July 28, 2003

As you can probably all see, new layout. Remember that FF7 screenshot I mentioned taking? This is it ^^ Rather happy with how it turned out, it's not in any of my usual styles. If I'm scarce this week, it's because I'm working close to thirty hours between now and Saturday. The six inches right above my knees are sunburnt, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mantantei Loki Ragnarok have made a lunch out of my brain and probably had a nice chat over it too (when you start comparing Norse gods and pirate captains....well, you get my drift), and I am really really tired. Am going to go read more of Angel of Darkness and then sleep.

July 26, 2003
Pirates of the Caribbean

Okay, everybody who told me Pirates of the Caribbean was a good movie, you were all right. There was only one bit I took issue with, and my imagination can easily rectify that (meaning, in my mind, Will and Elizabeth go with Jack and become pirates after the movie is over ^^). Hmmm...trying to keep this spoiler-free for the people who haven't seen it that I know are reading this. Oh. Jack is cool. Really cool. Possibly a little crazy, but most of the cool people I know are ^^

Also, I want a boat and a sword. Anybody want to give me either? Or do I have to continue discussing with BA what boat we're going to commandeer. If you would like to come with us, all we ask is that you leave the monkeys behind. No monkeys.

...Mystic Seaport offers boat-building courses. I so want to do that.

July 21, 2003
Because I'm Easily Amused

I'm really amused that in looking through some pages of Otakon 02 S/S photos, I recognized about five people. First page is bascially Suiel and Nicole, second page is all Lisa and her Seishirou, and then my Subaru puts in an apperance on the third page (The cute one with the slightly too-long hair).

Why yes, I am nuts. And hyper. So I'm going to go costume some, I think ^^

July 19, 2003

There's a thunderstorm going on right now, and I, being the nutcase I am, felt like taking a walk in it. However, I couldn't find an umbrella, so I just stood on my back porch until I got too cold.

And...it was beautiful. There's something about the sound and smell of rain, I don't know what.

It makes me want to create something truly beautiful.

July 18, 2003

Guess who has a nice bright brand-new JCC Lifeguard t-shirt? Yes! I have a job *dances* Did my first shift this morning...the camp kids were kind of annoying, but the old people were friendly ^^ And the other guards were friendly too.

Mmm, money. Now, to work on the CLAMPesque layouts ^^

July 16, 2003

So, I just finished watching The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. I think the only thing that can really express my reaction is a nice bit <3. And it wasn't just the Hugo Weaving in drag bit that made it good. It makes me wish I had something painfully sparkly to prance around in.

On top of the rest of this evening, some bits of which other people know, I feel incredibly gay. Really. And I wish I had a screenshot of Hugo Weavin in that dark sea foam green number prancing around the desert, it would make a lovely layout.

July 15, 2003

So, today was kind of a shitty day - didn't get anything done, my second FF7 disc won't work, my mom bitched at me because my cleaning skills aren't up to her standards, and I'm way too overreactive.

However. I felt the bizarre urge to put my Sei outfit on, so I did. And all of today's troubles have sort of vanished into a cloud of 'Man, I look so damn cool'. Because, you know, I do. Okay, I always look cooler. But cooler than usual now.

Oh, random thing I just remembered - Winter has two photos of me looking like Tsuzuki. They're from the band concert. I was wearing my ghetto!Seishirou outfit, only I took the coat off for the actual concert and all. And afterwards I got really hot, so I had my tie and collar loosened, and the sleeves rolled up ^^

Now, I feel the urge to go be evil and scheme some.

July 13, 2003
Whoo, surreality

So, I just finally beat the first disc of FF7 (yes, I'm slow). I'd be dancing for joy if the ending of disc one hadn't left me in a really wierd mood. *sniffle* Aeris ;_;

On a totally unrelated tangent, I think the Ancients and I would get along very well, design wise. Forgotten City = *sparkelysparkley* PRETTY *_*

I took a nice screenshot, shall see if I can use it for a layout or something.

July 11, 2003
Intresting Page

So, wandering around through a link someone posted on the Cinescape HP board, I found this very intresting site on the Bible and homosexuality. I just finished reading through the whole thing, and it was very informative (you two, go, read, and then you don't have to deal with my long-winded religious rants).

Just sharing the link for all intrested ^^

July 9, 2003
I love my Dad

So, I get up this morning (er, afternoon), do some sewing, some reading, and then come down here to check my e-mail. And find this:

Very nice lay-out and color scheme. I feel you have a future in the industry........if you just get up and out of bed before 2 PM :->

God loves you and so do I.

King Dad

My dad is like the coolest dad ever ^^


Bulleted list, cause I'm tired.
-Yuuzai is up and running, at last. Feel the love ^^
-Wrote a fic - mostly short fluff.
-Tokyo-Tower has a new layout, because it really needed one.
-Bought more fabric for the shikifuku today, it's coming along nicely so far.

I'm probably missing something, but I'm wicked tired, so it's okay.