October 30, 2001
Back at school. My PC

Back at school. My PC was being bitchy last night and wouldn't
let me on geocities. We had a really hard Science test yesterday. I don't want
to know what I got on it. We got our History tests back, and I was the only one
who got a 100. We had our first OM/DI meeting yesterday after school. We have
way too many people doing it this year. When I went home, I worked on my
Halloween costume for 2 1/2 hours...and its still not done!! Well, I have to go
now. Bye!

October 29, 2001
Hola! I'm in school right

Hola! I'm in school right now....for once the school PCs let
me sign in to my account. Not much has happened since I last updated, except I
had a weird dream last night that we got a rabbit, but it was really
psychotic....it ate this gerbil whole, and it was bitting people. This is what
comes from talking about Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Graile too much
with Kari and Sora yesterday (There's a psycho rabbit in that movie).

October 27, 2001
Heh heh.....I forgot to metion.......Hikari-chan

Heh heh.....I forgot to metion.......Hikari-chan came up with a name
for my Yue/Clow site....'Unspoken Love'....so that will be up as soon as I'm
done killing my evil, non-frames-supporting laptop, and get my layout done. And
she also managed to talk me into making a button shop (she's very good at
talking me into things), which will also be up soon.

I have to remember to

I have to remember to update regularly ^-^; On Friday, I had
my usually Japanese lesson, but then I went to this sort of stupid Halloween
thing at the science museum in my city with Emmy. We spent most of the time
either thinking of funny ways to make it scarier (jump out, scream 'BOO!', and
start bitting people's ears) or following this guy in medieval costume who had
asked us if we had seen Arthur's crown around. it was pretty fun. Yesterday I
went shopping with my mom, and then worked on my Halloween costume because all
my friends were at parties. I feel unloved ;_; I finished my depressing CCS fic
today during Sunday School (heh heh ^-^;;), then I helped my brother's friend
with his Halloween decorations and went to Youth Group. Oh yeah......I took this
robot test Hikari-chan told me about.

October 25, 2001
Today was OK. We didn't

Today was OK. We didn't have a lot of homework, but we did
lots of uninteresting stuff. When ever I got some free time, I wrote more of
this really dark, depressing fic I started a couple of days ago, called 'The
Elysian Fields'. The Elysian Fields were the part of Hades, the Greek after
life, for people who had lived very good lives. You can guess a good part of the
fic from that. All day, I felt like I was about to fall asleep. I was so out of
it this morning that I put my shirt on inside out, and didn't notice until Grace
pointed it out to be during homeroom. Sarah either passed out or fell asleep for
the first fifteen minutes of Computors, beacause she remembers sitting down, and
then the next thing she remembers is wakeing up, and seeing the lights off and
everyone working at their computor. My mom is back from Miami. I have fencing
tonight. I hope Hikari-chan comes. She's been feeling sick. Oh yeah....My Uncle
John is here in Massachusetts, up from Virginia for some meetings, and he's
eating over. Ja ne!

October 24, 2001
More standardized testing today. The

More standardized testing today. The only classes we did any real
work in were Math, Spanish, and Science. I was practicing being like Clow Read
during lunch, and it was really funny. Me adn my dad bought lots of yummy
Halloween candy last night. I definately have to remember to stop by my house
^.^ Other than that, my day was pretty normal. My mom is in Miami for a
conference for one day, which makes very little sense because it is a four hour
plane flight from where I live to Miami. There's a new episode of Star Trek:
Enterprise on to night (yes, I am a Trekkie). I need to go and work on my
Halloween costume now. Ja ne!

October 23, 2001
My day was muy excelente.

My day was muy excelente. We had no homework cause
we had some strange standardized test thingie. It was really easy. Yesterday me
and Eriol (AKA my cute reincarnation, Eddy in real life) waged a cyberbattle
against Clef (AKA Link, Jonathan in real life) over AIM. It was really funny.
Eriol turned Clef into oatmeal. I had to leave in the middle of it, but I think
Eriol and I lost because he sent me an e-mail saying "The world is coming to an
end". We should have won though. I used the Void against Clef, which can only be
stopped by friendship or love, neither of which he has ^-^ I have to go now and
help my dad pick out Halloween candy. He's threatening to give out raisins.

