November 30, 2001
I have had a wonderful,

I have had a wonderful, stupendous day. First I won our team finals for the National Geography Bee, then we had an open book, take home Spanish test. In gym we just walked through the woods behind our school, and I talked with Grace. Tonight, I'm going to a sleepover. Right now, I'm chating with Hikari-chan, reading Utena manga translations, and listening to Vertical Horizon MP3s. Oh yeah, I took a survey-thingie for what anime i should watch, and Utena was at the top, followed by Slayers and Fushigi Yuugi! Oh, and I just printed out a pic of my "hero", AKA the guy who wants to be a girl, Saionji. Its part of this joke with Hikari-chan and her friend Suppi-chan. Hikari's "hero" is the Mystery Fat Lady, and Suppi's "hero" is Syaoran Li. Oh, and in honor of my "hero", I've adopted this-> alt="What would my 'hero', Saionji, do? And do we really want to know?!">

November 29, 2001
*sings 'Don't you make me

*sings 'Don't you make me happy? Itsudemo special to you...'* Sorry, I'm in a really good mood, and I've been listening to Anata to Ireba for the last half an hour. That song is annoying at first, but it grows on you. We had almost no homework today, and me and Grace went shopping for a birthday present for our friend Kate. Claire's had this awsome sale-ten items for five dollars. So we bought stuff for Kate, each other, and Squirrel Queen too. Now I still have to finsh SQ's present, force my brother's friend Mike into submission for part of Hikari-chan's present (he has a CD burner), and decide what to get my brother and my parents, Link-kun, Emmy, and maybe Sarah. For the best part of today, I have FENCING TONIGHT!!! YAY!!!! That means I get to see Hikari-chan. She lives a town away, so we usually just talk online. Well, gotta go.

November 28, 2001
Well, as you can see,

Well, as you can see, the chibi idea got killed. This layout is the product of me spending way too much time on Utena sites. Its dedicated to Hikari-chan, Miki's official fangirl. Today was a good day. I managed to finish coloring that Greek gods/goddess pic, colored in this cool Hikari fanart i drew yesterday, and got bored during Spanish, so now there's this fanart of Daisuke taking over my Spanish notebook (well, one page of it anyway). Somthing really good that I forgot to mention...I am my class's representative for our Geography Bee! YAY!!

November 27, 2001
Decided to make the next

Decided to make the next layout here dedicated to chibis (super-deformeds). Have any really nice ones? Then donate! Anyone who sends me one will get credit when the layout goes up.

Working on The Trouble With

Working on The Trouble With Lemons book report. Still have science and a pic of the major Greek gods and goddesses to color. Ack. I hate school. Well, best get to it.

We have a sub today

We have a sub today in Computors. I love subs. They let you do what ever you want. I ended up writing my myth at 10:30 last night. Basicly, my goddess's name is Yukumi (combo of Yukito and Umi...not very Greek, but do I care? Of couse not!), and she is the goddess of winter, sweets, and, because of Aphrodite, white rabbits. As some of you know, I have a bit of a white rabbit fixation *drools over pretty Yuki fanart*, and her myth explains the origin of white rabbits (magical confectionary sugar). It turned out quite I just need to do all my other stuff for English...

November 26, 2001
Been reading fanfiction on

Been reading fanfiction on for a while. Harry/Snape positively reeks of Eriol/ semi-evil, more powerful charecter, and another more good, and still pretty powerful Eriol is like Harry, except that Eriol is more powerful and way cuter (Harry looks alot like Scully...except that Scully is pysco), although thats kind of irrelevant, cause I was comparing Eriol to Snape before. I really, really need to do that myth...I haven't started yet...damn. *Whacks head against keyboard repeatedly while saying "Screwed!! Screwed!! Screwed!!"*

First day back at school.

