January 29, 2003
S/S vs. Romeo and Juliet, 30-second style!

So, yesterday in English I was contemplating Subaru and Seishirou compared to Romeo and Juliet. I mean, they've both got that whole 'families hate each other' thing going on, and I do believe

I've seen Subaru and Seishirou referred to as star crossed lovers. However, analyzing the actual relationships, many differences. Here's the 30-second summary style breakdown:

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo: Love! *insert long poetic babble here*

Juliet: Hmmm...I know this is stupid, but I don't care. *loves back*


Subaru: *.* Seishirou-san!

Seishirou: ^_^ *makes perverted comments to Hokuto about Subaru*


Subaru: I hate you...but I love you!

Seishirou: I know *smirk*

Yes, I've got too much free time on my hands. The last few days have been a little uninteresting. Tampa won the Super Bowl, yay! My grandpa lives in Tampa Bay ^^ I was at a Youth Group Super Bowl party, and almost made myself sick off of the candy hearts that weren't being thrown at people. Poor Lori almost got her eye poked out by one. That so needs to be written into an X fic...Fuuma and dangerous candy hearts ^^ I also got out to the fabric store to buy stuff for my Miyako/Yolei costume. Got the red and blue, but there was NO peach in a decent fabric, so I'll have to check back again. However, I did find the blue cord I need for my shikifuku, which I thought was going to be impossible to find. It was only $0.39 a yard, so I got ten. I'll probably only need around eight and a half, but too much is better than not enough. Lesse...I witnessed my English teacher bursting out into song. I was torn between being scared and laughing my head off. I think that's another one added to my List of Things I Never Wanted to See My Teachers Doing, along with Mrs. Zendzian's happy dance. We had boring standardized testing yesterday. Winter and I have two weeks to do a science project that counts for a quarter of our grade this term...can you say "We are SO screwed"?

Anyway, off to work on costumes some. More bloggage later, I think.

January 25, 2003
Mneh. Had a kind of

Mneh. Had a kind of boring day today. I was going to go see the movie Chicago, on her recommendation, but my friends were busy, and no one in my family wanted to see it with me. And watching a movie by yourself is no fun. So, hopefully I'll go to see it next weekend, and we went and saw Catch Me If You Can instead. It was very very good. *shrugs* I can't really think of anything brighter to say than that. Oh! Wait! I can! There's one scene towards the end, where the main character is looking at a store display window, and he's wearing a trench coat that looks exactly like Subaru's from X, at least how I imagine it. I must resist the urge to write the the movie producers/movie costumers and ask where they got it...

January 20, 2003
Happy MLK Day, everyone!

You know, even though I think only the US celebrates it. Anyway, had a kind of busy weekend. Link came over Saturday, and we were going to go to the Animefest, only the only thing that was playing when he was over was Princess Mononoke, for three hours. It's a decent movie, but I've seen it too many times. So, we made peanut butter balls instead, and listened to Mp3s on my DVD player, and worked on stuff for our little project that'll probably be unveiled later this week, depending on how long it takes me to do the images. Then my family, sans father, went to see Star Trek: Nemesis, which was pretty cool, aside from the whole killing-off-my-favorite-character bit. And Shinzon had an ultra-neat outfit. Then I stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live and see her "boyfriend". Yesterday, went to church, went to my brother's soccer game to chat with Link a bit, went to youth group, had lots of fun (The Elrond - Glorfindel corporate empire...you don't want to know ^^), came home, played Go with Anthony and Link, and Link sent me back my FF7 save after getting through the bit that kept crashing. So, I played FF7 for an hour or so. Love this game. It shall give me something to do when I run out of cosplay schemes to muse upon. BTW, have fun in Paris, Marion. I wish I was in Paris...even though I don't speak French ^^

