April 23, 2003

I am leaving today for Baltimore and Washington D.C., and unless you're one of the people who's got my mom's cell number and bored enough to try it, I will not be seeing any of you other than Lisa until Sunday ^^ Have fun, everyone!

April 20, 2003
Anime Boston 2003 (Illustrated!)

So, I have returned from the con. Now, for the recap, with photos!

Friday started a little hectic, as we are all last-minute people. However, the food was made, the costumes finished, the bags packed, and we were on our way. We made it to Boston with little hassle, got our room, and promptly made a mess of it with all our junk. I changed into my Miyako costume, and wandered around trying to find people. Grabbed a shot of a Wolfwood, just for Pope, who actually knew who I was supposed to be, as well as some other pictures. One other person recognized me as well, which I consider a miracle. Miyako is obscure for some reason, even though Digimon was really popular. I managed to find Skuld after her Yaoi panel, although there was no sign of Katt and company. We hung around some, and then headed up to our hotel room, where we changed into our Seishirou outfits to go to the midnight showing of Tokyo Babylon. It started late, so we hung around outside the video room, and met a Fuuma, who was cool. During the showing, Skuld and I sang along to Kiss Kiss, because we are scary scary fangirls like that. Cracks about Subaru looking like a woman, and being screwed (in both senses of the word) were made.

Saturday morning, I got a hair cut. Skuld did the back, and then panicked, and made my mom do the rest. It ended up being longer than I wanted, truthfully, so I made use of lots of bobby pins and hairspray. Skuld donned Rikku, and I put TB Seishirou back on again, and continued the hunt for my Subaru. Along the way, more pictures were taken, and I ran into other-Subaru, from Shoujocon, said hi, asked if she had seen Katt, and took another picture. Granted, I made Winter take the one at Shoujocon... There was also a Keroberus, who someone later pointed out had almost the perfect proportions for Kero. Finally, two phone calls later, I discovered that Katt and all of them had slept late, and were on the way. There was much rejoicing on my part. In the meantime, I said hello to Koumori, from Cosplay.com, and participated in the Cosplay.com photoshoot. Then the rest of my little group showed up, and we wandered around and took pictures. We headed down to browse the Dealer's Room. Katt, Liz, and I left a little earlier than Star and Xenia, so we hung out down in the lobby. There we found a Fuuma and Hinoto, as well as an X Seishirou with a delightful smirk, who tried to steal my Subaru. At that point, Xenia and Star had returned, and Xenia encouraged some Seishirou x Subaru x Seishirou love, saying she wouldn't mind if we all were together. Then a few more X/TB cosplayers showed up, including another Hokuto, and a X16 pair, and it kind of turned into a little impromptu X/TB Subaru - Seishirou - Hokuto photoshoot. I realized afterwards that I had taken the bobby pins out of my hair to fix it, and didn't put them back in, so my hair looks awful in all of those pictures. We headed up to our hotel room, and proceded to sit around some. Katt and I also exchanged heavily belated birthday gifts, and everyone had pie. Next, we went outside to the Boston Public Gardens under the pretense of taking pictures, but it kind of ended up that we gave people Free Hugs, as per our sign, climbed trees, and had squirrels walk up to us. We did, however, get a few pictures taken (Note: Saiyuki = not us. They were in the park too, though). Most of them were on other people's cameras, so I have to wait until later for copies. Someone in the park told me I looked like a pimp in my red suit, so when we got back to the hotel, we just had to get a pimp!Seishirou (or, as my wonderful Hokuto, Xenia, put it, pimp daddy Sei-chan) picture. Next we met up with Katt, Liz, and Xenia's mother, and one of Katt's friends, and we all went out to eat. The food was good, although some of it ended up as artwork. Next came the Masquerade. I went up to the room first, and when I came down, the big scary bouncer-looking guy wouldn't let me in. I went back up stairs, and had a bad tempered possessive moment (Why yes, I do enjoy being cryptic), and then settled down to watch the Masquerade. Skuld and her friends did a FF10 - The Musical, which was pretty funny. They won an award for presentation. There was also a nice Belldandy, a really great Gundam Wing/miscellaneous group that got Best in Show, and deserved it, in my opinion, and a Yami no Matsuei group I applaud for having a bunch of the human forms of the shikigami on top of the shinigami. The guitar-playing Chocobo was good as well, as was the Kyo who got up and sang a cappella. There was one other Digimon cosplayer, a Tai who did a kind of amusing little skit. They showed some AMVs, and I witnessed Katt as TB Subaru dancing to 'Larger Than Life' by the Backstreet Boys. Very funny. After that, it was time for Katt and them all to go, which was sad, becasue I was Subaru-less. However, I ran across the X Seishirou who tried to steal her, and it turned out he was also the Fuuma from Friday night. We talked some, exchanged e-mails and screen names and the like. We also got a TB-X Seishirou picture, in which my hair sucks, again. I invited him up to our room to make some ghetto-ofuda with me, and then I donned my ghetto-X Sei costume, and headed down to the dance. Let me tell you, you have not lived until you've seen an X Seishirou dance with glowsticks to techno. It was highly amusing. Skuld claims he was flirting with me, but I wouldn't know, I'm so used to the few blunt, creepy guys I've had like me that I don't notice subtle-ness. I left early, because my feet hurt.

