January 30, 2002

I feel special. I have REAL power somewhere. The group blog The Insane Ones has been started, although it still needs a good layout, and I'm still waiting for Link and Hikari to join, but they can't check their e-mail that much so I can wait. But as I was the one who started it, I am at the current time the sole administrator. That means I can basically do what ever the hell I want. Edit other's posts, change the layout, kick people off. Fun fun fun.....

Test/Survey/Quiz thingies are fun

i am SIRIUS!

You are a SIRIUS to Harry! You are a nice person, often prejudged, but overall a very loyal person. You're very close to the people you know, you have a liking for dogs (and other canines) and a great companion. Loyal and truehearted.

Which adult in Harry's life are YOU?

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Heh heh....Artemis is my favorite Greek goddess, and Sirius is one of my favorite HP characters. I don't think they had Lupin. My report card came today. Straight As. Yay! *does happy dance* Oh, for Link-kun, Hikari-chan, Grace, Squirrel Queen, and Winter, as well as maybe Suppi if Hikari wants, we are creating a group blog. End of story. I'm already working on the code. And you don't have to post a whole lot. I know most of you can't. That's why its for all of us, so we can be random online, and not worry about posting all the time like you would on a single person blog. Name suggestions anyone? I was thinking The Insane Ones. Its so true..... Yes, I know this was kind of out-of-the blue, but I thought up the idea last night, and its a brilliant one.

January 29, 2002
Happy, happy....

I just hit a small water quality jackpot. CD burner, here I come! Heh heh...I'm eating sherbet, updating this, and working on my project all at the same time. OM was pretty fun last night. Only Brattin, Winter, and I came, and I have come to the conclusion that I'm the only one in my group with any common sense. I must be going now....

January 28, 2002
Ho Hum....

Today was a boring day. Although we had the Cuban Lady as a sub in Spanish. She has a funny high, squeaky voice from which originates mine and Grace's Peter Pettigrew the Cuban joke, and she is so unbelievably stupid. I have no idea how she got a job teaching. Oh, we got a CD burner last night. But my mom won't let me install it until I work on my Projects Fair project. Damn. Oh well. I got two new CCS tapes too. I've only watched one of them so far. This is what I have to say: 1) 8th grade Touya doesn't look or act like an 8th grader. He looks and acts like 11th grade Touya. 2) None the less, as Squirrel Queen will be happy to know, he is growing on me. 3) Kaho is a stupid bitch. As well as a stalker. She's almost as bad as Touga. She also owns a trench coat, and a pair of creepy sunglasses. Ugh. I hate her I hate her I HATE HER!!!! Gomen nasai, I had to get that out. Anyway, California five days and counting. Five days until I have to share a room with my little brother, which means I can't read lemon fics at midnight. It must be admitted that I enjoy a good lemon fic now and then, but only if its Touya/Yukito/Yue. Anything else scares me. Yes, I know, I'm absolutely nuts. I don't need anyone other than Davis and Yue, the two resident voices in my head telling me that. Anyhow, I gotta go to OM (grrrr...), so ja ne!

January 27, 2002
Yay! Me love!

First of all, if anyone asks me to make a layout like this for them, I will kill them. This took forever. I spent an hour trying to get the images to line up properly alone. I'd forgotten to set the cellpadding/cellspacing variables to zero. Baka Cocoa. Anyway, Grace and Squirrel Queen came over, and we watched my downloaded episode. Its just as good the second time. Then I watched episode 66, which contains the final, decisive Touya/Yukito proof, but isn't as good as 65. I'm in a very good mood because of that, and that we might be buying a CD burner tomorrow...I can't wait!

January 25, 2002
Oh. My. God.

That has to be one of the best CCS episodes ever. Towards the middle, when Yuki falls, and Touya is freaking out and screaming, I was on the edge of my seat. I was squeezing my poor Yuki and Yue to death, as well as the edge of the cloak. And during the actual power transference scene, I was in fangirl heaven. I know I squealed loudly at least once. Yue has such a nice Japanese voice. And Suppi's Japanese voice is much better than his US one. He sounds so cute! I want Clow/Eriol's chair. Its mine, all mine. I'm going to go download 66, THE Touya/Yukito episode, and 55, so Grace and Squirrel Queen will have something to watch.

