March 30, 2003
Lisa, your snow showed up.

Lisa, your snow showed up. And its just sitting around and looking unpretty. Make it go awaaaay *sniffle* Other than whine about snow, I have done nothing.

Well, except for one thing.

...Supa Sohja Teni Puri!

I'll leave you all to contemplate that ^^

March 29, 2003
First and foremost, a very

First and foremost, a very happy 21st to Lisa. I'd tell you to go out and get drunk now that you can, but you've already got wine, which I guess is good enough. And S/S/H looove ^^

Today I have done....very very little, actually. Went to see Spirited Away again, because it was just that good. Had yummy Chinese food afterwards, some of which is still stuck between my teeth. Other than that, nada. CLAMPesque chat was fun last night...people tried to talk me into writing fic again. If any of said people are reading this, we'll see ^^ I feel like I should have worked on cosplay stuff today...but I realized that my sewing machine won't let me sew Miyako, so I have to borrow someone else's first, I don't have the stuff to do Seishirou's shirt, and the jacket...well, mostly I'm afraid of screwing it up. And lazy. The last bit is also why I haven't worked on my book report for History that's due Monday on a book I've barely started.

So. Off to watch anime or play games. Haven't quite decided yet.

March 26, 2003
Almost forgot....Happy Birthday!

Almost forgot....

Happy Birthday!

Yes, I'm still here ^^

Yes, I'm still here ^^ Haven't been doing much other than tennis. I played doubles with some of the guys yesterday during their practice, then did the girls' practice, and then went almost straight to lifeguarding for three hours. I was so dead last night. Today Mr. Hamel wouldn't let us practice with the boys, so it was just girls. Surprisingly enough, I don't suck, even though I'm using this ancient wooden racket. However, I am sooore. My arms and back and legs. But hopefully I'll get in better shape and those'll go away.

Xandra, I think I'm with you on this whole mess. Will be neutral, as that gets me in less trouble. Especially with my temper! Hermana, you are very welcome, and thanks for getting the wallpapers up. Next step, I need to finish cleaning up the TB artbook scans ^^

March 22, 2003
Okay, now that I've calmed

Okay, now that I've calmed down slightly (random insanity in the CLAMPesque chat can do that ^^) I would like to clarify that I was perfectly happy with the last episode of Farscape up until, oh, the last two minutes or so. No, really, they could have cut all of two minutes of footage, maybe even less, and it would have still been a decent, yet Farscape-ish episode. Instead of something that was very very obviously supposed to have a sequel. *deep breath* Okay, I'm done...the rest of my ranting shall be done with Skuld over AIM, because I doubt anyone wants to hear us.

In other news, I am feeling a lot better. Sleeping for the better portion of two days has that effect ^^ *.* Hermana, that layout is preeetty *loves* o.o Xandra, do be careful...don't want you getting hurt or anything.

Aaaand...I need to go read some X/TB fic before I break out in muderous rage against some certain moronic people.

March 21, 2003
Excuse me for a moment

Excuse me for a moment while I go all violent and angry here.

Oh my fucking God. What the hell was that?! Sci-Fi Channel, I hate you. I wish every gruesome death imaginable, and a few unimaginable ones as well, upon you. That ending was, quite bluntly, shit. I mean, I know that the ending was going to be abrupt, but did you have to end on an episode that obviously was supposed to have a sequel? The 'To Be Continued' at the end made it kind of obvious. And we won't get to know what happens. *insert swearing here*

Hate. HATE. Excuse me while I go and think up violent deaths for Sci-Fi producers with Skuld.

March 20, 2003
Sick x.x

So, home from school sick today. I slept most of the time, aside from an hour during which I checked what was on tv, took a shower, and almost passed out. Not a comfortable feeling. Sooo...that's about it. I refuse to talk about the war, because I'll just end up depressed. I think I'll go watch some anime now...

March 19, 2003
Hum de dum.

