March 30, 2009
Well, At Least it Was Original

So I woke up this morning from an anxiety nightmare, where in I was ten minutes late for my last animal physiology midterm, not because I had forgotten about it, or failed to set my alarm or anything usual and mundane. Instead, I dreamt I was late because I was at the post office attempting to to mail a package of uncooked ground beef. And the problem wasn't that the clerks objected to me mailing raw meat, it was that I hadn't brought enough paper to wrap the whole thing in.

Of course, I did end up being five minutes late to the midterm, but for the rather more boring reason that the first bus passed my stop was full and couldn't pick up any more passengers, so I had to wait for the next one.

Also, two unrelated moments of planning fail which more or less neutralize each other - realizing that the convention is in two weeks, not three (with costume still unfinished), and then realizing that the 3-4,000 word paper that I thought was due Wednesday is actually due Friday. Luckily I don't have too much left to do on the costumes, and I had already started in on research for the paper, so It all works out in the end.

March 16, 2009
Sleep is for the Weak

So I stayed up very very late reading Merlin fanfic (more on that later), and then realized that dailies had reset, and went to do dailies and fishing, and spent some time chatting with people, and then it was 5 am, and I decided that I would feel better, on the whole, if I stayed up, versus getting an hour and a half of sleep. So I read more fic and successfully tanked Nexus on my Death Knight and had two very strong cups of tea, which will probably wear off in two hours leveling me half-dead, but classes will be over and I can take a nap then.

And now, thoughts on Merlin, because I basically marathoned the entire first season last week, even going so far as to force Jon to stay up until 5am Sunday morning to finish off. Not spoilery, but possibly a bit rambly.

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A Brief Thought

I drink a lot of tea. I think I'm on my fourth cup of the day - third, at least, as I can't quite recall if I had a second mug during the OS-25 raid I did earlier. School is busy busy busy, and I am tired of ending up in charge of things (in this case, group projects) just because I'm the only one who doesn't want to do it all the night before.

Also, I can drink legally in the US now! Which is very anticlimatic, as I've been able to do so here in Canada for two years now. Made Jon take me out to Coraline 3D on Friday, which I enjoyed immensely despite the fact that it gave me strange dreams about mirror world, and there was a six year old in the third row who kept talking.