September 11, 2002

...Yeah. That about sums up my day. Not great, huh? I'm unbelievably tired, and for some reason, Tama was irritating me. A lot. As a result, I'm a little upset with her at the moment. The fact that she has said nil to me in the last two days might have something to do with it as well...*sighs* Me and my Issues. Someday it'll all get worked out. After I come up with a topic for my Science Fair project. That's a major Issue at the moment, as it's due Friday. And I have no idea what I'm going to do. Anyway, today being September 11th and all, I feel like I should say something deep and meaningful. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything. So I'll leave it with this. Everyone out there in blogland, pray to what ever deity you believe in for peace in our world. I know I did. Because, you know, peace is a good thing.