All is right with the world...

..I have Cardcaptor Sakura 65 - Sakura, Yukito, and the Disappearing Power, AKA the power transference episode, Japanese green tea with lots of sugar and some cream (The only time my English heritage shows through. I like tea. With cream.), my Clow-sama cape, very little homework, and Yue the snail and Yuki the rabbit with me. Grace, Squirrel Queen, you two are coming over tomorrow. And you are watching this episode. Plus 55 if I can get it tonight. Also, I am now Remus Lupin's Official Chocolate Tester, if I haven't mentioned it before. And I play a stopwatch obsessed (Miki!!! CLICK!) hamster in our OM play, which is now much funnier. The only two minor blemishes are that I have a persuasive essay to write this weekend, and Scully won't talk to me cause I told him to be quiet because I was watching my eppy. But, California, one week and counting!

January 24, 2002
Grace got a screen name!

Grace finally got her own screen name! Yay! Another one to add to my buddy list. And the new layout for UTM is coming along nicely. Its going to be wicked nice. We had to write a love sonnet for English today. Guess who mine was about. Yep, Yue and Yukito. And I mixed in Touya, and used lots of weird symbolism. We also had a History test today, and I got 109. And I got a 100 on my Math test. Very good. Very very good. Also, my principal has no problem with me going to California for a month. Today has been an excellent day. Except we had a lot of homework. But fencing was fun. Fencing is always fun, cause I get to see Hikari.

January 22, 2002
DIE, KAHO, DIE!!!!!!!

i'm kiwi flavoured!
I hate Kaho. If that wasn't obvious already. Oh, if you put Yue and Yuki together in the Love Calculator, it comes up as 99% 0.o It brings narcissism and Yamatto shipping to a whole new level. I think I'm going to make myself a Yue plushie. I have a good pattern somewhere. Feel the almighty intelligence of Yue the snail. He is my friend. As is spell check. We have almost no homework, however, Family & Consumer Science is evil.

January 21, 2002

*giggles insanely* hehehehehehehe...Ken Ichijouji is in MediaMiners anime top search list....that's hilarious!

January 20, 2002
Hello, reality.....

After being kind of secluded for two days at a sci-fi/fantasy/anime con, I'm finally getting in touch with real life again (well, as in touch as I usually am). The con was great, although I'm berating myself for not getting my Clow-sama costume done for the Masquerade. I still would have counted in the Young Fan division, and there was only one other entry in that division. Oh well. Me, Squirrel Queen, and Grace if we can get her to come on Saturday might do a MKR thing next year. Speaking of MKR, SQ and I missed all of it. However, we did catch some fansubbed eps of a series neither of had seen before - Love Hina. It combines drama, romance, and comedy, and does it very nicely. I think we saw six eps before we got too hungry and left to get something to eat. We also sat in on a panel discussion on bringing anime to US TV. It was quite interesting. Someone mentioned that Cowboy Bebop, which I know nothing about, other than its supposed to be quite good and is often filed right after CCS in stores, plays on Cartoon Network's Midnight Run. I'm going to have to try and stay up to watch it. Unfortunately, I have an OM meeting tomorrow morning at a time I usually am not awake at, plus I have no idea where it is, and no one to drive me. Crap. AND SQ forgot to give me back my MKR manga. Link's gonna be mad. Oh, a side note - Toonami isn't all bad. Granted, they show horribly dubbed anime, but they're site has online subbed Record of Lodess Wars eps. I've wanted to see that since I first heard the opening theme on an Internet anime radio station and loved it. Awesome. This should keep me busy until Cowboy Bebop is on. I'm trying to broaden my anime horizons. New layout coming soon, most likely Clow or Yue, though Miyako is possible. Depends what mood I'm in....especially after report cards....

