May 31, 2003
Yay for accomplishments

*points to side bar* Look, I figured out how to export files into MT! Right now, I've got all of my BLOGGER stuff and the first three and a half months of BLOG. DJ stuff will probably come sometime soon, and then I have to hand code the other five months of BLOG, and three months of self-post. It's a pain in the butt, but archives are very nice to have.

May 30, 2003
Pointless Amusement

Posting from school, mostly because I can now. And, well, LJ is blocked on the school computers as of last week or so. Currently working on looking up information for the huge long history paper I have to write this weekend x.x One page down, four to go...and my dad wants to drag me job-hunting, too...

Oh, I bought the first volume of FAKE yesterday. I am in love already. Especially because the shounen-ai is very upfront. I got used to CLAMP's vagueness and implied gay.

And, uh, I'm going now before someone catches me.

May 27, 2003
Tsubasa fangirling ^^

Tsubasa scans! With translations! *lovelovelove*

Thoughts so far - the art isn't quite as detailed as CCS was, but Yukito still looks as pretty as ever. Also...*looks at Touya and Yuki* childhood friends? *cough* What and understatement. The costumes, however, are gorgeous. A little more toned down than CCS, which is actually kind of nice, especially because Yuki gets pretty clothing too. And a neat-o staff. And Sakura gets pretty wings. Really really pretty wings.

And I wasn't really keen on XXXHolic at first, but I may start browsing it just for the Tsubasa-ness. Now, let us hope for Yue in Tsubasa ^^

May 26, 2003
My brain, it hurts x.x

I have just experienced a feeling that I suspect is akin to the fear some people feel when they hear their favorite anime is being run on Cartoon Network. Surprisingly enough, this feeling comes care of X TV. The first time was at AB, when I stumbled across an X Seishirou who didn't know Subaru's name. Honest to God. He had only seen some of the anime, and had no clue how key Subaru is to Seishirou. Then, just now, I'm surfing through the CosplayLab listings, and I find a Subaru with the same problem. Complete with those blue jeans that I personally thought looked God-awful on Subaru. He even asked if the pants were green or blue, he couldn't really tell. I was thinking 'For the love of all that is holy, they are black!' I cringe. At least so far its only been limited to the fanboys who I suspect don't know how very very gay their character is.

Okay, end rant. Going to bed now ^^


Damn you and your prettiness, Subaru Sumeragi. Also, damn that prettiness's insistance on me making layouts with it.

This of course is my way of saying 'Look at Cocoa get distracted from doing anything worthwhile (i.e., papers, essays, layouts she promised other people, etc.) by yet another layout!'

Mmm, S/S

Pretty S/S fanart! Found the link from Kamitra's LJ, and thought I might as well share, because it was just that pretty ^^

New and Shiny

So, after BLOG apparently suicided twice in one week (all of the key files sort of mysteriously vanished one day..), I gave in and spent the last two hours setting up Movable Type. I'm still not entirely sure how to work everything (so many features x.x), but I got the layout to work and not look funny. I'm going to have to work on archive templates and the like, I think.

Anyway, veeery busy week. I've had all sorts of things to do, and being an idiot volunteered to do any more. Which means that anyone I owe a layout to, will have to wait a little longer. And any of my various sites or projects, joint or otherwise, will probably be put on hold for the next week. Although, I have been editing my TB artbook scans for Sakurazukamori. Yay, go me and such. There's probably more worth saying that I can't remember right now. Reading the first nineteen chapters of From the Ashes followed by a nice, fluffy dream about her kind of left me out of it this morning ^^;

Social-ness now! Meant to say it a while ago, but your layout is beautiful, and this is coming from some one who isn't much of a Viggo fan ^^ And I'm very glad you and Shoi had lots of fun at Animazement. Piiiictures...want pictures!

And now, my brother want me to go play Zelda, so he can use my PC, and I shall give in ^^

May 15, 2003

Okay, anyone who's been reading this at all this week has probably guessed that my week has been total shit. A full week of bad temperment, psuedo-angst (my life is too pathetic to be actual angst), and total intolorance for whiners, idiots, and gloaters. Yesterday sucked, and today sucked too. I really wanted to see Reloaded tonight, but no, my mom can't drive me. And my dad says only if someone else gets tickets before hand, which I can't do without a ride, and my mom forgets to do. So, I make plans with two of my friends to see it Saturday. Now it turns out that they've swtitched to Sunday, when they know I can't go, because they want to have a 'date', without me, because I'm all single, and they're not. So I'm going to end up seeing it all by myself, and you know what? That sucks. Friends ditching me is one of the few emotional hang-ups I've got left, and I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it does.

Done. Going off to sit in a corner and cry. Have fun continuing to ignore me and my general bitchiness.

For Future Reference...

The next person who tells me they're going to see Reloaded tonight? I will rip your throat out, and I will enjoy it immensely.