January 18, 2003
My Week

Okay, this is going to be loooong, as I've been being lazy all week. Anyway. Monday was Quinzee day. I realized I had enough clothes to do a quasi-version of the Subaru outfit on this layout, and as such, wore it. We only had one real class, Math, so it was a very good day. The Quinzee building was a great success, even if our actual experiment failed because the tent blew away in the middle of the night. Or got stolen, although it was a crappy tent so I don't know why anyone would want to steal it. Rest of the week was pretty normal - some reports due, tests, et cetera. Been really hyper the last couple of days...weird. We started reading Romeo and Juliet in English yesterday. I've taken an immediate liking to Ladies Montague and Capulet, as their husbands are all "Swords! We must kill each other!" and they're like "No! *thwaps*"...Only in Elizabethan English of course. And Tybalt reminds me very much of Kyou. Of course, we've only read through the first act so opinions might change. I also gave in and read one of my brother's Magic: The Gathering books, entitled The Brother's War. Was quite good, although Gix needs to be dismantled, Gwenna needs to be thwapped (Argoth seemed like such a nice place...like Lothlorien, only with less buildings *sniffs*). Also, Titania has been popping up a lot in the last week...this book, her ramblings, and me thinking back on the only other Shakespearian play I've read, which is A Midsummer Night's Dream. *gives fairy/elf/queen-thing suspicious look* What are you doing hanging around?

Anyway, social blogging! Beautiful layouts as always, you two. And you finally changed my link ^^ (Come to Shoujocon!). Plus, someone noticed my covert blog-stalking *waves hello to Kira* Oh, and for the record, she is one cool gal...putting up with all of my bizarre shikifuku-question-ness. Now, as it is late, and I am tired, and there is an anime fest at local store tomorrow, it's off to be for me!

January 16, 2003
Random Insanity...

My church has a website. That's....kind of funny, really. My dad's church too. It's late, and I'm tired. So, good night. Real entry tomorrow, I promise.

January 14, 2003
Some Personal Reminders...

Note to self:

1) Kill Mike.

2) I need a vacation.

3) Work on cosplay shopping list

4) If/When I get a short haircut, cosplay as ChesireCat!Eriol. Cuuuuute.

...And now, back to your regularly scheduled insanity. Real post tomorrow.

January 11, 2003

I! Have! ANIME! Third season CCS, and Princess Tutu, care of Rachel. I shall probably watch later, and ramble. But for now, more cosplay schemeing ^^

Have conducted a search of

Have conducted a search of my mother's fabric and pattern drawers. We have patterns modifiable for Subaru's underrobes, red shirt in layout picture, Miyako's dress and shirt/jacket-thingy, along with a full pattern for Ritsu kimono. We also have a huge piece of white muslin, which might be usuable for Subaru's over robes, at least. It's a little thin, though...might have to make it double-layer.

Cosplay (again)

I've been musing about cosplay too much this week. I feel the strong urge to go sew something. I'll probably go leaf through patterns after this. But first, a list of planned costumes!

Anime Boston





-Subaru's shikifuku

-X Seishirou

-Fruits Basket: Either Ritsu (no haircut) or Shigure or Haori (haircut)

And then, I'd like to touch up my Clow robes and wear those again, and do the Subaru outfit from this layout, but I don't know when I'll wear those. Plus, I'm putting together Fuuma and Kyou outfits for my brother ^^

January 10, 2003

Partway into Trigun episode 2. I really, really want Vash's coat. And the kid singing 'It's the end of the world' amuses me greatly. More comments to follow.

Later in ep 2 - Sparklies! Hehe!

Ep 3 - Now the town drunk is molesting Vash. And I'm not supposed to be thinking yaoi thoughts...^__^

Eps doing scary things now, must sleep. 'Night, all.

The Little Things

Slightly happier, due to X TV Mp3s on repeat and being able to help someone else out at the HP messageboards. Aaaaaand! I sat down and made Tokyo-Tower a custom error page! Chibi!Subaru is kawaii...I'm going to to and make ones for other HTTP errors with the Chibi!Hokuto and Chibi!Sei in that same picture. Yay for Tokyo Babylon.

Blergh. Have I ever mentioned

Blergh. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate school? A lot. Really...my whole life has kind of fallen apart since school started again. Over summer vacation, I was cheerful and happy most of the time, and I even managed to have real conversations with people. Now I'm all quasi-angsty and lethargic all the time, my lack of conversational skills has been depressing me greatly as of late, and most of my friendships are kind of slowly drifting apart. Ugh. School is destroying my mind. HATE. You know, as I like my friendly side better than my antisocial side. Also realized that I've mostly gotten over the girl I liked, which is good as she didn't like me back. So we can be happy as just friends. Other than that, life's been kind of event-less. Been cosplay musing more, debating on wether I should put Miyako together for AB. She's got an easy, cute outfit, and she'd be a fun charecter to do...I can act like myself, and be totally in charecter. I've also started a cosplay item shopping list...I think it's all either Subaru or Sei outfits ^^; I've really been getting back into S/S as of late...looooove <3 Oh, some of the X TV music tracks are awesome...I'm particulary smitten with the guitar version of Sadame. And if someone knows a link for translations of the OVA dialouge remixes, that would be awesome...I think Fuuma uses his trademark 'I am KAMUI!' line in there, but not sure. Off to try and get in a better mood...new layout sometime soon, I think...