Bored. However, I did have a rather amusing PoT dream last night - I think it was something like my brain's version of ep 67. Tezuka was cool, although slightly idiotic (in the manner in which he's being idiotic in series at the moment), and Keigo was a raving lunatic. Like attacking people (namely Tezuka) with random junk from his pockets - but stuff that wouldn't actually fit in your pockets, like golf clubs. I have no clue how my subconscious thought that one up, but it sure as heck was funny. I also have a long ramble on the subject of Seishirou cosplay running around in my head, but I'm too lazy at the moment to type it up and stick it on my LJ or something. Oh, finished Abhorsen, the last book in the Sabriel trilogy today. I won't say much, for fear of devolving into spoilers about why Mogget kicks ass, but needless to say, it was good. Veeery good. And it has put me in the mood for more fantasy, which means hunting up some books I haven't memorized the plot of yet. I'd read TB, as there's some parallels to be drawn between the role of Abhorsen and Sumeragi clan head, but I'm not in the mood to deal with translations at the moment.

*hugs* Maybe if you ask, your teacher will let you make up the test for some extra credit or something...we all have those days where we make stupid little mistakes *looks at her last History quiz and winces*. Skuld, I think I'm going to have to save that 'Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson' line somewhere, because it was wicked funny. And of course you love your layout the most out of the three of us, Marion. You're only rabidly obsessed with the guy on it ^^

And now, I feel the urge to go do something creative. Only, I have one single artistic talent, and that's layouts, and those lightning bolts of layout inspiration just aren't striking today. Meh...would cook, but it's almost 9:00PM...books, I guess.

March 18, 2003

Updated the side bar, because I needed it. A few links added, maybe one or two taken away. Also, anyone who cares can now see the list of things I'm procrastinating on!

Heh. As expected, haveing an

Heh. As expected, haveing an abnormally large picture of Hugo Weaving on this layout has kept people from noticing that it's overly simplistic. Thanks to everyone who complimented me on it, and wished me a happy belated birthday. I love you guys ^^ Oh, Lisa, I like your plan...take me with you? Please? I'll make cookies ^^

Okay, so other than that, it's finally warm here. This makes Cocoa very, very happy. Sadly, it means I don't know how longer I can wear the Coat around with out either looking very misplaced, or roasting to death. Aside from that, I've been reading. Sabriel and Lirael by Garth Nix are both very very good, which means you should all go read them. Great fun. Soooo...I'm just going to go and do something contructive, because it's nice out, and that makes me want to go and do things.

March 15, 2003
Whee, new layout

Okay, I know it's a day late, and it really kind of sucks, but here's my contribution to the elvish goodness. It's my own fault, really. Got distracted by making her layout, and totally forgot about this. We'll see how long I keep it around...I have the urge to make a Subaru, Seishirou, or Subaru andSeishirou layout.

March 14, 2003
Happy Belated Birthday to me!

So, my birthday was very very fun. I get to school, and Grace hands me a card with a cute hand painted mouse on the front, and the following poem inside:

If I was a little Cupid
And had a little bow
I'd shoot an arrow through the heart
Of sexy Seishirou

And if I was all magic I'd get you Subaru
And if I had the cash
I'd buy you the car too

Sadly I have no money
Cash I have not got
I can't even afford to buy you
Just a little bit of PoT

So accept my birthday greetings
And do not think me cheap
And pray I find a way to get
Some money by next week

Best birthday poem ever. Also, best use of Subaru car joke in poem ever. My other friends added equally amusing little bits to the card. Then I get home to find a gift bag from my mom, with candy, and slippers (I'm wearing them right blue and fluffy), and comfy pjs. Then my Dad says "Grab some CDs and let's go." And of course I say "Go where?" And he says "Sasuga of course, and then out to dinner." So I now have all of Tokyo Babylon, as well as X18. I <3 my parents ^^ Oh, and thank you very very much for the birthday gifts you two *squees and hugs Subaru* I'll try and have my layout up by tomorrow ^^; Oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes Lisa...I think I'm with you on the DoE - DoH thing. There are few people in this world I would wish death upon - pain, now that's different ^^ But still...Whoohoo! DoH 4 LIFE! *coughs* Sorry, needed to get that out of my system. Now! Layout!

