September 9, 2002

Its absolutely roasting outside. Much more than it should be in September. Usually I'm whining about how my basement is colder than the rest of the house, but today I'm happy about it. Not much interesting happened today. I spent any free time I had in school reading Memoirs of a Geisha, which I started last night. I even read during lunch. I personally think its a very good book, as I don't find many this captivating. cross-country, we had a games day, and ended up playing football. I think football is a stupid sport, so I mostly stood around under the sun. Tomorrow we're going to go hike a near by mountain, which should be fun if its not too hot. We also have to pick a topic for our Science Fair project for Biology by Friday. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Any brilliant suggestions, people? Even not-so-brilliant suggestions?

Hmmm...It seems I have a new blog stalker...does anyone know this man? Does anyone know if I know this man? I'm better at remembering faces than names, and Dave isn't that uncommon a name...I know several. Anyway, hi Dave! *waves* Just wondering, how did you end up here? Especially if someone I know didn't give you the blog is not worthy of stumbling upon ^^