January 5, 2003
Shikifuku, Part 2

Oh, joy. Have figured out what the under robes, are I think. Turns out there are special half length kimono made to be worn with hakama. So modifying my kimono pattern isn't really cheating so much, as its what it really is ^^ Also, the top bit has the front and collar of a michiyuki (with the tassles added, of course), but different sleeves. Wonder if I could find a michiyuki pattern somewhere.

Oh, for those who want to know what the hell I'm rambling on about, Kyoto Kimono has pictures of michiyuki and hakama. And, of course, lots of kimono, too. And I just realized that it's really wierd using Japanese words in English, as they don't have a plural, and I instictively want to put 'kimonos' there, and can't decide wether to do it the Japanse way or the English way...