First day back at school. Not a good first day. I had two test to make up, Algebra and Physics. They were both hard. I cringe at the thought of what I got on the physics test. On top of that, Mrs. Pajka, our English teacher, assigned a bunch of stuff while I was sick. So now I have to come up with a topic for a descriptive essay by tomorrow and write it in one class, color a huge picture of the main Greeks gods and goddesses for Wednesday, finish a really stupid book called The Trouble With Lemons (The main charecter's best friend is named Lyme...very wrong thought cross my mind) and do a book report on it, also for Wednesday, and write a myth about my own made up Greek god/goddess for tomorrow. I should probably go start now. Grrr...I hate school. Thank goodness for Audio Galaxy and Suki to Itte I've been listening to Rinbu Revolution, from Revolutionary Girl Utena repeatedly while reading kawaii Eriol/Syaoran fanfics. New layout here sometime soon i think (once I finish the layout for Servitude....good layouts must not be carefully pondered over and thought out. They must come on their own)

November 25, 2001

I FINALLY SAW SHREK TODAY!!!!! YAY!! It was really good. Then we did a little Christmas shopping. Sadly Walmart didn't have a stopwatch like Miki's, so I'm going to have to look some more. On the bright side, I finally got a new watch

November 24, 2001
Me and Hikari-chan had lots

Me and Hikari-chan had lots of fun yesterday. We went to see Corky Romano with her friends Penguin, Suppi-chan, and Becky. It was REALLY funny. Then me and Hikari went back to her house, and stayed up late watching Utena (I've decided I love that anime. Its wierd but cool!! *CLICK*), Sakura Wars 2, and the second Fushigi Yuugi movie. It was all I could do to keep from drooling over a top-naked Hotohori (I'm a bit of a Hotohori fangirl, although my first fangirl obsession will be Yuki). Sadly it was dubbed, so me and Hikari where laughing over the fact that the person who does Miaka's dubb voice also does the dub voice for Juri from Digimon Tamers, AKA Odd Puppet Girl. Then we stayed up to 1:30 AM talking. We got up at nine the next morning, and watched Japanese Digimon episodes, and the new Tamers episode. We have decided to make a site about Wormmon called 'Servitude', cause we both like Wormmon.


November 23, 2001
Hikari-chan, I love it. It

Hikari-chan, I love it. It makes me feel special *_*. Oh yes, Scully, I hate you. You're 14, so you can get a REAL job. I spent all morning working for my mom in her office. My envelope stuffing skills have greatly increased. Tonight I'm sleeping over at Hikari's. We are going to see Corky Romano. I can't wait!!

November 22, 2001

HAPPY TURKEY DAY EVERYONE!!!! Sorry, had to do that. Hikari-chan, a sleepover would be awesome. And I'm sorry, I like the Lost Woods music. But you're right, it does get sort of annoying. So I have taken the liberty of changing it to the main theme from the movie Princess Mononoke, which is an awesome movie by the way.

I have no life what

I have no life what so ever. Here I am, at three in the morning, sitting in my freezing basement, wearing the cape from my Clow-sama costume,listening to LotR music, reading fanfics, and saving manga scans. I had waaaay to many peanut M&Ms today (errrr....I mean yesterday). Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Oh ya, Hikari-chan dedicated a Yue pic to me. I feel special.
Cocoa:*starry-eyed*Yukito-san, dai suki desu.
Yukito: *eating* Did you say something? These chips make really loud noises when eaten.
Cocoa:Oi *face in hands*
Sumimasen for that, I've been going around saying either "Yukito-san wa kawaii desu!" or "Yukito-san wa dai suki desu!" all day. Blame Atsuko. We were talking about describing things and saying likes and dislikes last Friday.

November 21, 2001
I ate WAAAAY too much

I ate WAAAAY too much today. And dessert is still waiting. This year my family celebrated Thanksgiving by ourselves, instead of eating with my grandparents or my aunt and uncle, and my dad made too much food. We're going to be eating leftovers for the next three weeks. Other than that, nothing important.


I WANNA PLAY ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME!!!!!!! Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. I have this urge to play Zelda: OoT (probably from listening to tracks from LotR), but I don't own it, because my dad is anti-video games. Hmmm...must invite Link-kun over and convince him to bring his N64. Slept until 11:00 this morning, then went bikeriding with my brother, because most of my friends are out of town this week. We are watching Grace's overly fat guinea pig Constance.

Online comics kick butt. I've

Online comics kick butt. I've been reading MegaTokyo for the last three hours, and listening to Okashi no Uta, a very funny song from CCS sung by Kero-chan and Suppi-chan.

