June 30, 2003

*waves tiredly* Yeah, still here. I don't even know that to write about, everything has been one great whirliwind of relatives and food and reading. Right now currently sitting in my aunt and uncle's house, on their DSL connection. We're flying back tomorrow. Valle Crucis, where we stayed for most of the time was absolutely beautiful - mountains, trees, the nearest thing resembling a city a half an hour away...you'd have loved it. Weather was gorgeous too. We went out on one of my cousins' (older cousin, my mom's cousin, really) boat yesterday, and I got to take the jet ski out for about two hours which was damn cool.

I also finally manged to track down a stuffed hawk to go with the black suit. It's really cool, and cost me less than $5. I kind of went 'o.o' at that because I know it'd be at least $15 most other places. Also, it needs a name. Suggestions, anyone? My brother and I have been calling it Owl because my brother kept calling it an owl to annoy me.

In terms of reading, I only have time and energy for a few short reviews - Terry Pratchett is wicked cool, and my grandpa said he's got some of his book he'll send me, Paradise Kiss is really really cool and I need more, now (it's also showed me that I can still find het couples intresting...well-done ones, mind you), and Demon Diary is so-so. I'll give it another volume before I say 'Screw this, it's not worth my money.' Really. Raenef looks to become another Hikaru or Kotori (refer to her rant on too-perfect characters). Eclipse is a touch better, he at least has a little 'MWAHAHAHAEVIL!' moment, but the rest of the time is a bit your stereotypical stoic character. Paradise Kiss, on the other hand, has some very intresting characters - Miwako is adorable, Arashi is kinda cute in a punkish way (Anyone know if he's as British in the Japanese version as in the US version), George is fascinating, Isabella is a bit of an enigma at the moment (want to find out more about him/her), and Yukari seems pretty cool, even if she started out a bit pretty. And the art is both unique, and really nice. I'm wondering if there's an artbook avalible yet, I'd so buy it.

Okay, enough rambling for now. I'll be back tomorrow, and there will be more rambling, possibly after passing out on my bed and having more on-crack dreams. I'm begining to suspect my subconcious is suicidal, I have to keep resisting the urge to strangle it.

June 24, 2003
North Carolina. Arrived safely yesterday,

North Carolina. Arrived safely yesterday, am currently very bored. Sigh. The weather's nice, though.

June 22, 2003

Just a quick note that I might not be posting much over the next week, we're going to visit relatives. Also, my secret project is now open. Yes, I'm going to make more images. Just not at 11:00 at night when I still need to pack some.

June 21, 2003

After spending all morning run around finishing my Lupin outfit, sewing, biking all the way to Winter's house so I could borrow her mini stuffed husky, which was the closest any of my friends had to a wolf, and then riding all the way to the supermarket to get seven candy bars (I still have one left, if my friends didn't eat it while I was asleep), the Book 5 party was awesome. I hung out with friends, and the owls were awesome, and me and some of my friends got interviewed for the newspaper (okay, so it was for the newspaper in the tiny town right next to mine, but still. My dad works there ^^), and I found out I could buy the book that night, which I didn't think I was going to be able to, and I was really near the front of the line...there were maybe 20, 30 people in front of me, and there were several hundred in the store, and a line all the way down the block inside. Hearing a whole store of people count down to midnight was kind of amusing. And then, after I got my copy, my idiot brother and his friend grabbed me and tried to take it, so I kicked them in the shins, and this old guy handing out books kicked me out of the store. He was like "Out!" "But I'm waiting for frie-" "OUT!" I think that's the first time I've been kicked out of the store. But yeah. It was fun. And my costume came out really nice, I'll post pictures once Anthony gets them off my computer.

And thank all you guys for the compliments. No, Skuld, I haven't seen all of Utena, just the first thirteen episodes...I still have to find some one with the other ones that I can borrow from.

Also, kind of odd question...does anyone know what song Ryuuichi sings as he's walking up to the stage in Zepp Tokyo in Gravitation episode 2? I can't figure out what it is, and me and Anthony like it and want to know...

June 17, 2003
New Layout

Okay, I said green, but this pic touched on my inspiration, and the graphics were done in about half an hour Sunday night ^^ I'm really happy with how it turned out, I actually tried to do intresting stuff with the coding, rather than just change the colors on my previous code ^^

Also, I am FREEEEE~! It is now offically summer vacation ^^

June 13, 2003
Birthday Wishes

Before I forget to say it. a very

Happy Birthday!

to Grace, who is one of my awesomest friends ever ^^ Glad you liked the present, Grace.

