December 29, 2001
Heh heh heh....I love these

Heh heh heh....I love these things...

Look!! Grace!!! I'm canned cheese!!!! *laughs insanely* Ok, moving on....I stayed up until 6:30 this morning...scary, ne? Then I slept until noon. As soon as I finished eating breakfast, I was promptly informed that I had to clean. So I spent an hour and a half cleaning, and missed trading more drool-worthy Legolas pics with Sora online. Gomen nasai Sora. Blame my mom. Cleaning is evil.

*spanks* I took the "What FFVIII Character Am I Most Like" Quiz here!
Ok, ok, I'll stop now....I've been randomly surfin' the net for the last three hours and chatting with people on AIM. Oh, me loves me homemade Legolas wallpaper ^_^ That be all....

December 28, 2001
Absolutely nothing of any importance

Absolutely nothing of any importance has happened. I slept until 1:30 though...I think thats a new record for me...right now I'm talking to Hikari and Squirrel Queen. New layout coming soon....December 30th to be exact...all you Lupin fans will know why...

December 27, 2001
Hikari dear, I hate to

Hikari dear, I hate to correct you, but you are not a rabid fangirl. You might wish you were a rabid fangirl, but you are not one yet. I have yet to see you go, to use the Sakura word, hanyan, over Miki. You may like him as a charecter, but you are not obsessed. I, on the other hand, am a completely different story. You talk about Remus or Yuki, and I have a tendency to get that happy dazed look of my face. Besides, I am the Rabid Fangirl. There can only be one Rabid Fangirl. You need an original title. Also, Miki has no animal remotely associated with him, much less one that can carry rabies. On the other hand, both rabbits (Yuki) and wolves (Remus) can carry rabies. Oh yes:

Take the Affliction Test Today!
I am rabies as well ^_^ Ok, moving on, today was pretty boring. I slept until noon, then Squirrel Queen came over and we read fanfics and talked, and then my mom dragged us off to go shopping. Ugh. I hate clothes shopping. Its so boring. On the plus side, I now have two new pairs of pants. A side note: I scare Squirrel Queen. Of course, I scare many people....

Take the Corporate Mascot

Take the Corporate Mascot Test at Willaston's Lounge!

Hehehehe....sounds a bit like Remus (grrr...need cute nickname for him...) caring, yet mischievious....

December 26, 2001
HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! I know, its

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! I know, its a little belated, but I had to do that. I love all my presents. I got a whole lot of manga, two CDs, a little bit of jewelry, and two anime DVDs. Because we don't have a DVD player (yet), my mom says she might buy one! YAY!!! I also got some money, so I no longer feel poor...I have $90 in my wallet!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ok, I'm all right now. I stayed up really late last night reading Lupin fanfics, and then had a really odd dream that I was a werewolf and I went to Hogwarts, which happened to look like my middle school. My odd but cool art teacher from last year, Ms. Bobkoweski, was in it, as was Professor Binns. And he actually was fairly interesting, and he didn't look like a ghost. He assigned us a 83 word essay, which actually consisted mainly of answering a bunch of very easy math questions, and defining some very normal words (I believe telephone was one of them). But Lupin wasn't in it, as far as I can remember! Its not fair!!!

December 24, 2001

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! Already! I can't believe it! My weekend has consisted mostly of reading Remus fanfics online and talking to my friends. Squirrel Queen and I exchanged presents. We both made funny cards for each other. Her's had a little quiz thingie on it, and the one I made for her had her two favorite guy charecters, Hotohori and Snape, on it, and was slightly perverted (hey, it was Grace's idea not mine.....) but was funny none the less. I had a very odd dream last night...all I can remember about it is that it had Quirrell in it.....creepy. On Saturday, we went to see Lord of the Rings. It was awesome. I loved it. That night, I had a dream that was Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, politics, and long walks rolled into one. Plus, in it, Scully and I were havening a discussion about how to make a duck look funnier. It was odd, but cool. Oh yeah, I took a wierd quiz thing:

Santa Claus

For you, Christmas is about giving and not necessarily receiving.

