February 27, 2007
Puzzle Pieces

I just had a thought this afternoon walking home from Chem - much as Asher has a lot of traits that originated in various friends of mine or myself (although at this point, most of them couldn't be picked out by anyone other than me, save maybe his emoticon choice ;) ), his cat, Francis, is a mix of a number of different cats I've known over the years - he's about the same build and color as Yama-kitty (a touch lighter and bigger, maybe), he's got Emma's tendancy to treat people as furniture, and chews on everything like Bitey. Not sure where the whole 'attack cat!' thing came from, though XD;

His full name is Francis Alexander Demter-Haring the Third - as you can probably tell, Ally named him. Asher just calls him Francis.

February 25, 2007
Verdict? GAY.

Having now played through most of Case 4 of Phoenix Wright, I now suddenly see where all the yaoi for this series comes from. Phoenix? Gay. Edgeworth? Really gay (and endearingly pompous, but that's an entry for another day) This game? Gay gay gay. More so than Elijah Wood.

It's also wonderfully crack, and I'd probably still be playing right now if Matt's DS battery hadn't run down - hope someone has a charger >.> And yes. I am at Kei-kon, it is two am, and our hotel has free wireless. Which is inexplicably not loading some sites, but whatever. I should probably sleep.

February 22, 2007
Initial DDS Thoughts

Yes, my package of shinies has arrived, and with it, DDS1 and Persona 2. I've played through the first two hours of the former, so these are initial thoughts (I've also reached the 9th ep of Devil Summoner, but in the interests of keeping spoilers seperate, I'll save it for later). Non-spoiler thoughts: More Final Fantasy-ish than Nocturne, although not to the point where it's irritating. Nocturne and FF's bastard child, I guess. Combat is a slightly slimmed down version of Nocturne's, and less soul-crushingly difficult. It's also utterly gorgeous, and the music is awesome. Plot looks intriguing thus far, and it's only two hours in, which is better than some games *coughFF8cough* Now, for the more spoilery stuff (although, like I said, first two hours, so nothing too big):

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February 19, 2007
Various SMT Bits

Lucifer is totally Hitoshura's sugar-daddy. Also possibly Dante's, although Dante would never admit it. Hikawa wishes he was Hitoshura's sugar-daddy, but he is neither rich nor classy enough (this thought brought to you by the intersection of Milton and Chaucer in my brain).

And some Devil Summoner stuff cut for mild spoilers (end of Ep 4):

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February 16, 2007
Wargamers Quotes

So, my friend Justin is thinking about transfering from Engineering to Science (a move I fully support), and was talking about going down to talk to Engineering Student Services about it:

Justin: So, basically, I have to go and tell them 'I don't want to be raped up the ass by you any more, I want to be raped up the ass by someone else'
Me: Science uses lube!

And then today, I was talking to Justin about Kei-kon, and mentioned posting about it on our messageboards as an FYI for people in the club:

Me: ...It'd be like...the Wargamers invade UVic, or something.
Guy next to us: All I heard was 'Wargamers invade UVic' and I already think this is a good plan.

Seriously, I love the Wargamers. We've had mass sing-alongs to both Weird Al and 'The Ultimate Showdown', watched Rammstein music videos on Youtube, had discussions about about Dante's part time job as an exotic dancer (you know it's true. And it totally needs to be written. Or drawn), and regularly quote geeky webcomics.

And reading break, hooray!

February 15, 2007
Happy Valentine's Day!

Best way to spend Valentine's Day if you don't have a date? Chips + candy + booze + Boku no Sexual Harrassment + equally dateless friends = WIN!

We considered watching Enzai, but from what I've heard, decided we didn't have enough alcohol for it. BnSH is entertainingly bad enough. And then it turned out my file of the third part was corrupt, so as we re-downloaded it, we watched a ton of SNL Celebrity Jeopredy clips ("A leather glove!"), and Leon being tortured and dying in horrible ways. Jokes were made, cat macros were quoted, and a good time was had by all.

And I always use Valentine's Day to remind both myself and the world of how much I love all you crazy fuckers, so Happy Valentine's Day, guys! Have a song: Revolting Cocks - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (Ministry sideproject covering a Rod Stewart song from the 70s - it fills me with perverse glee), and a card (care of VG Cats). Enjoy ♥

February 14, 2007
Oh God.

If I start contemplating spending more money frivilously, somebody hit me. And possibly cut up all my cards.

(Yes. I just dropped $110 on a Leon-jacket. Which is really a good price, and it's pretty much exactly my size, and I really will wear it as a winter coat. But I think this is hands-down the most I've spent on one item of clothing, ever. Even my leather trenchcoat, which was a _total_ steal at $75)

February 13, 2007
Oh, The Irony

After looking over the exam period window, and realizing that Anime Boston was the first weekend of the exam period, I went 'Okay, no way am I going to have all my finals in the first four days of exam period - there's no way I'm going to be able to make it to this con.' Which sucks, because I was selected as a craftsmanship judge again and had to turn it down.

Well, the exam schedule was posted today. And guess when my exams are XD; One apiece, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, of the first week of exam period. And then I'm done. So. Depending on how job-stuff works out, I may actually come home in time for AB for two weeks or so XD; Though I bet the judge spot has already been given away, sadly. Maybe I'll e-mail the coordinator and ask if she's looking for any more staff - I would like to be involved somehow.