May 14, 2003
UberGhetto!Seishirou strikes again ^^

Concert was tonight. We weren't wonderful, but we didn't suck either. Mrs. Falcone requested black and white, so I'm wearing my ghetto!Sei outfit, only with glasses instead of contacts, because being able to read the music is a good thing.

Other than that, most of the rest of the day *coughKattcough* left me feeling kind of down. Grar

May 13, 2003
Scheming, as always

Hehe...guess who's hakama pattern finally came today? Shikifuku, here I come. Also, informing all members of our X Group, I've set her in motion on possible skit planning, so if you having something that you absolutely won't do on stage, inform her, or inform me, and I'll inform her. Also, the search for a good Kamui and Fuuma continues.

Aside from that, I've been slacking off on starting my History paper, but that's no surprise. It'll get done. The tennis season is progressing along, we only have this week and one more of games. Our band concert is tomorrow at 7:00 (coooome, people!). Other than all that and Yuuzai work, not much is happening. I'll get around to moving cosplay pictures sometime soon, I promise ^^

Now, off to work on shikifuku, hopefully ^^

May 9, 2003
CCS Fangirling

*yawns* Just came back from a birthday party for one of my mom's classmates, which was fun. I felt so...underage. Although, a couple of the guys didn't know this and were like 'The beer's in the refrigerator.' I talked some with a couple of the people, and it was pretty nice. Had some food, a few sodas. Finally, we started getting tired, so my mom and I left.

In other news, am currently caught up on Yuuzai stuff, and life in general actually. We had a really good tennis match Wednesday, and on Tuesday I was playing in the drizzle with Anthony, Pope, and Tsu, and some of the passing middle schoolers thought we were all gay guys. Yes, even me ^^

Thanks to everyone who complimented me on the layout, can't remember everyone at the moment, but I'm happy my shameless self-indulgence turned out okay ^^ Congrats on the hosting and the new site, hermana. <3 Mercedes Lackey. And I like the new blog name, it's got a nice ring to it...are you ever going to finally find a perfect one to settle on ^^? This blog has been Enigmatic Eccentricty from it's start, and it'll probably stay that way. I really like the name ^^

Escaflowne: First Impressions

So, I got around to watching the first four episodes of Escaflowne today, as I found a used copy of the tape for four dollars. Very first thoughts? "Wow, this series screams Final Fantasy." Seriously, I was seized by the urge to go start a new game in FF3 ^^ Anyway, this is not a bad thing, as I love Final Fantasy ^^ Anyway, on the the characters.

Hitomi - I think I'm going to like her. She has yet to be truly ditzy, and seems pretty cool.

Van - Has done a few stupid things so far, but seems like the type of character who is going to improve. Also, sword = cool. And I can recognize Seki Tomokazu's voice from a mile off now, not that it's important.

Allen - Definately a favorite so far. Good-looking, cool, and has that Tomoyo ability to make up something believable on the spot.

Dilandau - The word that comes to mind is 'crazy'. Really crazy. I have yet to decide whether this is a good crazy or a bad crazy, or just a crazy crazy. Makes me think a bit of Fuji, and a bit of Sephiroth.

Everyone else, I have yet to form an opinion on. Check back when I've seen more...granted I can find more.

May 4, 2003
A bit before the fact, but...

Seeing as the other people in this matter have already done their bit of before-hand promotion, I decided I might as well announce it to the world as well ^^ Coming soon, to a domain near you...Yuuzai ^^ Lots and lots of X goodnesss, mostly in the range of Subaru/Seishirou. Content by Clare and Jo (mostly...a few other people too, though), hosting by Audrey, and HTML/Webdesign by me. They are all extra cool and stuff ^^ This was a good project to get suckered into doing, I think ^^ guys have all that wonderfulness to look forward to coming sometime in the next two months, or sooner if people stop being lazy.

New Layout

...Which was far too long in coming. Elrond is nice, but that layout kind of sucked. New layout features me!, because I have no shame ^^ Much has transpired over the last two weeks, which means an ultra long blog post shall probably be coming later, when I really should be doing my homework. Until then, off to move the AB photos and con report to their own folder.

May 1, 2003
CCS Fangirling

So, I finally got around to watching CCS 68. I think my undying love of Clow Read has been confirmed. Clow is....great. Awesome. Kick-ass. Cryptic. A man after my own heart ^^ Crazy, twisted, cheerful, loves playing around with people's minds...I seriously love the guy. I feel the urge to go and put on what I have of my Clow costume right now, even though it would look ridiculous with the hair. I so need to finish that costume properly and wear it again, because being Clow is so much fun. If I had a Yue, it would be even more fun, but we can't have everything. Like Clow's big red armchair. I really, really love that chair, if people didn't know already.

Also, this episode has confirmed my undying love of Megumi Ogata too. When she does Yue flipping out when Clow says he's going to perfect *insert little happy Clow/Yue fangirl sparkles here*

Random Side Note: Lisa, I must disagree with you're layout. Subaru made me gay, not Seishirou. Seishirou made me evil ^^