October 22, 2001
Hehe. My laptop is screwed

Hehe. My laptop is screwed up. It says that it is 2:07 PM. I
should still be asleep. I had a very good day at school. Basicly everything we
did was easy and/or fun. And we had almost no homework. My dad is bugging me
about picking a high school again. I want to go to Hikari-chan's school, but its
in another town 20 minutes away, there are no city transportation thingies that
run from my city to there, and my dad refuses to drive me. When I told Sarah
about the strange little man on our back porch, she said that he showed up at
her house asking for food, but she didn't have any, so she gave him some opuim
and told him to come over to my house, drug us all, and then raid the
refrigerator. My friends and I are insane. Poor Hikari-chan has a late soccer
game and won't be home until 10:00 PM. I feel sorry for her. I have to go work
on my Halloween costume now. I'm going into costume panic mode beacause
Halloween is less than two weeks ayay and I have a lot to do.

October 21, 2001
In my haste to finish

In my haste to finish typeing so I could go eat homemade
pizza, I forgot a couple things. First of all, I would like to repeat that the
squirrels (lead by the almighty Squirrel Queen Alex), will rule the world, not
Hikari-chan/Kaiser. An extraordinary event has occured. I. Saw. Yamazaki's.
Eyes. Open. It has previously been belived that the only point in time at which
Yamazaki's eyes open is in one of the CCS Video Diaries which were only avalible
if you bought a complete set of one of the seasons on tape. But if you pay close
attention during the Glow card episode, when Chiharu is strangling him after he
insults her cooking, his eyes pop open. Very frightening. Also, I would like to
also add to Hikari-chan that I took an online IQ test and got a 171. And
acorrding to my brother, there is a strange little man on our back porch, but I
think he might be hallcinating. My brother also says that he's about to do
something strange. Now he's running around the house bumping into walls like the
freak he is. I have to go now and hide from my brother.

We still have no internet

We still have no internet access (even though my mom was on
the phone for about four hours with technical support people), so I'm on my
laptop, which says that it is 5:57. I did very little today. Worked for a while
on my costume. Link-kun came over, and we went bikeriding with my little
brother. I would like to inform Hikari-chan the she will not rule the world, the
squirrels will. And I'm glad she had fun at her dance last night. I have to go
and eat dinner now.

October 20, 2001
The people from Charter are

The people from Charter are idiots!!! Complete and total morons!!!
Sorry about that. We were supposed to get Charter Pipeline (The only broadband
service in my area) installed on Tuesday, but they managed to not only not get
Charter pipline to work, but they also managed to screw up our computor so that
it doesn't display web pages. I'm writing this on my utterly ancient and slow
laptop. In other news, fencing started this week! I get to see Hikari-chan every
week now!! YAY!!! And ontop of that, my parents are paying for a Japanese
exchange student to come and teach me and my friend japanese. Her name is
Atsuko, and she's really nice. That's all for now.

October 11, 2001
A quick update. I got

A quick update. I got a 100 on this Social Studies test I took on
Wedensday, Sarah's (AKA klutz girl) cast is red, white, and blue, and looks
really dumb. One very good thing. My friend Eddy finally got his copy of CCS OST
4 earlier this week, and he's letting me borrow it. YAY!!!!!!! Now I just have
to talk my brother's friend Mike into letting me use his CD burner....

October 10, 2001
Not much to say for

Not much to say for today, so I'll talk about my Columbus Day weekend.
On Friday (They had one of those staff development day thingies at my school),
me, Squirrel Queen (Alex), her little brother and sister, my brother, and her
dad went apple picking. The apples were ok, but afterwards we went to see the
farm animals, and there were some very kawaii rabbits, although none of them
were white.....oh well. Then on Saturday Squirrel Queen came over my house and
we worked on our Halloween costumes, and went to see Planet of the Apes with
Gracie and my brother and his friend. It was OK. Sunday I did basicly nothing,
on Monday Gracie and Squirrel Queen came over and we watched my new CCS movie.
Then my klutzy friend Sarah called and said she broke her ankle rollerblading,
which means I won our bet that she wouldn't hurt herself all year (this brings
her total of broken bones up to fifteen), and then I stayed up to 10:30 doing my
Spanish project that I had known about for a week but was due the next day.
Yesterday, my Spanish teacher was absent, which made me mad after all the work I
had put into my project. And I finished my cape for my Clow Read costume. YAY! I
absolutely LOVE this cape. It's so cool!!
Later- I just suddenly realized that there have sort of been themes for me for
the last two days. Yesterday was "Mu as a unit of measure day" (Mu is a Greek
letter). I learned that the letter mu is used to represent farads and
microfarads, which are the unit of measure for capacitators, and mu is the unit
of measure for friction. Today was "cancer in stories" day. First in the book we
started in English, some kid's dad gets diagnosised with advanced leukemia
(cancer of the blood), and then in the new chapter of this good Touya/Yukito
fanfic that was posted today, Touya finds out he has terminal brain cancer. This
is just all too wierd......Oh, I started a Touya/Yuki fanfic myself
today.....maybe I'll actually finish it this time ^.^