February 26, 2003
School spirit!

So, next week is school spirit week, and even though I have no school spirit, I'm gonna dress up anyway, because it'll be fun. So, for the days:

Crazy Hair Day - will probably just make another attempt at Meiling's hairstyle...My hair is actually long enough this time

Mismatch Day - Not hard. Haven't quite decided what to do though.

Twin Day - Me and a bunch of other people are doing a giant group. I say we should all wear collared shirts and ties.

Decade Day - No clue.

Red/White Spirit Day - Tempted to wear the TB Sei suit again. We'll see.

And I have all sorts of anime goodness, because my goodies from Xandra came yesterday, plus PoT 64 was released (downloading now), and it was Asuka day. On the subject of Asuka, I'm contemplating getting the last few issues of X in Asuka, because I know Sasuga sells it. And Subaru is damn pretty. Oh, and if I haven't voiced it already, my favorite ending for X that's probably not going to happen is, given all of the religious symbolism related to the book of Revelations so far, CLAMP uses the ending of the book of Revelations. Fuuma wins, everything goes BOOM!, and then the earth is reborn, along with everyone who died, and everyone lives Happily Ever AfterTM. I'd look up some exact quotes, but I'm lazy. And I won't touch the whole Wish issue, I think...

February 24, 2003
School *sigh*

So, vacation is over. And I got nothing I meant to get done done. Eh, such is my life. Anyway. School would have been okay today if it didn't turn out that Winter and I totally screwed up our science project. Really really totally. And I had a bizarre dream last night that you were at my house last night. It was odd...but cool. But odd. Yeah, my dreams are on something. As is the X movie. I bought it used, along with X: Three. The second one was totally worth it, if even for the last episode, which was unbelievably cool. Sei's dub voice makes my brain hurt though... Have only seen the first five minute of the movie, but man, the people who told me it's so bad it's funny were right. Subaru's dub voice is actually deeper than Seishirou's. If I was watching it seriously, I would have started twitching. As I wasn't, I just laughed. And I need to go and make sure my video camera works now...

February 19, 2003
Happy Birthday!

And now, for the obligatory song.

*begins singing*

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear SubaruandHokuto,

Happy Birthday to you.

And you really would have to say the 'Subaru and Hokuto' bit on one breath. I started a layout, but sadly it didn't get finished in time. Oh well. Shall save it for next year ^^ Now, I'm going to use this as an excuse to go make sweets ^^

Cosplay scheming!

Well, nice to see the that the rest of the Katsucon people made it home safe ^^ You people have reinspired me to do PoT cosplay at Shoujocon. I wanted to at one point, but at that time none of my PoT-loving friends were going. And then I forget. But at least two of them, possibly three will be going, and we might force the series upon other people too ^^ Great fun to be had there. Especially if the hotel has a tennis court...its in the middle of the summer, so it's warm enough to run around outside.

Okay, I so need to do this ^^ Especially because Pope makes a really good Momoshiro if he spikes his hair up with his blue hair gel, and if Tsu comes, we've got a good Inui. He's got the hair, and the glasses, and the bizzare personality. Link and I could both do either Fuji or Tezuka, with the hair color and all, but I'm the shorter one, and the one with contacts, so he can be Tezuka. Which of course makes me Fuji ^^ In the realm of not really looking like your character, Anthony could pull off an okay Taka, but he's a little short for it. Winter would make an okay Ryoma, she's got the height and hair color. Tama might be able to pull of Eiji, although it's really pushing it. Which means we need a Kaidoh, and an Oishi. Volunteers, anyone?

February 18, 2003
Cosplay scheming!

Okay, after that little bit of flipping out there, I am better. Still not entirely happy, as that was going to be the high point of my vacation, but better. Skuld, I'm sorry about this whole business, but at least you're in Boston on the weekends, when I am free, and certain others are not *coughKiticough* But yeah. Killing things in FF7 does wonders for ones mood. That, and changing your desktop to Seishirou. Yummy ^^ Anyway, it snowed yesterday. A lot. My mother's office was closed, which doesn't happen very often. I think we probably have enough to bury a kindergartner. Plus, preregistration for Shoujocon is done! We've got quite a group this year...Tama and I have been trying to figure out exactly how the heck we're going to get eight people from here to NY when only one of the eight has a driver's license. At least we have plenty of time to figure it out. Speaking of cons, all you people stuck at Katsucon better make it home safe...I misses blog-stalking you. I will laugh hysterically if we get snowed in at AB. The sad thing is, it could happen. We got snow in April last year, and this year's been even worse so far.

