December 31, 2002
New Layout!

Yep, new layout in all its Tokyo Babylon Subaru goodness. Gotta love Subaru ^^ Anyway, there'll probably be a long winded New Year's ramble later, but for now, happy New Year's Eve, all! Enjoy the Subaru ^^

December 29, 2002
Winamp: Out to rule the world

My copy of Winamp is evil. I've got my huge collection of mostly anime Mp3s running on shuffle, so it randomly plays tracks. And I was reading Gravitation scanlations. Guess what came on just as Touma made an appearence? The Akio Car theme. See, even Winamp realizes that Touma is scary. But wait. There's more. Yuki and Shuuichi are getting a little 'intimate' when 'Whenever, Where ever', by Shakira comes on. Which as song mostly alluding to sex. I love Winamp XD Other than that, I did little more than go clothes shopping. Net result? Three pairs of pants and Cocoa + Fashion Industry = NO.

Oh, watched PoT 55 last night. From now on, Gakuto = Romulan Boy. And I almost choked on my soda laughing when Ryoma sort of sarcastically remarks that maybe Oishi is late because he's helping a pregnant woman give birth. And then Oishi really is. And then that little Momoshirou - Oishi moment...Dunno what was up with that. Liked it anyway. And Momo going all cheerleader and dragging the freshmen into it at the begining ^^ And...I think there's more, but I can't remember it. Just remember that PoT rocks, all ^^

December 27, 2002
Christmas Goodness, addendum

At the request of my father, who thinks I'm being spoiled and whiny over how little I got for Christmas, I'm to add 'new computer' and '$5000 to charity' to the list ^^ In all honesty, I'm happy with what I got. Oh, and today is the last bishie birthday this week. Happy birthday, Tatsumi! As for my day, I did basically nil. Weeeell, I did get bored and color in a manga picture. The result? The CLAMPesque ML has a new logo! I'm so proud that I actually did something that'll get noticed somewhere. Hooray for random frog! And I got invited into the CLAMPesque chat. They're all crazy, I swear ^^ Two works - bootleg eyeball. But it was fun ^^ And the FF7 disk is DEAD. For once I'm thankful for my bro's annoying friend who's lending me his working disk, and I shall copy it so Link has a copy that works.


Testing new site ^^

December 26, 2002
Kinda Creepy Fact of the Day...

TB OAV Subaru, and Ryuichi from Gravitation have the same voice actor. Wow. I never would have guessed, seeing as those two are total opposites. They even sound completely different. All I can say is that's one talented seiyuu...

Christmas Goodness

*looks at other blogs* ...Am I the only person on Earth who didn't get like $300 worth of stuff? That is so not fair. Oh well. I finally got a scanner, which is awesome, because now I can scan random things ^_^ Fun! Also got two CCS artbooks, which are very pretty and shall probably get scanned mercilessly, along with my TB artbook. Those items were from my Grandpa and step-grandma, Collett. From my paternal grandparents, I got a nice black sweater, which is very comfortable (Nonnie gives me a sweater every year...they're the only sweaters I wear ^^), and $75. From my family, I got...nothing. Well, my mother made me a shirt, but apparently I have wider shoulders than my grandma did, so it's going to one of my younger, skinnier cousins. I think she and my brother are going to split on a cheap tennis racket for me instead. Other than that, I got two shirts which didn't fit my mom. Both are green, one is a neat looking button down shirt. I have also decided that I'm going to make some on take me to either the Salvation Army, or Goodwill, because I've decided that a black leather (or fake leather) trenchcoat would be awesome, however they're around $250 new (real leather), and my parents already bought me a new coat this year, which I love very much.

And Link, your FF7 game has crashed my computer twice at the same point. If it won't let me passed this spot in the game, I'm going to be very, very angry.

December 25, 2002
There Is No Spoon

The Matrix kicks mucho ass. Anyone who hasn't seen it, go do so. Right now. I <3 Trinity. Must resist Matrix layout urge...and FF7 layout urge.

Oh, Merry Christmas all, and happy birthday Yukito!

December 24, 2002
Whee. I've been feeling vaguely

Whee. I've been feeling vaguely elvish all day now. Kinda hope it goes away, otherwise I'm going to end up with a bit of a species identity crisis on my hands. Although no one really knows what seperates humans from elves, physically, except the whole immortality - pointed ears thing, I think. And I'm too young to know if I'm immortal or not. Wait, no pointed ears. Damn. Oh, any IRL people interestested in going to see LotR, either for the first time, or again, call me to work out times and such.

In other news, I went Christmas carolling today. And it was very very fun, except nursing homes kind of creep me out, and one member of our group keeled over at one point. He's okay now, though. There was much singing, and hugging, and candy, and telling Lori that everybody loves her. Seriously, Lori is the greatest woman in the world outside of my mother and grandmother. Everybody loves Lori ^^

Yeah, I was thinking of that little Arwen - Elrond moment..*coughNONCANONcough* ...Sorry, still a little angry about that. Hermana, as much as you deny it, the Frodo/Sam thing is still there ^^ It's even kind of obvious in the books. Oh, and if you are in need of any decent Smaug pictures, I managed to find my book of illustrations of various Tolkien works, and there's a box under the tree with my name on it that looks suspiciously like that scanner I asked for.