11.20.01, 10:34 PM-Sick from school again. The only good thing is that it means I have more time to study for this science test we had that's on a chapter I really don't understand. Physics is evil. Biology was borning, but at least I understood it. I am listening to some tracks from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Winamp has them streamed. They are cool. I REALLY want to see that movie when it comes out. I am a big Tolkien fan. Even though I was sick, I still had to go to flute lessons >.< Flute is boring. My dad took me to see this weird movie called Ghost World today. It was really deep, that being the kind of movies my dad likes.

November 19, 2001
Me loves me Hotohori-sama wallpaper

Me loves me Hotohori-sama wallpaper ^_^. That is all.

Felt like tourturing all of

Felt like tourturing all of you out there, so I added music. Its the Lost Woods theme from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Ack. This must be the

Ack. This must be the first time in around four or five years that I've stayed home from school because I was sick. I have an aeful cold. My throat is all swollen and painful, and I keep coughing. I hate being sick. I stayed up until eleven last night reading Squire, the third book in the Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce. It was good, but I read some to try to get away from CCS for a while (plus I've been in a very Zelda-ish mood lately, hence the layout), and then in this book she introduces a kingdom mentioned in the other two books, the Yamanis, who are from the islands, and are very Japanese-like. She even uses Japanese words as Yamani words, like hoshi, which means star (and is another one of Hikari-chan's nicknames). That was bad enough, but then a group of them come to the Tortallan palace (Tortall is the country the story is set in) because their princess Shinkokami is set to wed Prince Roald of Tortall, and one of the princess's ladies in waiting has the nickname Yuki (although here its short for Yukimi, not Yukito). I totally freaked. It was really funny. Well, I gotta go. I have a Spanish (evil!!EVIL!!!) project due tomorrow that I've barely started.

November 18, 2001
Can't stay long, X-Files is

Can't stay long, X-Files is on in eight minutes. Rollerblading was fun, although we didn't get back until around 11 PM. I felt like I was about to pass out standing up, I was so tired. My mom and brother got up to watch the meteor shower, but I was way too tired. Today was the grand opening of the library in our town. They just redid it and it looks really really nice. I checked out a couple books. Speaking of books, I read all of Many Waters, by Madeline L'Engle, which is in the same series as A Wrinkle In Time. It was really good. There were these creatures in it called seraphim, and some of them really reminded me of Yue and Kerberos. They all had 'earthly forms' (sounds a lot like false forms, ne?....Except all their false forms were animals (no cute Yukito-san like guys. ;_; oh well...). One of them was named Aariel, and his earthly form was a lion, and in his true form he had golden wings, which made me think of Kerberos a lot. There was another one with a pelican as a false form, who reminded me more of Yue. YOU!!! YOU!!!!! ITS NOT FAIR!!!! All my friend have seen Shrek already, and now you have too!! Darn you all!!! AHHH!!!! Its 9:03!! X-Files!! Got to go!

November 17, 2001
New top image, cause the

New top image, cause the old one wasn't so great. This one's a fan art by Min Rho. I'm going rollerblading in about ten minutes.

Not much to say today.

Not much to say today. Yesterday was extremely normal - went to school, had an evil but easy Spanish quiz, came home and had Japanese lessons. Eriol-kun has decided not to come anymore, Grace was seeing the Harry Potter movie with her brothers (Darn you Grace!!), my mom was at work, and my dad and brother were grocery shopping, so it was just me, Atsuko (my teacher), and Squirrel Queen. It was fun. I actually really understood something for once. Yay!!! This morning, I slept to 9:30, and then went bike riding with SQ, and now we're back at my house, in my freezing basement.

November 16, 2001
Stole code from Hikari-chan, and

Stole code from Hikari-chan, and moved my blog here, to Enigmatic Eccentricity (translation = Puzzling Oddness - me!) The picture was drawn by Silverstris, who has lots more gorgeus art on her site.

November 14, 2001
I hate New England weather.

I hate New England weather. I am sitting in my basement with
my winter coat on, freezing. It snowed up on Airport Hill on Monday. ITS TOO
DAMN COLD!!!! Sorry. I hate the cold (can you tell?). Our Multicultural Day was
pretty cool. Our Ireland project was awesome! We are sure to get a good grade.
The group doing Japan did it justice, except that they had a Sailor Moon pic as
part of their display. I do not like Sailor Moon. As far as my sites (which I
have been horrible about updating ^_^; heh heh heh...), I'm going to try to work
on them. I've nixed the personal site, the button shop (although if anyone wants
a button, e-mail me about it), my Glenn site, and my Yolei/Miyako site, because
I just don't have enough time....all the files will remain on my hard drive and
maybe when I have more time I will work on them. Unspoken Love, my Clow/Yue
site, will still be coming at some point, because I really want to work on that.
Ja ne!