March 11, 2003

So. I just got back from three hours of life guard training. And I am in horrible, horrible shape. Really. We were supposed to be able to swim ten laps with out stopping. I did two before my legs and lungs gave out. Thankfully, there's someone as bad as I am, so we stuck together ^^ Aaaaand...tomorrow is my birthday. Also, anyone who wants the PoT roms, I stuck 'em up here, along with an emulator link. Happy gaming.

March 9, 2003
I Liiiiive!

Yep, just had a really busy week x.x But I'm back, and I'm actually getting things accomplished. I finished watching X TV yesterday, and almost cried at the ending. I probably will at the end of the manga. A lot of the more minor characters grew on me, like Yuuto, and Yuzuriha, and Kusanagi. It scares me to say this, but I'm actually starting to find Kusanagi/Yuzuriha kinda cute. I still don't find Kusanagi attractive in the least, but he's got a good personality. I liked how they worked the characters side stories into the episodes, and even expanded them some. The extended flashback to when Kamui was living on Okinawa was cute too. Although, if they had left Nokoru in, it would have been even better. Not!Nokoru was okay, but oooold. And not funny. Also, was I the only one that noticed that Subaru is wearing the same outfit throughout the entire anime? And somehow, the coat manages to stay clean the whole time. And he takes a blow much like the one Kamui takes, and manages to live, while Kamui dies. And Fuuma somehow doesn't bleed. Like when Kamui shoves his hand through his shoulder, there's just a hole. No blood.

X TV also made me realize just how fucked up Subaru and Seishirou are. And how stupid they are. Seishirou is convinced that Subaru wants to kill him yet somewhere in the corner of his mind that he doesn't listen too, he loves him. Subaru is convinced he means nada to Seishirou, and that he wants Seishirou to kill him. They're just so...screwed up. It's a sick, twisted relationship, that somehow manages to be beautiful too. Why do I love those two so much? Probably because I'm screwed up too. Really. Most people don't see it, but I am. Ooookay, before I scare people, on to PoT!

If I haven't said it already, Prince of Tennis 64 is a great, great episode. Everyone, go download it now. And Ometto Samba, known among my PoT fan-circle as the 'Oh My God' song, its hilarious. Pope is making a Flash animation to go along with it. I'll share when he's done. Also, PoT 65 was great too. Chibi!Tezuka was so cute, even if he was the same age as my little brother. See, I'm definitely a Fuji fangirl (Anthony and I reeeally need to work on Tensai. And I need to work on my other sites too x.x), but I'm a closet Tezuka fangirl too. He's so preeetty. Also, I got copies of the ROMs for the two PoT Gameboy Advance games. If anyone's intrested in them as well as a link for an emulator, tell me and I'll put them up somewhere. Now, off to download yet more anime!

March 2, 2003
School spirit!

So, for once I have an amusing church story to tell. Today one of the pastors comes in, and it turns out he shaved all of his beard off. Needless to say, it was kind of odd looking, because we weren't used to seeing him without the beard. So, prayer request time comes around during the service, and some one puts a card in the basket to pray 'for Alan's mustache', Alan being the pastor. The whole congregation cracked up. I was an acolyte, which means I was sitting in front, so I did my best not to laugh too hard. Very funny.

Anyway, we had a mini-movie marathon yesterday. Tama and Hikaru and Winter and Anthony came over, and we made fudge, and listened to music, and watched The Matrix and Rutland USA. Towards the end of Rutland USA, I got up, and Winter took my seat, so I sat on top of her. By part way through the Matrix, I was laying on top of her, and she didn't mind. Comments about her enjoying being on the bottom ensued. Over all, we had a great time. We're thinking about doing it again sometime.

I also now have a LiveJournal, care of Heidi. Dunno what I'm going to use it for yet...maybe for my random ramblings and cosplay stuff. Speaking of which, we have a Yuuto for Shoujocon! *hugs Lisa and does little happy dance* I'll probably stick the list of parts we have and parts we need/would like up at my LJ ^^

Oh, nice layouts you two...glad I could be of help, mi hermana ^^ *waves hello to Shi*