July 3, 2008
Meet the Team

So I finally ran my very first game ever last week - the first (hopefully of many) Shadowrun session with this particular group. So by way of introduction, here's a quick run-down of the team members:

Harlequin: Human social adept, and the team's face. Cultured, handsome, and above all, better than you. Team member most likely to get killed by a pyschotic immortal elf for stealing his name.
Life Goal: To be loved get filthy rich and retire.

Ace: Human elf-poser rigger and mechanic. Has long blond hair and a gold lamé bomber jacket. Can drive almost anything (or so he'd have you believe).
Life Goal: To own his own airport.

Predator: Troll cybersam. Obsessed with late 20th and early 21st century science fiction. Spends much of his time running around with an optical camo suit on, and a monofilament sword. Team member most likely to get the rest of the team killed doing something silly.
Life Goal: To become the Predator (or at least as close as plastic surgery can get him).

Jenkins: Human technomancer. Arrogant know-it-all, and the team's matrix wiz kid. Team member most likely to get killed by the rest of the team for being too irritating.
Life Goal: ???? (Profit?)

iPhansi: Seattle-born South African elf (in SR, there are black people in Johannesburg), and a Zulu shaman. Could make a fortune sitting around enchanting all day, but has dedicated herself to iradicating the nasties of the spirit world - in Earthdawn terms, she'd be a 1st circle Nethermancer/Horror Stalker, and questor of Death.
Life Goal: To stop the next Scourge.

For the first session, I ran one of the pre-built into adventures, which worked out okay, except the troll is a killing machine, and I didn't do enough prep and kept having to look things up in the book >.> It's an encounter with some gangers in a Stuffer Shack (basically a 7-11 on steroids), and ended with the troll forcing one of the gangers to buy him a new Slurpee after his first one got shot in the fight (the team's only casualty).