January 29, 2003
S/S vs. Romeo and Juliet, 30-second style!

So, yesterday in English I was contemplating Subaru and Seishirou compared to Romeo and Juliet. I mean, they've both got that whole 'families hate each other' thing going on, and I do believe

I've seen Subaru and Seishirou referred to as star crossed lovers. However, analyzing the actual relationships, many differences. Here's the 30-second summary style breakdown:

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo: Love! *insert long poetic babble here*

Juliet: Hmmm...I know this is stupid, but I don't care. *loves back*


Subaru: *.* Seishirou-san!

Seishirou: ^_^ *makes perverted comments to Hokuto about Subaru*


Subaru: I hate you...but I love you!

Seishirou: I know *smirk*

Yes, I've got too much free time on my hands. The last few days have been a little uninteresting. Tampa won the Super Bowl, yay! My grandpa lives in Tampa Bay ^^ I was at a Youth Group Super Bowl party, and almost made myself sick off of the candy hearts that weren't being thrown at people. Poor Lori almost got her eye poked out by one. That so needs to be written into an X fic...Fuuma and dangerous candy hearts ^^ I also got out to the fabric store to buy stuff for my Miyako/Yolei costume. Got the red and blue, but there was NO peach in a decent fabric, so I'll have to check back again. However, I did find the blue cord I need for my shikifuku, which I thought was going to be impossible to find. It was only $0.39 a yard, so I got ten. I'll probably only need around eight and a half, but too much is better than not enough. Lesse...I witnessed my English teacher bursting out into song. I was torn between being scared and laughing my head off. I think that's another one added to my List of Things I Never Wanted to See My Teachers Doing, along with Mrs. Zendzian's happy dance. We had boring standardized testing yesterday. Winter and I have two weeks to do a science project that counts for a quarter of our grade this term...can you say "We are SO screwed"?

Anyway, off to work on costumes some. More bloggage later, I think.