January 7, 2003
More cosplay randomness...

Curses! Someone got to Sakurazukamori Subaru before I did. Oh well...will still probably spontaneously do it at AB anyway. I have all the necessary parts except for the combat boots, which I might either steal off of Pope or find a used pair cheap, and the hair. But I'll never have Subaru hair, so oh well. And I need to find my other nice black glove, preferably tonight, as I'm sick of having one nice leather and then one cheap, beat up cotton one. But you know, other than that, I have the coat, I have the turtleneck, I have the pants. I could also do that TB Subaru outfit I like so much - all I need is the hat, and most likely the jacket. We used to have a red jacket, but I think we threw it out or gave it away. I could also do the Subaru outfit on this layout (my second favorite) if I had the hat and red shirt. Hmmm...might actually do that. Layout one, I mean. I like the other one too much to cosplay it myself. Of course, I also have a huge list of other characters I want to cosplay as - Umi, Sakura, Miyako, Tatsumi, maybe Sesshoumaru - don't really like Inu Yasha that much, but I saw Sesshoumaru's outfit and went all *_*. Oh, and I have to do Clow again. Because Clow is fun.

*yawns* I remember now why

*yawns* I remember now why I should take naps...I have wierd dreams, and then I wake up, and I'm all disoriented. Anyway, I didn't got to school today in favor of going up to NH to visit a private school I'm applying at next year. Really, really nice grounds. And houses. And people, from the ones I met. I slept for most of the drive there and back, as it's two hours, and that's what brought on that nap comment. Yesterday, too, was kind of boring, although we got a package in the mail from my Grandpa containing late Christmas presents, including a 2nd season CCS DVD, and X: Two. Decided I dislike Pioneer for giving up three eps a disk when I know you can fit more on a DVD. Heck, you can fit more on a VHS. As such, Subaru is the only Seal who makes no appearence in the eps...thankfully, there are little clips of most of the characters, including Subaru and Sei at the end of the director's interview ^^ Yes, I'm obsesssed. Need to sit down and watch CCS today though. And PoT 56. Now, I'm going to go and try to wake up. Because being half asleep and really disoriented is not good.

January 5, 2003
Shikifuku, Part 2

Oh, joy. Have figured out what the under robes, are I think. Turns out there are special half length kimono made to be worn with hakama. So modifying my kimono pattern isn't really cheating so much, as its what it really is ^^ Also, the top bit has the front and collar of a michiyuki (with the tassles added, of course), but different sleeves. Wonder if I could find a michiyuki pattern somewhere.

Oh, for those who want to know what the hell I'm rambling on about, Kyoto Kimono has pictures of michiyuki and hakama. And, of course, lots of kimono, too. And I just realized that it's really wierd using Japanese words in English, as they don't have a plural, and I instictively want to put 'kimonos' there, and can't decide wether to do it the Japanse way or the English way...

Cosplay Musings

So, thanks to her, I have been musing about Subaru's shikifuku, as it's one of those outfits that makes me go 'Oh. My. God. I want that outfit. *_*'...you know, kind of how Clow's robes did. But I did that already (and probably will wear it again, as I love Clow and his outfit fo itty bitty pieces). And I haven't done Subaru's shikifuku. So, I was looking through TB 7 as there's lots of good shots of Hokuto going to Sei-chan in Subaru's shikifuku. I have come to the definate conclusion that the bottom part is a hakama (funky Japanese pleated pants), and not just a long robe. Of course, now I'm unclear on the pattern of underrobes. I thought it was white, then blue, then white overrobe, but now I'm not sure. And the all of the pictures I've dug up are different. The one on Marion's layout has it blue, white, robe, and the picture on Subaru's tarot card shows blue then white at the collar, but blue showing through on the shoulder slits, which makes no sense. Further proof CLAMP is on crack, I guess. But it's not helping me much, as there are very few color shikifuku pics. I'm also unclear on fabric. I know that a lot of Japanese outfits are silk, but I've never used silk before, and have no clue if it holds pleats (which this has lots of) and is shiny (which this does not appear to be). My best guess is that the fabric is similar to that of the fabric in the outfits for shrine maidens, but I'm having difficulty finding stuff on even that (you search shikifuku, all you get is anime sites or pages saying that they're ceremonial robes. Gee, what else is new?). Difficulty. Although, I was able to find a basic hakama pattern on the net, so that's good. And I have a kimono pattern upstairs I think I'm going to modify for the underrobes. Top of the overrobe, no clue.


