September 8, 2002
D4 F|_||_|m4 p4ntz ownz j00!

Now that I have a little bit of free time, I shall blog, as per orders of Winter ^^ Let's is its normal boring self, our first cross-country meet is next Friday against Holy Name, one of the private schools, and I'm totally not ready. But yesterday was fun. Woke up earlier than usual, and end up going to a really neat vintage clothing/thrift store with Tama, Megan, and Emily. Tama and Emily both bought old dresses, and I ended up buying a pair of fake black leather pants for only $10. They are very, very cool, and as they look like some one found them in either Fuuma's or Sakurazukamori!Subaru's closet (more likely Fuuma's), they shall hear by be known as my Fuuma pants. If its cool enough out tomorrow, I'm going to wear them to school along with one of my mom's black sleeveless shirts and end up scaring people, because usually I wear khakis and simple white shirts along with my new boots. But I really, really love these pants. I have the urge to get a coat like Fuuma's and a pair of funky little glasses like his and stand around looking evil. Or get a Seishirou coat, which I'm currently looking for, and wear it with a black turtleneck underneath and stand around looking tortured and angsty like Subaru...Now there's an idea for a Halloween costume ^^ Anyway, after that, I went home, and Hikaru came over and we made a yummy fudge cake, and made a mess of my kitchen at the same time. But the cake was worth is. I think that's the only way I'm like Tsuzuki...I love sweets.

Mmmm...Hoshi-chan has a new home, I see. Good luck with that layout! And Marion has a pretty new layout. A layout that makes me want to go see LotR for the fourth time, and make a Legolas layout. Or a Gandalf layout. Or a Merry and Pippin layout. 'Cause they're all cool. Speaking of which, my youth group starts up again tonight, so I get to go be among Elfie devotees once again. I love my youth group.

Well, I must go wrestle with the new Stardust layout now. Jaa ne!