose. No way in hell I'm staying here all afternoon.

First Classes

So, have had my first Bio and English classes - I have Chem at noon, and then Physics tomorrow morning, and all my labs start next week. I was a little worried about Bio - it's ecology and evolution, which isn't so much my thing, and it's first thing three days a week, but these were unfounded, as the prof is awesome and British and laughs a lot, and said we don't have to buy the text book, and this his section consistantly has higher averages than the other sections. The English prof is not quite as overwhelmingly awesome, but he's up there - he's from New Zealand, but spent the last several years teaching in the US, and is brand-new (which is why he didn't have an e-mail listed - they wouldn't give him one until today). And he's definately one of of the engaging sorts of humanities profs, and the reading load isn't too heavy. Also, everything totally comes back to Virgil (and I totally typed Vergil there augh).

Anyway, free wireless rocks, my laptop screen is impossible to read in bright sunlight, and I may run and buy a sandwich now. w00t!

We Have the Brains!

So, I am totally in the coolest faculty on campus. Seriously, nobody else has a mascot or their own student building, or undergrad society presidents running around covered in blue greasepaint with the society initials shaved into their head. Also, we get to blow stuff up - the Arts kids had signs saying that Arts was better because it's bigger (never mind that we took up nearly half the gym), and I felt like we should totally have had signs saying 'Science: We Blow Stuff Up'. And I met people in my Bio class who seem at least decently interesting, and got good tips on stuff from our group leader, who's a third year Microbio major who wants to go to med school for the _right_ reasons.

They did the academic procession of all the deans and head faculty to the Imperial Death March, which was pretty much the greatest thing ever. Apparently this is something of a tradition. And the tv on my floor gets House! Which means I'll only have to download Project Runway off the 'net.

But now I am dead from walking around and cheering, so as soon as my laundry is done, I'm crashing.

September 5, 2006
A Bit Better (Now With Music!)

Still not liking my floor much, but the mandatory house meeting ended up being less horribly sucky than I was expecting. Mostly because they did skits for the house rules, featuring my floor advisor (one of the cool people, although I will have to remember to not make disparaging comments about Quebec - she's from Montreal and speaks French as her first language) as a scary bum. And I have to admit that I'm afraid of Vancouver's homeless people - I feel bad about it, because I know a lot of times extenuating circumstances make people homeless, but the panhandlers are really aggressive. Moreso even than NYC, although we were in the 'good' parts of NYC.

Tomorrow is freshman orientation which means hopefully meeting some awesome science nerds - my group is all people in my Bio class. So right now I'm kind of bouncing around my room listening to VNV Nation and wondering if I can fix the sticky door on my closet myself. So! I decided to upload a few of my favorite VNV Nation tracks, because I meant to do so a couple weeks ago.

Kingdom - the one I mentioned as being really fitting for the demifiend - explanation is sort of spoilers, so google the lyrics, and you either get what I mean, or, uh, don't. One of my brother's two favorites, and also one of mine.

Epicentre - Another one of my favorites, which I strangely feel has some relevence to me. Also has awesome beats.

Standing - Ben's other favorite. Not quite one of my absolute tops, but it's up there.

Fearless - one of my favs - the words of this song are really kind of a personal reminder, of a great many things.

September 4, 2006

Unless things change drastically in the next couple of days, I am going to go crazy living here this year. It seems like I may have gotten stuck on a floor more inclined to partying and standing around talking loudly, in the halls that echo like crazy. There are all of two people (out of about twenty) I am at all inclined to actually like.

I went into the city for a while, which provided a bit of a respite. Wandered around the gay section of town, and chatted with one of the clerks in a club-wear store and got tips on where to buy cheap groceries. Bought cheap groceries, and then realized that it's kind of a pain to walk around with lots of groceries, so I came back here, to the noise.

...I think the promise of free food has lured everybody else out. Free food sounds good, but around here 'BBQ' apparently means 'overcooked hamburgers' (and just hamburgers - the cheese either disappears in the first five minutes, or doesn't exist to begin with), and I am sick of that.

Goddamn am I in a foul mood. I think I need to go kill things for a while.

September 2, 2006

I think I've now been here long enough that the shiny new-place excitement that has caused me to be so social over the last few days has worn off, and it's back to the same out unhappy introversion that's followed me this summer. I'm pretty much moved in - just need to aquire poster mounts for three more of my posters (I brought them aaaall, so it's a lot), and that's it.

Strangely, I miss my kitchen the most. I miss having real utensils, and more dishes than just a mug I bought at the dollar store. I miss the little things like actually have butter or salt to put on pasta. Or soap to wash my one mug, hot pot, and plastic fork with.

I almost can't wait until classes start, because it means there will be less chaos and socialising in the dorm, and that I'll have something to lose myself in. Maybe I'll go wander around one of the gardens tomorrow or something.