September 23, 2002
Blog random-ness

So I was reading through Kiti's old LJ entries because she kept bugging me to, and it's easier to go with what Winter says than to fight her (Hint, hint *winks*), and I came across the Shoujocon entry (^___^ SHOUJOCON-NESS!). Now, most will remember that I rambled about her for a decent amount of time (What?! She was dressed in the TB Subaru outfit that I have always loved so very very much. Who can resist TB Subaru?!). Anyway. I didn't think that we did anything blog-worthy around her and her friends/siblings, but apparently we did. There is a mention of my Grand Scheme For Revenge against Marion (BTW, I love your layout *_*) which never actually resulted in anything, as well as mention of 'the plant girl & co.' which I must imagine was us, as I think Winter was the only one dressed as a plant there...oh well. Seeing as we called her group either 'The Huggy People' or 'Subaru and co.' the entire weekend. And looking back at my own Shoujocon-related posts, I totally missed mentioning borrowing an iron from a guy that looked like he was supposed to be someone from FY who was three doors down the hall from us at the Motel 6, and then Tama and Winter going to return it the next day and knocking on the wrong door ^^;

....Man, now I really can't wait until AnimeBoston. Although I feel all special and noticed. And managed to say entirely away from actually talking about the last couple of days, which included a car fire, a bomb scare, my computer dying, new sneakers, and people hiding on the roof of the church while playing hide and go seek in the dark...