November 13, 2001
I gotta remember to update....especially

I gotta remember to update....especially when I have a busy
weekend like I just did. Friday was a normal Friday for me, school (booooring),
Japanese lessons, during which Eriol-kun and I managed to get severly off-topic
multiple times, went online, and went to bed after watching sci-fi. Saturday, me
and my friend Kate took the SSATs (Secondary School Admissions Test....its for
private schools), which was three hours long and very boring and kinda hard.
Afterwards, my mom took us both to McDonalds, and I ate like
Yukito-chan.....very, very quickly, and rhythmicly. That night, me, Kate, Grace,
and Squirrel Queen went rollerblading at a roller skating rink from seven thirty
to eleven, and Squirrel Queen and I discussed ideas for a Touya songfic to the 3
Doors Down song Kryptonite. Sunday morning, my mom didn't make me go to church,
but my brother and his friend kept coming into my room and waking me up loudly.
I went to Youth Group. We had a cook-out (well, sorta..) and a speaker came to
talk to us about Islam, and I invited Grace and Squirrel Queen. The talk was
very interesting. Afterwards, the three of us had a sleepover at Squirrel
Queen's house (I called you Hikari-chan, but you weren't home...) and stayed up
to two in the morning watching Meet the Parents (that is a FUNNY movie!), and
the single, subtitled Fushigi Yugi tape I own. I have made FY fangirls out of
both of them. Grace decided to be a Tamahome fangirl (I kept whispering
"Tamahome! Tamahome!!' in her ear today), and Squirrel Queen is now a Hotohori
fangirl (I remain as always, a Yukito/Yue fangirl). We got woken up at seven the
next morning by SQ's little sister Victoria, made pancakes, and then Grace left.
Me and SQ went over to my house, and woke my brother up at ten AM by pounding on
the door, which was locked. Then we watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,
which sucked...too many people died, although the graphics were pretty good.
Today was normal, and I had flute lessons today. Tomorrow is Mulitcultural Day
at my school which means no classes! YAY!!! Of course, I have to wear a stupid
costume for our project on Ireland, but hey, it can't be that bad.

November 8, 2001
We had a History test

We had a History test today. I got a 84 one it because I
couldn't remember the names of some of the stupid British generals >_<
Hikari-chan, I hate to break it to you, but you are crazy. And you should be
proud of it. Sing along to Only One! Me and my friends sing along to Catch You
Catch Me (Which I'm incidently doing right now) even if my brother's friends are
over. And I have talked myself into makeing a personal site, and just letting
this be my collective. I think I'm going to call (AHHHHH!!!! NOOOO!!! The
internet radio station which was just playing Catch You Catch Me, the full-lengh
Sakura version, is now playing Groovy!!! AHHH!!! EVIL SONG!!!! Sorry.)
'Enigmatic Eccentricity', which combines two of my favorite words, and is
bascily just a fancy way to say 'mysterious/puzzling insanity'. Enigmatic means
mysterious, puzzling, or hard to explain, and eccentricty is basicly the verb
form of of eccentric, which means odd or old fashioned. The title fits me
perfectly. It's hyper whilce at the same time being mysterious, both of which I
am, and its mean is perfect for me. I'm definately mysterious and/or puzzling,
and I'm definately insane. I'm also going to a dinner at a seafood restaurant

November 5, 2001
I'm bored and hyper so

I'm bored and hyper so I'm gonna write more here. I worked on
a new layout for Under the Moon, which looks nice, except I can't get the stupid
lines between the frames to go away on it either, and it looks bad. I'm thinking
about making a personal site, and just letting this be a collective. Then I have
two sites I can have completely random layouts for, instead of just one. Maybe I
will....granted I can think of a name for usually quite deep well of
site names has been running dry lately...maybe I'll ask Hikari-chan. She's good
at giving advice. And nameing websites. Oh, if anyone knows where I can get an
MP3 of the theme from the first CCS movie, It's My Life/In This Distant Town,
you will be one of my friend for life....I'd make you a pic or layout or
something, but as you can see, I have very little HTML skills.