...Can you tell how much I love this outfit? How much it sends me into fits of sparking and squealing and oogling? Okay, okay, leaving to go oogle and research where I won't scare anyone ^^;;;;;;

January 4, 2003
SorataxMartha Stewart...Rachel, you are very,

SorataxMartha Stewart...Rachel, you are very, very screwed up. But terribly amusing. Snow? We've got looooots of snow here. Like two feet of it. Too much *gives snow to Lilly* And you don't know what toe socks are? You deprived child ^^ They're socks, that are like gloves, only for your feet. They've got seperate bits for each toe, like gloves have for your fingers. I've got a Tigger pair Tama gave me, and was wearing them yesterday, which is what brought that on.

Saw LotR again, this time with Hikaru and Winter. Very fun. Would have been more fun with Kiti, but someone is out to get me, so no. But it was fun anyway. We came to the conclusion that the lot of us are LotR-obsessed. So what else is new? Yes, we're all out of our minds. And ramble. A lot. And Hikaru and I sing songs about electric mixers. Don't mind me I think tired + cookies + LotR = insanity + rambling. And I shall go and figure out my one constructive thing for the day, as I have done nada so far, or I'll end up breaking into song here or something. Mmmmm, sugar....

January 3, 2003
Another Birthday...

It has been brought to my attention that today, the third of January of the year 2003, is the eleventy-first birthday of one J.R.R Tolkien ^^ So, happy birthday Tolkien, even if you're sort of dead. It doesn't matter, we love you anyway. So. Very little interesting happened today. We discussed the building of snowforts - sorry, Quinzees - in biology today. I think I'm starting to warm up to her. Of course, Tsu and Pope were trying to figure out if they could get away with collapsing the roof of our Quinzee in on her...horrible, horrible people. Although I shouldn't talk, as I had an amusing but somewhat horrible thought during English today. You know how the boy's uniforms for the elementary division of CLAMP Campus have those really funny looking short-shorts? Well, we find out in TB that Subaru goes to school there, and to my knowledge we don't know how long Subaru has been living in Tokyo. It's unlikely, but possible he was there while still in elementary school. Result? Chibi!Subaru in short-shorts! *snickers uncontrollably* That mental image amused me all day. That, and Seishirou wearing toe socks. Don't ask.

Anyhow. Anthony lent me his copy of FF7, so off to hope that that works. And I'm interested in seeing if the people on the Cinescape HP messageboards can tell which one I am out of me and her.

January 2, 2003
Funny = Beautiful

The above statement is courtesy of my math teacher, randomly written on the board during math. Yes, he's probably crazy. He throws chalk. Go figure. Anyway, today was not much fun, as I got four hours of sleep last night. Fell asleep at 9:30, woke up at 1:00 AM, and couldn't fall back to sleep. So I read fanfiction and TB manga. I also had the revelation that I just really, really love Tokyo Babylon. ...It made more sense at 2:30 AM, trust me. This of course led to many TB thoughts today, culminating in the urge to realize one of Subaru's outfits in black and neon lavender after seeing that Emily had a pair of boots from said outfit in black and neon lavender. Really cool looking, actually. Plus she said they were really comfortable. Anyway, not much else happened today, which is good.

*stares*...*stares again* Hermana, I think your layouts are trying to own my layout. *looks at TB Subaru* Fight back, Subaru! You don't want to end up all crazy and suicidal like those two! *points wildly at X Su and Sei*

Subaru: o.o;; *hides*




Anyway. Thanks to all who commented on my layout, including my dad ^^ Off to do random things now!

January 1, 2003

Happy New Year, all! May it be better than the last in as many ways as possible. Anyway, here comes the long winded recollections on the old year. Whee, nostalgia. So, some of the important things that happened in 2002:

-Made my first internet friends, who are awesomely cool...you know who you are ^^

-Made some awesomely cool IRL friends, too (Pope, Anthony, Kiti & Co., this means you ^^)

-Went to my first anime con, which rocked

-Had my first crush on a girl

-Started High School

-Got my own domain ^^

Wow, not so long winded actually. I'm probably missing things, but hey, that's me. Anyway, happy new year, everyone!