February 17, 2003
I've discovered that how bad

I've discovered that how bad my mood is is directly proportional to the number of times I use the word 'fuck', whether mentally, or aloud.

Fuckfuckfuck. Skuld, if you're reading this, Friday is a no-go.

Interpret the above as you wish -_-

February 15, 2003
Today's Amusing Thought for the Day...

CLAMP could make a fortune selling souls on the black market. Or E-bay. I mean, come on, they own so many...including mine ^^

February 14, 2003
Today's Amusing Thought for the Day...

It is officially vacation, and my science project is officially done. I am so happy, even if it means I only got four hours of sleep. Hey, could be worse. A bunch of people in my class didn't go to sleep at all last night *coughTAMAandEMILYcough* Seriously, they were almost passed out by Band...Mrs. Falcone let them sleep, and sleep they did, all through our playing too. They both also wore dark clothing and dark, heavy eye make-up in protest of the position Valentine's Day put singles in. I, on the other hand, wore my red TB Sei suit with a white shirt, and a little heart-shaped pin that said 'S/S 4 EVER' on it that I made when bored last night. It was under my jacket though, so not a lot of people noticed it. I am such a fruitloop ^^ (proud of it!) Anyway, not much other than project stuff has gone on this week, which accounts for the lack of bloggage.

Nice layouts, you two. I like ^^

February 9, 2003
Mmmmm, S/S

I now officially have a Subaru. Granted, I was claiming her before, but now it's official. Heh heh heh...*has Subaru. Is happy. VERY happy*

February 7, 2003
Snow Day~!

So, I get up, get ready for school, drive to school, only to find out that we have a snow day. It was a nice surprise actually, although our house is really cold. So, I'm finally caught up in all of my PoT watching. Ootori is cute. However, Shishido was much prettier with long hair. He shouldn't have cut it. Inui/Kaidoh was all over the place - really. And Taka is really amusing...I'm hoping he wins, but I suspect he won't. Let's see...I think I'm out of brilliant blogging today...

February 4, 2003
Ahh, relief...

After four hours of routinely checking marshmallows in glasses, Winter and I finally have the experiment part of our project. All that's left is typing crap up and making it look pretty. Sunday was amusing. Link came over to my house, and he wrapped himself up in this mattress-thing and kept yelling "I'm a cannoli!". Very funny. The rest of the week so far has been productive but busy. Need sleep. Thank you all who comments on my layout, to tired to link right now ^^;; Off to bed I go...

February 1, 2003
And all that jazz...

New layout, finally! This is my Valentine's Day layout. It comes with a dedication, and as I doubt anyone is going to bother looking on the 'About' section, here it is:

"Dedication goes to Audrey, who's fault this is, and TAMA, my Gravi fangirl friend who insisted if I dedicated something to her I had to put her name in all caps ^^"

Anyway, today was a good day. Went to see Chicago with Hikaru, which was excellent and very fun. I also went costume shopping, so I now have two TB Sei outfits. I'm very surprised I didn't get any funny looks in Goodwill standing around the men's section trying on shirts. Also picked up a tan-grey trenchcoat that I think I'm going to abuse in X Subaru's. All this, for only $25 ^^

Finally got a new layout

Finally got a new layout up at Tokyo-Tower. New layout here should be up soon...depends how lazy I am. Not much has happened over the last day. Skipped fencing last night - I was tired. I really don't know if I want to keep doing it or not. Also got a few seams of my Miyako costume done. *shrugs* Not much else to say.

*hugs* Hope life gets better soon, Lisa. Marion, that site has been brought up on a MB I'm on, and it's a hoax, albeit a really sick hoax. See here. Audrey, hope you get SeiNU up again soon.