January 17, 2002
Fencing soon. I get to

Fencing soon. I get to see Hikari. Yay! AND Arisia this weekend! I can't wait!
You're a lion all over -- strong, maybe sporty, definitely brave and noble. You hate seeing injustice or unfairness, and you've got the guts to fight against them both. Your enemies had better watch out -- you're not afraid to take them on!

Get Sorted!

YAY!!! Me is in Gryffindor.

January 16, 2002
Sleep is our friend....

I just woke up from a three hour nap. I was unbelievably tired today. Lord of the Rings
was awesome. As I told Ora, Legolas is even hotter the second time. I bounced up and down in my set and squealed with fangirl delight every time he came on screen, which annoyed Grace to no end. And every time Boromir came on, I muttered "Sucky sucky sucky..." repeatedly. I hate Boromir. In even better news, my mom isn't going to make me take flute lessons anymore. Thank God. They were so boring. I can't wait until this weekend. Me, my mom, my brother, my brother's friend, and Squirrel Queen are going to Arisia, which is this sci-fi and fantasy convention, which also has anime. I wonder if I'll be able to pick up any doujinshi...there are no anime cons in my area.....

January 14, 2002
LotR!!! w00t!

I can't wait until tomorrow!!! LotR LotR LOTR!!!!! *bounces around happily* We had two subs today.... A creepy one named Mr. Manning (he talked in third person 0.o;;;) and a cool one named Mr. Hescock. As a result, we had almost no homework. I've gotten to Phantom Ganon in OoT. Go me! Right now I'm searching for doujinshi...not that I have any money to buy some. Any way, I gotta go!

Tired........soooo tired.....

Ugh. I couldn't fall asleep until 11:30 last night. Then when my alarm clock went off this morning, it startled the heck out of me. Stupid Forest Temple. Its making me increasingly paranoid. *shudders* Anyway, I've been working on Unspoken Love. Its almost ready to add the link to Stardust. We're going to see Lord of the Rings tomorrow!!!! YAY!!!! AND we're missing Spanish to go to it! Even better! I have to urge to go on Remus sites. I think I'm going to hang out at the Werewolf Registry some......

January 13, 2002
A few random Ocarina of Time notes.....

Adult Link is hot. The guy in the potions shop in Hyrule is and A/U version of Remus with Snape's haircut and should be called so. Also, as he is Remus, he is be obsessed over when in the past - when in the future, Adult Link is to be obsessed over, as Remus is a zombie cause of stupid Ganondorf (DIE, GANONDORF, DIE!!!). The Great Fairies are prostitutes. Zelda and Ruto have REALLY annoying laughs. Poes (especially the Poe sisters) are just downright creepy. I'm going to have nightmares about them. The Forest Temple was invented to make people paranoid. Navi and Kaepora Gaebora (the owl) should be shot. Also, I'm getting gamers thumb from pushing against the control pad too hard. On a random side note, the beta version of Unspoken Love is up, although only four sections are done - Clow, Why, Links, and Fanworks. The opening page isn't even done yet. Oyasumi nasai, minna.

Happy birthday, dear Legolas, happy birthday to you!

Yes, today is in fact Orlando Bloom's (AKA Legolas) birthday. Youth Group was fun.

-- Click Here To Take The Test --

Heh heh heh...more tests...and the two I scored highest on are the ones that represent eccentric, antisocial people....like me.....

January 12, 2002
Worst episode EVER.....

OK, its official. My cousins are little devils. Emily is all right by herself, but when William is around, they are hyper, rude, and bratty. I was forced to go to Jimmy Neutron, which I had promised myself I would not go to. It was horrible. I have seen only one movie worse than that - Lancelot, Guardian of Time. And I missed all this time that I could have been working on Unspoken Love.....And I almost got sick of off McDonalds food....urgh.

Welcome to Hell....

Twenty minutes and counting. I hate little kids. I hate them I hate them I hate them. Grrrr....I wanted to sleep late, then play Ocarina of Time, and maybe call Squirrel Queen. Instead I had to get up at nine thirty for an acolyte training session (at least they gave us pizza) and then I have to help watch my bratty cousins. Stupid stupid stupid......