On Elves

This'll be quick, I promise. The person who this is directed to knows who they are, no names mentioned ^^ Elves, like fairies, are what you make on them. I think the only two really universally agreed on points are the ears and the immortality. As such, your version of an elf is a as valid as mine is as valid as Peter Jackson's. It's like fairies, as I said before. You have a million and one different concepts of a fairy, from Tinkerbell, to Shakespeare's Oberon and Titania, to Irish fairies, who have unpronouncable names and steal babies and curse cows. Elves are the same. So you really can't say anyone's concept of an elf is wrong, and neither can I. I can merely say it doesn't agree with my concept of an elf. Okay, Okay, I'm done ranting now...On to happier subjects!

First and foremost, happy birthday Ryoma Echizen (or Human!Hiei, if you wish) ! This is the first of about three of my favorite charecters' birthdays this week ^^ I have also become addicted to Final Fantasy 7, care of Link. You people are going to have to put up with a lot of my ramblings, as it's a three disk game, and three and a half hours in, I don't think I'm even half-way through the first disk. Sephiroth is very very pretty, but most definatly crazy. And an amphibian molester...go on, I dare you ask what that's about. Oh, and it seems I've missed another birthday! Happy birthday, Akira Ijyuin! *glomps everyone's favorite mini-chef* Oh, all LotR fans should see this. Second post down. I'll dig up a link for part one later ^^ It's very funny. And anyone who likes Haldir should go here...poor elf...he kinda got impaled... BTW, very nice, Marion! Now I just need to whip out my copy of Return of the King and figure out exactly how you pronounce that. Am I the only one who doesn't change the name of their blog every two months or so? Ah well...happy Christmas Eve, all!

December 15, 2002
New layout-ness

Because that Tsuzuki layout was screwed beyond my fixing. I'll probably re-do it as tables and put it up after this, my New Year's, and then my Gravi layouts ^^

Whee, Technology!

Just a second CD drive installed on my PC...yet another part of BEAST. Anway, not much has happened. Went Christmas shopping yesterday, that was marginally fun. Dunno what I'm going to do now. Oh, we got a DVD player ^^ Yay! And then watched LotR. Arwen is now offically The Shiny Lady, and Galadriel is The Ultra Shiny Lady, and Aragorn is unofficially Sexy, and Scuzzy. Yes, my family is crazy.

December 14, 2002

Add Akutsu to that 'List of Anime Charecters that Scare Me', make him go away *hides*

December 13, 2002
Die, Mini-Akio, DIE!

I would like to interupt this PoT episode to state that Mizuki Hajime is very high on my List of Anime Charecters Who Scare me, along with Touma and Muraki. Seriously. The kid is vaguely like a mini-Akio, which is what I've been calling him, like so: "GO, FUJI! Whip Mini-Akio's ass!" Scary kid needs to go away. Right now. Okay, back to Prince of Tennis.

Fun Both Ways!

On the bus ride home today, I realized something. Remus Lupin is reversible. Well, mostly in Sirius/Remus/Remus/Sirius, but being a diehard Sirius-Remus shipper, that the only relationship I think he should be in. And thinking about it, I realized Remus could be either seme or uke, depending on circumstances. He's like Fuji - very uke-ish at first glance, but he's got hidden strength. Only Fuji is also quasi-evil, which means that he's reversible, but only when he wants to be. All other times he's seme. But Remus J. Lupin is most definately reversible. What brought about this stunning revelation, you ask? Probably reading S/R fics last night, then watching part of Harry Potter in Band and then having a whole seat on the bus all to myself to contemplate it. Yes, I'm crazy. In the ever-famous words of Tama, ta ta for now ^^

MWAHAHA! Death to Mini-Akio!

Yet another break in my PoT marathon.Even Kaido agreed with me on the killing of mini-Akio: "Kick his ass." And Chibi!Fuji has to be just about the cutest thing ever. He's such a sweet older brother. And seeing mini-Akio go into a total break-down at his loss made my day ^^ *kicks mini-Akio around some* Fuji beckons now!

December 12, 2002
No School...yay

We had a snowstorm last night, so there's no school ^^ Heidi, if you want I can burn you a copy of the OAVs and give it to you tonight - I've got them digi-subbed. Yep! Dells are great - this one came a week early, was less than $500 and has about six times the hard drive of my old PC. *laughs* Welcome to the world of the Elfie fangirl, Lilly ^^

*pokes layout* Are you working on me again?

December 11, 2002

Have just seen the Gravi OAVs <3<3<3<3<3 ...Well, except for Touma, because he's all creepy and scares me. But still...Yuki! Shuichi! Yuki AND Shuichi! I really, really like Gravitation...I think the TV series is being released in the US...must buy...


Bad layout! You're not supposed to do that! ...Anyone with more div experience than I want to tell me what's screwed up? I don't know enough to fix it myself -_-;; Please? Someone?

