January 7, 2003
*yawns* I remember now why

*yawns* I remember now why I should take naps...I have wierd dreams, and then I wake up, and I'm all disoriented. Anyway, I didn't got to school today in favor of going up to NH to visit a private school I'm applying at next year. Really, really nice grounds. And houses. And people, from the ones I met. I slept for most of the drive there and back, as it's two hours, and that's what brought on that nap comment. Yesterday, too, was kind of boring, although we got a package in the mail from my Grandpa containing late Christmas presents, including a 2nd season CCS DVD, and X: Two. Decided I dislike Pioneer for giving up three eps a disk when I know you can fit more on a DVD. Heck, you can fit more on a VHS. As such, Subaru is the only Seal who makes no appearence in the eps...thankfully, there are little clips of most of the characters, including Subaru and Sei at the end of the director's interview ^^ Yes, I'm obsesssed. Need to sit down and watch CCS today though. And PoT 56. Now, I'm going to go and try to wake up. Because being half asleep and really disoriented is not good.