January 11, 2002

Ok, I've been chatting with Scully and Little G (I just found out he asked Sarah out), as well as searching for good fanfics and surfing various message boards. I've decided to resurrect my idea for a Yue/Clow site (Unspoken Love) because I've found that its next to impossible to find anything on them. I think there are more Sakura/Eriol sites than there are Clow/Yue. I shall begin work on a layout (as well as the new one for SaCB) immediately. I have a pic worth using.

So pretty.....

I finally found a host that allows image linking, in the most unlikely of place...AOL member pages. YAY!!!!


I just ate dinner. We had homemade chicken tacos, and strawberries with sugar for dessert. I think I managed to do OK on my Edgar Allan Poe test...and I already have the first two stanzas of 'Annabel Lee' memorized. Although I still have to live through watching my little bratty cousins tomorrow. I hate little kids. I have no patience with them at all. I just wanna sleep tomorrow.....grrrr. I think I'll make myself feel better by hanging out at the Registry message boards or something.....

M * A * S * H

You will marry LEGOLAS from Lord of the Rings, live in an ancient elven palace in the middle of the forest, and spend your days walking on top of snow and rowing ivory boats and just being beautiful.

What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?

*happy stupid grin* Me is Elfie......Me loves Elfie. Elfie pretty.
You are...

Click the sprite to take the Which Caffeine-Induced Freak Are You Most Like? test thingie. Or you could just click the result pic and save yourself a bit of trouble. Crap, I need to shut up now.
Caffeine our friend....but only in chocolate...coffee nasty.

January 10, 2002
Advance! Retreat! Advance lunge!

Fencing was fun, although because of Hikari, we did footwork the entire time *strangles Hikari* And I'm tired, but I need to study for my Edgar Allan Poe test. Crap. And we have gym tomorrow with Mrs. Riley, the creepy evil bitch. Double crap. Oh, I changed my desktop. It now has a pretty purple theme, featuring Nuriko.

*sings "I am a dreamer..."*

According to the Which Sanrio Character Are You? quiz, I am:

I daydream all the time. Or doodle. Or both. I have a very short attention span. A rather random side note, I got an A+ on my five page book report. Mrs. Pajka said it was "absolutely wonderful", and when I commented that it was almost overkill, she said that yes, it was almost a rewrite of the book.


*yawn* I'm so out of it. I just woke up from a three hour nap, and thought it was tomorrow morning already. And I'm still tired. I know I screwed up so horribly on that Science test...although we got our last ones back, and I got an 88, which is much better than I expected. And my Utena manga has make two new converts - Anthony and Tsu stole it from Grace during sixth period, read it, and loved it. Of course, as Tsu is just as odd as half the characters in it, its only to be expected. The Simpsons version of the Raven was hilarious. Unfortunately, tomorrow we have a test on Poe's life. Grrrrr..... I gotta go in like ten minutes....

*does happy dance*

Yesterday was a good day, and today is looking pretty great too, aside from the Science test we have that I barely studied for. My school is going to see Lord of the Rings on Tuesday...I think I'm gonna make an 'I <3 Elfie' pin for myself. My registration number finally appeared on the Werefwolf Registry (USW #1284-0719), which to most people is a stupid thing to be happy about, but I'm not most people. Eriol-kun finally gave me the copy he made me of Cardcaptor Sakura OST 4, and wonderful Link-kun let me borrow Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros., along with an extra controller. I started a new game under the name Legolas....yes, I'm insane. Link made me promise that I wouldn't call it Nuriko, and Remus would just sound foolish. I beat all of the first level, and kicked my brother's butt several times in SSB. I luv N64... Today is fencing, which means I get to see Hikari. Yay!