Christmas Tree: 0/50 Snowman: 9/50 Santa Claus: 15/50 Reindeer: 10/50 Mistletoe: 5/50 Star: 10/50

Take the What in Christmas Are You? test by webkin and aaronr!

December 20, 2001
Don't worry Hikari, I'n not

Don't worry Hikari, I'n not going to open fencing. I want to relax for a while. We didn't do a lot of work today, but we have two test tomorrow. Our pizza party in Spanish was good, and we have another pizza party in Gym tomorrow. Yay! Me likes pizza. Not much else has happened today....oh, Grace and I annoyed all our other friends at luch by singing the Rainbow Connection, from the Muppets over and over again..that song is cool. ONE MORE DAY UNTIL VACATION!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

December 19, 2001
This evening has been wonderful.

This evening has been wonderful. First, I got ready for my concert (I looked really nice) and I actually wore my contacts (I usually wear my glasses), so Grace was happy. Our concert went really well, Grace did and awesome job with her solo. Then my mom took me to McDonalds afterwards, and then I came home to find that my Christmas presents from my Grandpa had come, and someone had given my mom some gourmet chocolates, so I've been eating them. We have a pizza party in Spanish tomorrow! YAY!! Now I'm going to finish it off by reading some fanfics.

Our wonderful teachers decided not

Our wonderful teachers decided not to give us any homework because of the concert tonight....thank you thank you thank I stayed after for Film Club. We watched a mafia take-off on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer called Raging Rudolph, and a Monty Python video...hehehehe..."No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!" In the time since I've been home from school, I've been reading Sirius/Remus fics...mmmmmm. Right now I'm teasing Squirrel Queen about her Snape obsession, and hanging out on the HP messageboards....

December 18, 2001
God, I love Computor class.

God, I love Computor class. Ms. Quist never checks to see if we're working, thus allowing me to sneak online. Managed to live through my History test. Now just to survive our band concert tonight. We suck. Really badly. On a happier note, I found an avesome archive of Sirius/Remus fanfics, ranging from fluff to I hung out there unitl around 9:30 last night. I gave Grace and Sarah their presents today. Grace's was earrings and a book by Diana Wynne Jones, and I made her a funny card with Draco and Tamahome on it. Sarah's present was a paperback copy of Prisoner of Azkaban, mainly because I'm so overprotective of my Remus, I won't let anyone borrow my copy...that and we lost our copy of Goblet of Fire when my brother lent it to someone last year, and they never gave it back. Well, I'm gonna read some fanfics now....

December 17, 2001
I can't wait until next

I can't wait until next week. Vacation! YAY!!! This is going to be a loooong week. I've been surfing cool Lupin sites....yes, I'm an obsessed fangirl *happy, dazed smile* Managed to get my tons of Spanish homework done. The science test was hard...and I need a 94 to get an A in science this term. Crap. I'm so screwed. I still have to live through a History test tomorrow, and an Algebra test on Friday. Man, this week is not going well. I think I'm going to hide out on for a while, and read some fluffy Touya/Yuki or Remus/Sirius stories...or I'll hang at the Cinescape HP message boards, my new online home, for a while....

In school. I do have

In school. I do have my project for this class done, so I don't feel as guilty. Our English test was really easy...unfortunately, I don't think this will be true for the Science test this afternoon...Science tests are the bane of my existance this year. Debating opening a site dedicated to all the fangirls out there, one of which I am. But I really should work on one of my other sites first...We might have another early dismissal today. Its snowing like heck out there....

December 16, 2001
Me again (obviously...who else would

Me again (obviously...who else would it be?) I got my Spanish story translators are our friends ^_^ Talking to Sarah. Laughing about flying pigs. We had an early dismissal (translation: They let us out twenty minutes early. Big whoop.), and we have two test tomorrow. Evil teachers don't have any concept of holiday spirit. Humph. Cheering myself up by reading HP slash. Oh yeah, I found some Remus sites...YAY!!! *does happy dance* I should go study now. Or read more Remus/Sirius slash. Or Touya/Yukito fluff. Mmmmmmm.....