February 12, 2007

Oh god, I am the biggest nerd ever. I'm the only person in my Chem class who's seen (or will admit to seeing, anyway) the classic Star Trek episode with the silicon-based alien. And even worse, while I haven't seen that episode since elementary school, I still remember the episode title - 'The Devil In the Dark'.


Early-morning ebaying has paid off - I scored a shoulder rig for Leon for $77 including shipping - given that new it's $160 plus shipping, and most of the ebay auctions have been ending around $80 plus shipping, I got a good deal. I am also ridiculously tired because I couldn't sleep last night, but that's what energy drinks are for!

Errands for the week:
-Dressew (need more leather scraps, pin backings?)
-Shopper's (rubber cement, insoles)
-Michael's/hobby store (black and gold model paints)
-Student Health Services (make appointment)


Today I've mostly sat around in my pyjamas, watched Heroes (which is excellent, more on that later), did some sewing and homework. It's actually been very nice - I think I just needed to sit and chill.

Although I think most of the people going already know, just as a vague heads-up - I am going to be at Kei-kon, and cosplay-wise, will be bringing Ada (which is what I've been working on touching up), although whether I actually wear it...eh, we'll see. And yes, I know. Kei-kon is tiny. I have had the tiny con experience (hello, Vericon!), and I don't mind it. Which means you can all stop going '...Kei-kon is really small, you know.' XD;

And now, off for some Atlus-crack, I think~ Not sure if I should play more Devil Summoner, or work on getting the TD ending. Or start a second cycle in Nocturne.

(Also: My Valentinr - momijizukamori)

February 9, 2007
Old School, Yo

You know what's funny? How my three-month old headphones are less functional than this 20-year-old Walkman. When I have some extra cash, I totally need headphones that don't suck - in the meantime, I'll have to do with these.

I totally wish I had my car out here - this would make great driving music, and make proper use of my tape deck ('this' being a mix tape of early 90s industrial - mostly Ministry and Skinny Puppy).

Also, TGIF. This week has been crappy, and I'm glad it's over. The time for video games has begun!

February 7, 2007
Solutions To Everything

-Cat macros

(And there's always the fourth option, 'hit people', but not today ^^)

February 5, 2007
Cosplay Ramblings

I've finally started collecting photos for a cosplay website (after deciding to make one, what, two years ago?) and....why is it that the only costume I have more than two good photos of is my Subaru shikifuku? You know, the one I wore to all of two cons? I know, I know, it's because I did a couple photoshoots with it. But still. Everything else is trying to pick the least bad photos.

There's a few pretty priceless humor ones in here, though. Like Yami does Hooter's. Or this moment of shower whackiness.


Dear Canada Post,

It should not take a week for a package to get from the province's capital to it's largest city, particularly when they are a relatively short ferry ride apart. Seriously, guys. It took me this long to mail a package from New England to Japan. Japan.

No love,

I mostly love living here, but Canada Post makes me want to go on homicidal rampages pretty much all the time. Damnit, I want my book back. Now.

February 4, 2007
RP Musings

Being in both a tabletop game and an online game at the moment has been making me think about what I like and don't like about each medium a lot recently. Online is more characterization driven, which I like, because I love playing with characterization, but the tabletop stuff has thus far been more pure fun, because the 'RP IS SERIOUS BUSSINESS!!!1!' element is totally gone. Maybe this because LJ isn't involved - I have a theory that the LJ servers are not actually powered by electricity, but by drama.

I've also been itching to play Eva again lately, or Ally. I damn the lack of Sparda RPers XD; I may end up re-writing Mira for a Shadowrun game that's starting up (as I think my Sprawl-verse game is probably a pipe dream) - maybe that will fulfil my 'kickass girl' desires.

February 2, 2007

I may strangle the next person who tells me what a totally awesome, cool lab position they've scored. This will likely be Yana. No, I don't have anything yet myself. Yes, I still have e-mails to write. Yes, I probably will end up working at White Spot or somewhere equally sad this summer.

...This will probably seem a lot better in the morning, but right now, I'm just utterly frustrated and on the verge of tears.

February 1, 2007
Small Revelation With a Dash of Nerd

So, my previously mentioned Deep Thought is this: January is typically the worst, most miserable month of the year for me. And as it draws to a close, I realized that this year, I've been crazy-busy, but for the most part, I haven't been unhappy. Sure, there were moments of 'oh noes, drama!' here and there, but...it's life. Things seem to be looking up lately - it's definately a good thing.

And! Julie and I went and bought dice today, because we are nerds. Mine are a pretty iridescent blue, with gold numbers, and ended up being about half-off because someone had put the wrong price sticker on, and the clerk was super-nice and let me have them for the marked price. I also bought a Walkman that we think may actually be older than I am - the copyright on the instructions is 1987 (or, as Yana said, the Walkman is old enough to buy alcohol here in BC). It was $7 from the awesome Salvation Army on West 4th - place had tons of old electronics and housewares, unlike the one back home, which is all clothes. And yes, I did have a purpose in buying a twenty-year-old Walkman, I'm not entirely nuts yet XD;