January 4, 2003
SorataxMartha Stewart...Rachel, you are very,

SorataxMartha Stewart...Rachel, you are very, very screwed up. But terribly amusing. Snow? We've got looooots of snow here. Like two feet of it. Too much *gives snow to Lilly* And you don't know what toe socks are? You deprived child ^^ They're socks, that are like gloves, only for your feet. They've got seperate bits for each toe, like gloves have for your fingers. I've got a Tigger pair Tama gave me, and was wearing them yesterday, which is what brought that on.

Saw LotR again, this time with Hikaru and Winter. Very fun. Would have been more fun with Kiti, but someone is out to get me, so no. But it was fun anyway. We came to the conclusion that the lot of us are LotR-obsessed. So what else is new? Yes, we're all out of our minds. And ramble. A lot. And Hikaru and I sing songs about electric mixers. Don't mind me I think tired + cookies + LotR = insanity + rambling. And I shall go and figure out my one constructive thing for the day, as I have done nada so far, or I'll end up breaking into song here or something. Mmmmm, sugar....