In school. Supposed to be

In school. Supposed to be working on my slideshow about Irish castles, but in reality, I'm hanging out on the HP messageboards. Caroling was fun, although Sora never came..oh well. I had fun teasing Squirrel Queen about her Snape obsession...she is a fangirl in denial. Afterwards we had lots of hot cocoa...yummmm. Gotta go to lunch.

December 15, 2001
Went to a Christmas party

Went to a Christmas party last night, Squirrel Queen never called me back, so I talked to Sora and listened to her go on about how cute Sean Biggerstaff is. We had fun talking about HP and Digimon, and I called Squirrel Queen when I got home. We managed to talk for an hour and a half, and I made several rude comments concerning her and Snape, she made several rude comments concerning me and Lupin, and we both made rude comments concerning them. It was highly amusing. Going caroling tonight. I managed to get more of my Christmas shopping over with.

December 14, 2001
Don't you all just love

Don't you all just love Snape's new look? I was going to make a Lupin layout, but then I saw this pic, and I just had to use it. Spent all morning wrapping presents. Waiting for Squirrel Queen to call me back. Oh yes...if you're wondering why it says 'Happy Christmas' and not 'Merry Christmas', its because thats what they say in the U.K. Hikari and I noticed that in the movie, and she asked her gym teacher who is British and he said thats what they say. And Squirrel Queen told me about a small argument with her mother, who is from Scotland, over it when her mother put 'Happy Christmas' on all their Christmas cards.

December 13, 2001
God, I'm getting bad about

God, I'm getting bad about updating...hey, I had an excuse yesterday! Anyway, nothing particularly exciting happened Wednesday. Yesterday, however, I was very busy. First, we had Japanese lessons, cause Atsuko was going back to Japan for three weeks today. I bothered Squirrel Queen the entire time by whispering "Snape, Snape..." repeatedly. I also finally got her to admit that she is a Snape fangirl *evil grin* Mwahahahahaha! Then I had to get Hikari-chan's present ready for that night, because we might not see each other again before Christmas...I got her a stopwatch (*CLICK* hehehehe) and some homemade cookies, and I'm making her a layout for her blog. She loved her present. I loved hers too...she gave me some jewelry, which I'm wearing right now. Then I had to come home and write an essay on 'What freedom means to me'...stupid History class. Spent lots of time drooling over Lupin...yes, I'm totally insane. And I have come to the final belief that Argus Filch is really a serial killer...he's funny! Today was a blah sort of day...I have to write a two page story in spanish for Tuesday. Damn.

December 11, 2001

I GOT THE LAST UTENA MOVIE!!! YEAH!!!! WHOOHOO!!!! Sorry, I'm just a little happy. Don't worry Hikari, I've only watched one episode so far...and the stopwatch was in it!! HAHAHAHAH!!!! You gotta love the stopwatch ^_^ Finished Goblet of Fire at midnight last night. Its pretty good, but the third one is still my favorite....Remus Lupin *drools* And I did manage to download a chapter of Prisoner of Azkaban with Lupin's voice in it...he sounded pretty good. I took the qualifeing test for the state geography bee was hard. Oh, Hikari, don't plan on a new layout for LFF...I'm gonna make you one for Christmas, cause I'm never going to get that CD burned in time.

December 10, 2001
Spent most of this afternoon

Spent most of this afternoon hiding in my room reading Goblet of Fire. So far, Lupin has only been mentioned twice.
Ah well...Its pretty good anyway. Some insane people have ripped the tracks off the Harry Potter books...hmmm...maybe I can find one with Lupin's voice in it...

December 9, 2001
Been reading Lord of the

Been reading Lord of the Rings stuff.The Internet Movie Database has some reviews written by people who have seen the movie already (most likely press releases) and from what I've read, this movie is going to kick butt. They've changed almost nothing, and I've also been looking at shots of the sets at the offical site. Its just...gorgeous. All that I've seen is almost exactly as I imagined it, although Rivendell was a little larger than expected. The cast looks awesome. Its going to be very hard for me to keep from drooling over Aragorn for most of the movie. I cannot wait til December 19. Me and my mom are buying advance tickets. I think I'm going to have to make a LotR layout here soon....or a Lupin layout.