January 8, 2002
I <3 Hotohori...and Nuriko kicks butt

The Simpsons episode was funny today...it was the one where they go to Japan. Being obsessed with most things Japanese (except fantasy books...most of the best ones are by English authors). Right now I'm looking up stuff for my project on the water quality in my hometown, and searching for FY stuff....I need to find some good pics for my agenda....I have Digimon, CCS, MKR, one Utena (my "hero" Saionji"), and one Harry Potter (stupid, too-good Japanese fan artists...I wanna be able to draw like that!), but I have no Fushigi Yuugi pics!!! So I need to find some, especially of Nuriko and Hotohori, who are possibly my two favorite characters, and I told Grace I'd find some for her too...she wanted a picture of Tai Yi-Jun (She looks like my math teacher, Mr. Angers....scary) and one of the Nyan-Nyans that want to molest Miaka and company and eat Hikari, as well as lots of pics of Tamahome she can drool over. I share Hotohori-sama's opinion of Tai Yi-Jun....I can't stand to look at her ugliness. And stupid RedRival won't let me login to post my head image either. Stupid free web-hosts. I'll figure something out though.....I read this book called 'The Cure' today. It was one of my brothers. It was ok. Tomorrow Link lets me borrow Ocarina of Time!! YAY!!! Oh yeah...Sarah said she's gonna get me an Elfie bookmark for the sole purpose of getting me to shut up.

January 7, 2002
ITS SNOWING!!! ITS SNOWING!!!! *does happy snow dance*

Hotohori has a beautiful Japanese voice...I think it ranks up there near Yuki's on my list...and I have an obsession with Yuki's voice. I also like Snape's voice, though I can't stand his nose, and I reallycan't stand his hair...it makes me want to force him under a tap and wash it for him, as he's apparently not capable of doing so himself, and then maybe brushing it and putting it up, for Squirrel Queen. She says that if he has to have long hair, he should pull it back. I agree. Then he'd look kinda like Numair Saliman from the Immortals quartet by Tamora Pierce. On a side note, I fear I may be becoming a Nuriko fan. She (I know, I know, Nuriko is really a guy...but Nuriko looks like a girl, and sounds like a girl, and acts like a girl...That's enough to classify Nuriko as a she in my book...and it keeps me from getting too confused) kind of grows on you...like the CCS song 'Anata to Ireba', which is really annoying at first, and then you find yourself starting to sing along with it. Nuriko is kind of a bitch at first (at least in the anime...I haven't read the first volume of the manga), but you start to like her after a while...and I can totally identify with the Hotohori obsession ^_~ I'd better get offline and do my Science homework now......


That is my new favorite phrase, along with 'end of story!' I kept saying them over and over today. Hikari, I laugh in your face. We got two inches of snow, and a one hour delay. And its still snowing more. OM was funny. I was supposed to be a turtle, but Sean McGraile is stupid, so I ended up being a 'nameless creature'. Sarah was a silk-worm spitting rodent, and Grace was a psychic chicken.....heh. Heh. Heh. And I agree with Wakaba and Utena. Touga (AKA creepy, neglecting, manipulative, stalking, bastard) is a playboy who will make a pass at anyone. Grrrrr...I hate him. Hikari scared me by telling me that he has the same voice actor as wonderful Hotohori-sama. *shudders* evil...EVIL!!!! And stupid Topcities won't let me log on so I can actually have somewhere to stick my pics...so many sites won't allow file linking. *kills Topcities* I'm starting to exhaust my ideas here. Now, more fun tests!!!
You're Yuna. You're hardworking and honest, and also a little naive. You can easily be lied to, but in the end your friends will look out for you. Kind and loving you'd never hurt a fly. You'd be willing to do anything to help others, even if it means some personal sacrifices for you.
Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take thetest.
Naive? Maybe last year, but not any more...Heck no. And hard-working?!!! That's for all those stupid Hufflepuffs. I'm super lazy.

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Base-defender.I am a Base-defender.

What's mine is mine, and I make sure everyone knows it. Nobody invades my space without permission - I'd destroy everything I own before letting someone take it from me. I tend to be forward-facing, which is both a strength and a weakness. What Video Game Character Are You?
My space. You no take. My Remus. You no take. My Yuki. You take, you DIE!!!!