Sunday was a lot more low-key. I wandered around as X Seishirou, took a few pictures, made my mom take a few pictures of me, stuff like that. I discovered a note adressed to me on the bulletien board, and will be questioning the writer as to how she got it there, as to my knowledge, she was many hours away in D.C. Said goodbye to X Seishirou, and then we were on our way home again.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I didn't go to as many events as I did at Shoujocon, but I spent a lot more time hanging out with people, and being sociable, which was really nice. Plus there was Katt, which makes the whole thing better ^^

April 13, 2003
*violent sparkles*
April 12, 2003
Whoo, surreality.

Just had a very fun and vaguely surreal day...I think the 'vaguely surreal' bit comes from lack of sleep ^^; Went into Boston and met up with Skuld and Destra and had Vietnamese, and it was very good. My dad left about half-way through, leaving us to our fangirlishness ^^ It was great fun. We went to Tokyo Kid afterwards, and I was all *_* and ended up spending money I didn't plan to spend on getting the re-release of the TB OAVs on DVD. I can't resist the S/S ^^;

Then my dad and I went to the movies and saw Laurel Canyon, which was okay, and had a few good bits...like the ending scene ^^ We also managed to make it to the Fabric Place, and I got buckles, although they're a tad smaller than I would have liked them to be. Oh well. On to the sewing!

April 6, 2003
New Anime!

So, being the anime-addicted little nut I am, I downloaded the first episodes of two new anime recently, DNAngel and E'S. E'S was kind of...meh. I'll have to see where it goes. Eiji looks really freakily like Seishirou though, so I'll probably keep watching to find out more about him. DNAngel on the other hand...I think I'm going to like this series. They give me opening shots of bishounen with wings duking it out, and then cuteness. Dark is extra extra pretty, Daisuke's mother reminds me of Suoh's mother, and Hiwatari is like, a stalker or something. But he looks like Eriol with sky blue hair, so it's all good ^^ The episode had me alternating between giggling and drooling. Need...more...

In other news, I've had a very busy week. We had our first two tennis matches canceled because of rain. We've got another one tomorrow, we shall see if it gets rained out too. I did work on cosplay stuff, although my search for buckles has so far been fruitless. I licked Grace the other day, solely because I knew she would flip out. And she it. It was highly amusing. Had very belated birthday party yesterday, which was great fun. I got some amusing presents, but I think the people who gave them to me would hit me if I told what they were here ^^ I owe Xenia, and she knows why ^^ Plenty of pie for you, I think ^^ Other than that...waiting for her to get back from SakuraCon, so I can drool over photos and get all the juicy details ^^