YAY!!! IT SNOWED!!! IT SNOWED!!! Its our first snowstorm of the year! OK, I'm calm now. Went and saw the Harry Potter movie last night with Hikari. It was pretty good, although they changed some stuff and took out some stuff for no reason (like Nelvana *shudders*), but there were a few parts that made it really worth during the Halloween banquet, when Quirrell runs in screaming "Troll!! Troll in the dungeon!!!", then stops right in front of Dumbledore and says "Just thought you'd like to know sir", and then faints. Me and Hikari were laughing so hard. Went to the library with Grace and Squirrel Queen. I find it next to impossible that all of the library's ten copies of The Goblet of Fire are taken out. Hikari borrowed her copy from the library, Squirrel Queen's little sister is reading her copy, Grace doesn't actually own their copy (although she might let me borrow it anyway), and our copy disappeared into oblivion about three months ago. Grrrr....I think I'm going to lurk around the Cinescape HP message boards, or go to and read some Sirius/Remus fluff to cheer myself up....

December 8, 2001
I am a Bride at

I am a Bride at an ATM.

Inconsequential intransigencies provoke my electric riboflavin. I suggest jasmine spanners lead to forthright pipelines of bread. My business feathers jump around bearded numerals.

When will coal underwear be stolen? The Utterly Surreal Test

Grrr...hurry up and get home

Grrr...hurry up and get home Hikari-chan! I can't go to the movie without you!!! I have money, my mom will drive me, but Hikari isn't home!! I'm way too impatient. Maybe I'll go do what I did all last night to take my mind off of waiting - read Sirius/Remus fluff....or maybe some Touya/Yukito fluff.....

December 7, 2001
Today was wonderful. We did

Today was wonderful. We did no schoolwork at all. First we had the honors breakfast, which was boring, then as a special treat, we watched the movie 'The Time Machine', based on the book by H. G. Wells, which was fun. Then in gym we had a sub, who let us talk the whole time. Then after lunch, our music teacher, Mr. G, pulled us out of our last two classes for a band practice. So we have no homework. Hikari-chan and I are going to see the Harry Potter movie if we can get tickets. I have become a Lupin fangirl almost as bad as I am a Yuki fangirl....I said almost. Printed out this beautiful HP fanart, and stuck it on my agenda along with all my anime pics. Been rewriteing my Touya/Yukito fanfic into a Sirius/Lupin. We had Japanese this afternoon. Verbs are our friends.

December 6, 2001
At school, getting mad at

At school, getting mad at the school PCs cause they won't let me check my e-mail at any of my accounts..DIE EVIL PC!!! DIE!!! *loud banging sounds can be heard from the back row in Mrs. Quist's room* Grr...stupid PCs. Been digging up more Lupin fanart *Miyako/Cocoa/Ruth is reduced to puddle of goo on the floor "pretty..."* Oh, Suppi-chan and Hikari-chan, I suddenly realized that wolves (and werewolves) can be rabid too...heh heh heh. Must go, kill PC, now.

December 5, 2001
Succeded in finding some beautiful

Succeded in finding some beautiful Lupin fanart. Before I forget...Christopher Scully, the one who looks exactly like Harry Potter, minus the glasses and the kind personality (Scully is completely insane) took this, and it said he was most like Harry. We were laughing about it online. It said I was most like Lupin *happy fangirl sighs*, although I'm only like Lupin when, angry, or calm-ish. He is not a hyper least I don't thinks so....