Which Evil Criminal are You?
Heh. Heh. Heh. I'm a serial killer. Like Argus Filch. That means I'll jump out of your cereal and kill you. Or kill your cereal.*evil psycho laugh* Hikari is the evil shoe lady from the Philippines. See, my mom told me about her.

I luv Elfie *dazed, stupid grin*

Elfie is my Youth Group's name for Legolas. I wanna Elfie bookmark. Stupid relatives gave me a sucky Boromir bookmark. No one likes Boromir, except Grace, who everyone knows is stupid. I GOT AN N64!!!! YAY!!!!!! And wonderful manga which made Grace eternally grateful to me. Mwahahahaha....I have manga....manga = power. Hikari's house was awesome. We watched Utena videos, Head Over Heels, which was hilarious, CCS, during which I squealed happily every time Yuki came on screen. It was also her sister's birthday, so I got cake! Me like cake. Today is Link-kun's birthday. Now he's older than me too....darn. At least I'm older than Grace and Squirrel Queen. I gotta make them get DeadJournals too...they're so much fun...except my top image won't display. Grrrr....stupid Geocities...I have to find a host that will allow image linking.

January 6, 2002

Take the 'Which Nintendo Character are you most like?' quiz by nidoprincess!

Heh heh heh...I'm the evil guy!

January 5, 2002
Free at last! Free at last!

Finally. My report is five pages long. Most of my book reports are two. This is what I get for doing a book I love. At least I managed not to gush about dear Remus the entire time. I'm going to Hikari's soon! YAY! And my mom said me and my brother can buy the used N64 as long as we are nice to our cousins next weekend. DOUBLE YAY!!!


I only have this to say - book reports are evil. I've been working for several hours, and I only have the first have done, and so far, its two and a half pages long. I had to do a book I'm obsessed with.


God, I'm starting to talk in l33t....must stop spending time on the Megatokyo site...oh well. I GOT MANGA!!!!! I love money for Christmas presents. I got Fushigi Yuugi vol. 2: Oracle and Revolutionary Girl Utena vol: To Till...and I reserved a $40 N64...I am in a wicked good mood. Now I just have to finsh my book report...that could take a while.


I love these little tests...hehehehehe..

You are the Two headed creature! (btw it's an '!' and the end of creature in the image) A freak of nature you are but also very unique you can do what no others are able to do. So be proud and don't hide your differences.
Take the animal crackers test.

Unique? Sure sounds like me.....

Life is good...

If I can get my book report done and find someone to acolyte for me before 4:00, I can go skiing and sleep over at Hikari's!!! *does happy dance* AND the book I'm doing is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Being the obsessed Lupin fan I am, I have the first six chapters basicly memorized!

January 4, 2002
Heh heh heh.....

This thing is so awesome...expect a lot more posts from me ^_~ Now that I'm in a slightly better mood, I remembered something funny that happened during gym. Some of the insane boys in my class were bored and were fooling around with perspective and shadows, and they made it look like their shadows were raping (or maybe just screwing...there's little difference) each other, when in fact the two people were a good two feet apart. It was highly amusing.

Go me!!! Go me!!!

Ok, after that rather angry last post, I'm in a slightly better mood. It took me the better part of an hour, but I figured out how to change the style. So now it looks like my Geocities blog!!!


Ahem. For those who don't speak Spanish, that means 'I don't like it'. And I don't. My mom claims that she is too tired to drive me to Hikari's, and Hikari's mom can't give me a ride. And we found out that we have to spend four days in June going on really crappy field trips with the stupid 7th graders as a half-hearted attempt to make up for the fact that our tradtional trip to Washington D.C. has been canceled. F*** Dr. Caridonio. Its all his fault. Right now I'm trying to make myself feel better by listening to music, ranting to Squirrel Queen, and reading deep Remus fanfics


I might sleep over Hikari's house!!! Awesome!

Just trying out my new

Just trying out my new DeadJournal Hikari talked me into making.

I took the Utena Chara-Selector test! Which character would you be?
Test made by Merulu