January 20, 2003
Happy MLK Day, everyone!

You know, even though I think only the US celebrates it. Anyway, had a kind of busy weekend. Link came over Saturday, and we were going to go to the Animefest, only the only thing that was playing when he was over was Princess Mononoke, for three hours. It's a decent movie, but I've seen it too many times. So, we made peanut butter balls instead, and listened to Mp3s on my DVD player, and worked on stuff for our little project that'll probably be unveiled later this week, depending on how long it takes me to do the images. Then my family, sans father, went to see Star Trek: Nemesis, which was pretty cool, aside from the whole killing-off-my-favorite-character bit. And Shinzon had an ultra-neat outfit. Then I stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live and see her "boyfriend". Yesterday, went to church, went to my brother's soccer game to chat with Link a bit, went to youth group, had lots of fun (The Elrond - Glorfindel corporate empire...you don't want to know ^^), came home, played Go with Anthony and Link, and Link sent me back my FF7 save after getting through the bit that kept crashing. So, I played FF7 for an hour or so. Love this game. It shall give me something to do when I run out of cosplay schemes to muse upon. BTW, have fun in Paris, Marion. I wish I was in Paris...even though I don't speak French ^^