Reread all of The Prisoner

Reread all of The Prisoner of Azkaban today. I have no life. YAY!!!! Go me!! Been spending a lot of time at the Harry Potter message boards. Resisting urge to make HP site. As well as my other sites *sweatdrops* Ah well. I've spent most of today talking like Lupin/Clow...heh heh heh. I am slowly turning into a Lupin fangirl...he reminds me a lot of Yukito. Same calm caring personality. Both have odd alter egos....Yukito has Yue, and Lupin has his werewolf self. Both have a moon affinity...although Lupin fears it, while Yukito...well, I don't really know how he feels about Yue... Another thing about them is that they both sort of hover on the border of being 'losers' by today's standards, but are well loved anyway, mainly by people younger than them....and they are both nice to younger people too...Yukito is nice to all Sakura's friends, and Lupin is nice to the students. OK, ok, I'll stop with the Yukito/Lupin comparasons...I know I'm scaring you people. But then, I scare many people, and I really could care less. We had a math test today, and it was really easy. We also had a sub in Band, and she gave us a study period. So I have no homework now. Well, gotta go. I'm trying to find some Lupin fanart.

December 4, 2001
Grace believes that there is

Grace believes that there is a Harry Potter fangirl buried deep inside me, wishing to break free, after I mentioned at lunch that I know how many pages are in the fourth book (734) by memory. Squirrel Queen-sama, forgive me. I know not came over me..Snape?! I think I might have had a little too much chocolate. After reading lots of fanfiction (as much as would fit on one floppy disk), I have come to the conclusion the Snape nice = Snape horribly out of charecter. However, Lupin nice = Lupin in charecter. So I have decided to become a Remus Lupin fangirl. He's far more likeable, even if he IS a little loser-ish (but as my friends know, I don't care....Scully, shut up!! I know you think that Link-kun is a loser...and he sorta is...but the same thing could be said for sweet Yukito-san). Plus he has an association with the moon, and I have a moon obsession (Grace and SQ: Yeah, we know....Yue means moon in Chinese. Me: Shut up!! Besides, I had a moon obsession before I ever heard the name "Cardcaptors"...Artemis was always my fav Greek goddess) Speaking of CCS, I mentioned the name during lunch (Grace-chan and I were have a discussing Touya being an illegitamte child...looong story..), and Megan thought I said the show was called 'Take off your skirt' Me and Grace-chan were laughing very hard. We had two tests today, but they were both easy. Right now I'm on AIM with scully, and having a very interesting conversation about funny stories.

December 3, 2001


I want some chocolate. Here

I want some chocolate. Here I am, sitting in my freezing basement, wearing my long cloak that was original from my Clow-sama costume but could easily be for endless other things, and I. Want. Some. Chocolate. And we have none. I already ate all my Halloween candy, as well as the last of the chocolate chips. Oh well. My dad said he has some Mounds bars somewhere. Squirrel Queen said she'd like to get in on what was happening in the last update, if I got rid of Snape. She fears him after she read a Harry/Snape fic i sent her the link to over the weekend. Speaking of Harry Potter and weekends, Hikari-chan and I might go see the Harry Potter movie this weekend. All my other friends have seen it, so I refuse to invite them. Oh, and I finally decided what music to put up. Its the 'Red Rose' version of 'Rinbu Revolution', the Utena main theme. I think its cool.

You'll have to excuse me

You'll have to excuse me for one moment. I have some freaking out to do, then it'll be back to the usual stuff. Ok, here goes.....AHHHHHHH!!!!! I"M TURNING INTO A BORDERLINE SNAPE FANGIRL!!!!! Nooooooo....too many bishies to glomp, there are. Messa no think tha' much!!!Me want all. Me want all in one room. Partially nekkid. Snape, Yuki-chan, Yue-sama, Mulder, Clow-sama, y Yama-chan son MUY guapo! *passes out from a combination of massive nosebleed, and massive brain overload* Ok, I'm alright now....just a bit of randomness in Yoda-speak, Gungan, cavepeople-speak, and a little of reverting to my second language, Spanish. If you really want to know what I said in spanish, its basicly that they are all handsome/cute/good-looking. Now that that's over, now onto my day. It was very normal, except we had an OM/DI meeting, and we found out the final teams. Mine is good, except for Sarah. NOT good. I will seriously end up hurting her by the end of the year. There was a new eppy of Cardcaptors on today, and the sound on the cable service was out for the first half of it, so my brother and I put on the closed captions and said the lines in funny little preppy voices. I have two tests to study for...I should go.