January 21, 2012
State of the Me

Things I have been doing lately:

1) RP - which I plurk about all the time and nobody here cares about *g* Or if you do, well, ask. Three DW games, two tabletop, and looking at apping into two more DW games right now.

2) Dev type things - mostly on styles because apparently people complaining on anoncomm and plurk about DW having ugly base layouts is enough to gallivant me into action. I have one new layout submitted, and, uh, another three in various states of work. One header-image-friendly, one request from (I haven't forgotten, I swear!), and one port of a Smooth Sailing custom theme. And Tropospherical bugs. I have also become a conveyor of information between plurk and IRC apparently.

3) Trying to regain control of life - which you would think would be easier sans job, but somehow isn't. I am, however, slowly working cleaning into my routine, and I've been doing the job search dance again. Still not eating well and I think Effexor is giving me insomnia, though. So kind of a mixed bag.

4) Cosplay - what the rest of this entry will be about! Mostly because I have been working hard and have lots of picspam and thoughts and lists to share. Blame - I think we enable each other on this. To wit - Juubei is on track for getting done next week sometime, I have Gin's ridiculous shirt more or less finished, and I put in a big shiny order of dye supplies tonight.

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January 11, 2012
Cosplay WIPs

Mostly reposting photos here for the dubious benefit of people who didn't witness them via plurk or my IRC spamming. Juubei's shirt is almost done - I ended up going with version 2, aka Useless Buckles, and, well, the Useless Buckles are about all that need to be done now. And some inside finishing. I also styled my wig for Gintoki, and a friend's wig for Sakura (the Getbackers one). Gin looks great, Sakura could use a little more volume but I'm not sure how to achieve that. I've also been working on Those Damned Bells to little success because epoxy is full of failure. Also, shopping for jingle bells when you have a migraine? Hell.

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January 7, 2012
In which there is cosplay and making the internet help me with decisions

So I started work on the Getbackers stuff, and by 'work' I mean going through scans and figuring out wtf is up with Juubei's outfit (he has two), painting a giant flag, researching formable clear plastic, and trying not to slice myself open on cheap coil springs. The first one of these brings me to the second part of my subject, which is: I need to decide which of the two shirts to make. And I am the least decisive person ever. You do not need to know canon, or even really costuming, just have Opinions XD My quick sketches of each shirt and notes under the cut. Along with a photo of the bigass Fuuga flag.

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January 3, 2012

(A little late for me, but things have been a little weirder than usual, lately)

In 2011, I:
-got laid off from a job
-completed '11 in 2011' and every challenge for all three tournaments of Nerd Wars
-got better at learning to resolve disagreements
-had a flat tire! (two, actually)
-did Real Science

2011 was kind of a weird year. Lots of changes all the time, and the last month was really rough. But I do feel like I've learned a lot, even in the chaos. I used to say that I'd never bother with resolutions, as I never keep them, but we'll try one this year: keeping the house at least clean-ish all the time.