January 3, 2003
Another Birthday...

It has been brought to my attention that today, the third of January of the year 2003, is the eleventy-first birthday of one J.R.R Tolkien ^^ So, happy birthday Tolkien, even if you're sort of dead. It doesn't matter, we love you anyway. So. Very little interesting happened today. We discussed the building of snowforts - sorry, Quinzees - in biology today. I think I'm starting to warm up to her. Of course, Tsu and Pope were trying to figure out if they could get away with collapsing the roof of our Quinzee in on her...horrible, horrible people. Although I shouldn't talk, as I had an amusing but somewhat horrible thought during English today. You know how the boy's uniforms for the elementary division of CLAMP Campus have those really funny looking short-shorts? Well, we find out in TB that Subaru goes to school there, and to my knowledge we don't know how long Subaru has been living in Tokyo. It's unlikely, but possible he was there while still in elementary school. Result? Chibi!Subaru in short-shorts! *snickers uncontrollably* That mental image amused me all day. That, and Seishirou wearing toe socks. Don't ask.

Anyhow. Anthony lent me his copy of FF7, so off to hope that that works. And I'm interested in seeing if the people on the Cinescape HP messageboards can tell which one I am out of me and her.