June 12, 2003

Finals are over. This means no more real work for the rest of the school year! *dances* ...You know, the all of three days left in the school year.

Anyway. First things first....<3 <3 Lisa. Why? You shall find out after Shoujocon ^^

Second. <3 <3 <3 <3 my dad. We get to visit these two in October. Going to be sooo much fun.

I also got work done on my Lupin costume today ^^ Dark brown overrobe is half done. Sleeves and hemming left on it ^^;

...Is it sad that I feel the need for a new layout already? Something green...I've been in a green mood the last few days. I love the color green, it always makes me feel more alive...it's the color of growing things. This is why I love Ireland, and tend to be a lot less depressed in spring and summer. Love green. So, yes, possible new layout if anything strikes my fancy...maybe CCS, as I haven't done a CCS layout since Christmas.

June 10, 2003
My Life.

Had to do this now, otherwise I'd forget ^^

Met a really cool guy down at the bookstore today. I was looking through the LotR:FotR artbook (which I reeally) want, and he caught me oogling the costumes, and he asks "Professional costumer, or just hobbyist?" And it turns out he's a professional, if I wasn't misinterpreting anything. So we talked costumes for about fifteen minutes, and I showed him some of the outfits I had done, because we were a row away from the graphic novel section. And he gave me a few tips, and it was really cool.

Also, I've decided to give in to the HP costuming goodness. Designing my own PoA-era Lupin outfit ^^ And I need to preorder my copy of book 5...

Oh, before I forget, thanks to everyone who commented on the layout. Love you all ^^

June 8, 2003

Oh God. The bookstore near my house is having a HP book 5 party. With owls. And a costume contest. Someone, hit me before I take it into my head to make something for it. Especially because I'd do something silly like dress up as an owl...I don't really like the school uniforms, and don't know if I could pull off one of the teachers on such short notice.

Oh no. Now I'm scheming again. Bad. Bad.

For Link...

Look! Really good Link cosplayer! I have great admiration for anyone attempting Oni-Link, and he/she (I can't actually tell ^^;) did a really nice job on it...

June 7, 2003

Sooo...yesterday (which went up until about four am this morning ^^) was very very excellent. Went into Boston and hung out with Skuld for a few hours ^^ We managed to get ourselves very lost several times which was amusing, but hot, as it finally decided to act like summer yesterday. I managed to half my meager bank account by spending $50 on a nice black suit for my Seishirou costume, then around $20 on Grace's birthday present, and then finished it up with a $6 Yue and Ruby Moon poster for myself, which I still need to hang up. I have vowed not to spend more money until I get a job. But the suit does look extra spiffy....the combination of it under my overcoat actually makes me look like I have a guy's body, instead of my usual pretty-boy build ^^ There was also much chat insanity going down last night...three Seishirous really should be in the same chat room at one time ^^

And now...to study for finals -_-

June 4, 2003
A Few Random Notes...

1) I am now a certified lifeguard! *happy dance*
2) I have discovered other!Subaru's name. It's Melanie ^^
3) I have around two finals every day next week. X.X
4) Friday...Skuuuuld~!
5) The Spork and I are going to the rule the world together...first stop, Shoujocon. I am the only Sakurazukamori-with-a-Spork ^^

June 3, 2003

Secret project is coming along well. Expect it sometime in the next few weeks. According to the Google, the paperclips of paper own Kamui. No, really. I suspect they are spanish paperclips....

Also...*molests layout* That will be all ^^

June 2, 2003
Coming soon!

So, I give in to the joy that is fanlistings, because I had a clever idea, and then I had a clever name, and then I couldn't let all that clever-ness go to waste, now could I? And yes, it's already been approved at TheFanlistings ^^ For now it shall remain a secret, but it is listed there under 'Upcoming' ^^ Brownie points to anyone who can guess what it is (and it's not _that_ hard to guess)

June 1, 2003
Pretty, oh so Pretty...

As much as I love myself, the time for narcisism was over, and the time for sexy sexy Kamui begun. Can you believe I started this layout last fall? It sat around for a while, I went back and edited, and now here it is ^^ <3<3<3

Oh, yeah...

Gorgeous layouts, you two ^^ I actually have a new one coming soon myself...

*dies* So funny. PoliticalLeader!Slash! In

*dies* So funny. PoliticalLeader!Slash! In music video form ^^ Hysterical.

More accomplishing

*tired grin* DJ posts have been added, which means I have almost a year's worth of entries, spanning four different systems, archived here. And I have half my history paper done. Yay, go me, and other such things.