January 21, 2009
A Mostly Happy Ending

There was an alligator in my biology class today, and I got to pet her. Alligators have surpisingly supple skin, and are unexpectedly cold (which makes sense, as they're cold-blooded, but some part of my brain reads animal = warm).

And then I came home and made cheese and cheesecake with Jon, which was totally awesome both for the 'OMG I'm making cheese' factor and getting to use my new mixer and food processor, which were Christmas gifts from my mom. Photos to come, as the awesome must be shared.

Downside: I am still totally not prepped for the game I'm supposed to run tomorrow, oh god oh god oh god. And have classes pretty much right up until game time.

I Hate it When I'm Right

What's that you ask? Did we in fact get eaten by a Ventrue Prince in last night's Mage game? Why yes, yes we did. I think it's probably a lost cause to play WoD with this group, because every single plan turns into 'wild headlong charge in', which isn't actually really a plan, and only works in epic fantasy settings where that sort of thing is heroic rather than suicidal. It's what got us killed over and over in Shadowrun, and it's not going to go any better in WoD.

Also, the fog that has been blanketing the city for the last week turned into freezing fog last night, depositing a layer of ice so thin as to be invisible until you step on it and start slipping all over the place. I managed to fall over once just on the way to the bus this morning, and will have a nice big bruise on my knee later to show it.

January 20, 2009
Small Amusement

I noticed while waiting for my class that the pay phone nook outside of this lecture hall has it's own little sign with a room number and the label 'Telephone'.

And today is both inauguration day and and patch day! There is goodness all around (watch, now tonight's Mage game will end in all of us being eaten by vampires or something).

January 2, 2009

In 2008 I:
-Started playing WoW
-Ran my first tabletop game
-Organized and completed a road trip by myself
-Got my first promotion ever
-Grew my own garden
-Learned how to make homemade jam
-Installed Linux

No resolutions this year - it's not like I keep them anyway, heh.