Lets see....we had the first

Lets see....we had the first part of a History test today. It
was easy. Then afterschool we had an OM/DI meeting, and practised improvising
plays. In one I had to be an Alasken knight who was also a soultaker (I own your
soul!!!!). It was funny. Last night I had a strange but cool dream that Yukito
(or more correctly, Julian, because he had that annoying dub voice, and was
speaking English) moved in on the street that parallels mine....except the
street suddenly becande larger and nicer looking than it really is. And instead
of having that cool traditional-style house he has in the anime, he had a modern
house. And a pool. And me and my friends were having a pool party. Without
asking him first, cause he wasn't there. And then he came back, and we all
cooked Mexican food together. I was using my moms recipe for chicken enchiladas.
They're really good. Anyway, even though it was REALLY weird (MEXICAN food?!
Where did my mind get MEXICAN FOOD?!), it was really cool, cause me and Yuki
were suddenly friends (except he was still older than me) *dies of
happiness*....hmm.. was it cooler than the time I had a dream that he was at my
house, sitting on the ancient sofa in our TV room, and I was sitting at the
other one, and one of us was streched out with our feet on the sofa. I think it
was me. That dream would rate as one of my favorite dream, except Grace died in
the end of it ;_;

November 4, 2001
Today was a normal day

Today was a normal day except Youth Group. We had a Star
Wars-themed ice cream party, and I invited Grace and Squirrel Queen. It was fun.
Yesterday I lent Grace one of my CCS manga volumes, and she got bored last night
and drew 'The Many Moods of Ruth'. She can draw really well. I requested that
she draw an 'Obsessive Fangirl Ruth' pic of me glomping Yuki-chan. I'm a HUGE
Yuki fangirl. He's soooo kawaii!!! Sorry...^_^;

Wow. I just managed to

Wow. I just managed to write a polite, non-threatening e-mail
to Nelvana (I DID complain though....). I'm getting better at controling my
temper....I think I should probably go to bed now....if my mom finds me, she'll
kill me.

Hey, I had to much

Hey, I had to much choclate today! And I'm listening to Ken's
Theme, Only One, which is scarily hyper but still really cool......he says
'kitto' fifteen times in this song...I counted! Anyway, I did basicly nothing
today. Got up, ate candy for breakfast, watched two new episodes of Digimon
(There were more on, but I was a asleep until 9:45), and then went online or
talked to my friends on the telephone (or both...I love broadband *hides from
Squirrel Queen's evil glare*) the rest of the day. And Grace and I went biking
for an hour. That was all. More tomorrow ( ^_^;)

November 2, 2001
Today was sort of a

Today was sort of a toss up day-half good, and half bad. The
good part was that its Friday (Fridays are always good ^.^), I had Japanese
lessons today, and I made this utterly cool layout (A little secret-you see the
white lines between the frames? I tried unsuccessfully to get rid of them. Then
I realized that they looked pretty cool, so I left them. So those were actually
a mistake I couldn't correct ^_~). The bad part was that I got a 74 on this
science test, the third worst grade in my class, and I usually do well in
school, so I feel stupid now, although Hikari-chan told me that she got a 71 on
her last science test, so we can revel in our stupidity together, and I got a C+
on this map we had to draw for English and Social Studies. I swear, Mrs. Pajka
(my English teacher) hates me. I had every thing that was required, my map was
well drawn and colored, and I desereved at least a B. So I'm really mad. But to
make myself feel better, I drew a funny little picture in my History notebook of
me envisioning myself squishing Mrs. Pajka under my foot. I got the inspiration
from Sakura form CCS, who wishes that she could be tall and squish her older
brother Touya when he's bugging her and calling her monster.

November 1, 2001
Last night was so much

Last night was so much fun! Me and my friends continued our
tradition of singing Christmas carols and wishing people happy holidays. One
lady gave us a really wierd look, but every one else played along. I got 118
pieces of candy. Now that Halloween is over, I need a new layout for this site.
I'm thinking maybe something Umi, or at least MKR. Link-kun made me promise to
do a non-CCS one. I also have to make my Christmas list because my grandpa wants
it by this weekend. I don't know what to ask for.... We're finally getting our
PC fixed today. YAY! And I have fencing. And I have a book report to do. And I
can't find my book. Nrgh.