January 18, 2003
My Week

Okay, this is going to be loooong, as I've been being lazy all week. Anyway. Monday was Quinzee day. I realized I had enough clothes to do a quasi-version of the Subaru outfit on this layout, and as such, wore it. We only had one real class, Math, so it was a very good day. The Quinzee building was a great success, even if our actual experiment failed because the tent blew away in the middle of the night. Or got stolen, although it was a crappy tent so I don't know why anyone would want to steal it. Rest of the week was pretty normal - some reports due, tests, et cetera. Been really hyper the last couple of days...weird. We started reading Romeo and Juliet in English yesterday. I've taken an immediate liking to Ladies Montague and Capulet, as their husbands are all "Swords! We must kill each other!" and they're like "No! *thwaps*"...Only in Elizabethan English of course. And Tybalt reminds me very much of Kyou. Of course, we've only read through the first act so opinions might change. I also gave in and read one of my brother's Magic: The Gathering books, entitled The Brother's War. Was quite good, although Gix needs to be dismantled, Gwenna needs to be thwapped (Argoth seemed like such a nice place...like Lothlorien, only with less buildings *sniffs*). Also, Titania has been popping up a lot in the last week...this book, her ramblings, and me thinking back on the only other Shakespearian play I've read, which is A Midsummer Night's Dream. *gives fairy/elf/queen-thing suspicious look* What are you doing hanging around?

Anyway, social blogging! Beautiful layouts as always, you two. And you finally changed my link ^^ (Come to Shoujocon!). Plus, someone noticed my covert blog-stalking *waves hello to Kira* Oh, and for the record, she is one cool gal...putting up with all of my bizarre shikifuku-question-ness. Now, as it is late, and I am tired, and there is an anime fest at local store tomorrow, it's off to be for me!