September 4, 2002
*sigh of relief* Finally, some

*sigh of relief* Finally, some time to blog. Been busy busy busy, mostly with school stuff. Our Spanish teacher, Mr. Mercado, finally showed up today. He's wierd, and says if he finds a better job, he's going to quit. I kind of hope he does. I some how managed to get my problems with Tama mostly worked out, although I think the Gravitation manga I gave her as a belated birthday present/peace offering might have helped some ^^ Classes are pretty good, aside from Spanish and our neat freak/obsessive perfectionist Biology teacher Mrs. Zendzian. The Pope has already nicknamed her 'The Biology Nazi'... Cross-country is going pretty well too, although it takes a lot of time up in the afternoons. Today we did a long run through the woods, and I managed to do it with out falling over dead or anything. Along the way, this short kid on our team ran ahead, and missed a turn-off and ended up with his leg up to the knee sunk in mud - two of the other guys had to pull him out. Speaking of knees, Winter did something very stupid while I was away, but if I discuss that I'll die laughing. Anyway. The rest of my cross-country team is pretty nice. They kept encouraging me every time I fell behind. Plus there's this kind of cute senior who looks a little like Bishounen Boy from Shoujocon (only a select few will understand that) on the team....

On a different note, NYC was awesome. We stayed in a little hotel kind of near Times Square and walked or took the subway the entire weekend. We took the train down Saturday morning, and rented some DVDs to watch on my mom's laptop. That night we went to see a music-like thing called Stomp. I don't feel like explaining it, so I won't. Sunday started with me and my mom spending about an hour at the Japanese bookstore three blocks from our hotel. It was huge. The manga section was almost the size of Sasuga. I came away with YnM 4 and X11 for myself, Gravitation 3 for Tama, and something for Hikaru, which I won't say, as its a present, and I don't want her finding out. After that, we went and collected my brother and his friend, and took the ferry out to Ellis Island, passing the Statue of Liberty on the way, and spent some time at the immigration museum there. It was pretty fun. Monday we went to the Natural History Museum in Central Park, which was awesome. I could have stayed for a lot longer. Then we came back up to boring MA on the train. Oh, I had the best pizza ever in a little pizzaria in Greenwich Village. It was very yummy. And I finally got around to renting a Gundam Wing DVD and watching it on my mom's laptop. It may be mecha, but I want more! I can't decide who's my favorite yet, after only five episodes, but I'm leaning towards either Duo or Quatre. Although Trowa gets points in my book for playing the flute...I play the flute. Um. Enough ramblings for now. I must go attempt to watch Prince of Tennis before the Almighty Bob kills me.