New layout

Yep, my first YnM layout ever, courtesy of Michira. Welcome back, Marion. Glad you enjoyed your time off. You must be psychic, because Satsuki is a Dell - a Dell Dimension 2350, to be exact. Well, all of it but the moniter which is a light-grey Compaq Presario MV400 from BEAST. And your layout is very nice, if a bit bright...but it fits nicely with the pink color scheme I've got on my desktop now. Oh, we love you too ^^ Your layout is nice too, hermana...kept forgetting to say that. Plus the Schizophrene layout is beautiful. You two are so talented...unlike me ^^

Well, I'm back. My new

Well, I'm back. My new computer arrived on Saturday, and I only got around to setting my blog up on it today. I really, really love my new's all sleek and black. I'm thinking of naming it Satsuki, as kind of a compain to BEAST, especially since BEAST's moniter is part of it, kind of how BEAST is part of Satsuki in X.

Anyway, on to my week. Thursday was unfortunately a bit of a flop. I managed to get in to Boston, and picked up TB 7 and X 13, but she didn't show up until after we left, so I missed passing over PoT and other things. Friday nothing important that I can remember happened, Saturday my computer came, Sunday, I lazed around doing nothing but working on layouts and listening to Gravi music. Monday I went on a little Prince of Tennis spree and watched four episodes in one evening, as I've discovered Winamp3 plays AVIs, and plays them much better than Windows Media Player. There's an incrediably Ryoma/Tezuka slashy scene in 25-26, that runs something like this:

Ryoma:*walks into house* I'm home

Nanjiroh: You're back late, boy. Have a date?

Ryoma: Something like that (He was playing tennis with Tezuka ^^)

Cocoa: *snickers wildly at all the innuendo*

Oh, and the number three reason to love Tezuka is his image song. Unlike Fuji's, it doesn't sound like Jittensha ni Notte on crack. The number one and two reasons to love Tezuka of course are his dashing good looks (so...pretty...*_*) and his tennis talent. Although Fuji will always be my favorite PoT bishie, because he's got good looks, tennis skills, and nice voice (but NOT a nice image song -_-;), and he's got a great personality. See, this is why Anthony and I are making a site to him.

Ehehe...I'm easily distracted, all right. Where was I? Oh, today. Right. Today was kind of meh. Our concert was moved to next Wednesday, which means I most definately can't see LotR opening night ;_; Stupid stupid principal...I don't know a single person who likes that woman. And Dan Rheaume was being extra-stupid to me today, and almost got me in trouble in History. Luckily Mr. Hamel is a nice guy. But I'm still mad at Rheaume *glares*

Now, off to work on sites and layouts and watch more PoT ^^

December 4, 2002

Yep. I'm in a very good mood ^^ There shall be lots of Prince of Tennis for various people tomorrow, and I made cookies, because I felt like it. Plus I'm getting TB 7 tomorrow, and the episode of Star Trek: TNG that has Spock in it was on tv. Spock was the first fictional charecter I was a fangirl of, and I still think he's darn cool. So I was all like "Whoo, Spock! Spock is awesome!".

*pets layout* That's fricken' adorable Kim. It gives me the urge to go hunt down fluffy (and not so fluffy *grin*) MomoRyo fanfic. I'm listening to Fuji's charecter song right now, and it's decidedly amusing sounding (Vaguely Jitensha ni Notte-ish), and the quality is kind of sucky, but it'd probably be on repeat for a while, as it's Fuji, and he's got a nice voice. Audrey, I apologize for the actions of my comment box *glares at comment box*. And everyone should *heart* CLAMP...although I'm not sure about eyes. Seishirou's and Subaru's might not be too happy with them ^^ Oh, and Gravitation music is awesome *goes to put on Gravi music after Fuji's song*. I had a friend who learned all the lyrics to the opening in four days, after we saw most of the tv series at a con over the summer. *thwaps* You are not old...the person I wish I was dating is older than you. And I should move to Mexico, or at least visit there...mmmm....warm ^^

Even the Greats...

Was browesing CLAMP-NET via kinda screwy online translaters. There's some interesting stuff in the 'Album' section, which seems to be a sorta quasi-blog for them. One of the entries caught my eye...if I'm deciphering the translations right, one of them walked into a half-closed door in the dark. See, that's something I've done. It's kind of nice knowing that one of the people you admire does some of the same stupid things you do. And, no, I have no clue why I bothered posting this ^^

December 3, 2002

It's absolutely freezing here, and I can blame all of my not-posting on that. See, when it gets cold and dark-at-four-pm, it tends to make me very lethargic. And there's another three months of this weather >.< Stupid, stupid cold...I can't completely feel my toes. Anyway, let's see...has anything particularly interesting happened recently? I can't remember...see, my memory starts going along with the lethargic-ness as well. Oh! I'm hopefully going to be one of the angels (we've got two) in our chuch Christmas pageant. And I made one of the magi for the nativity scene ^^ And the really big wonderful high point of the week, I'm going into Boston on Thursday, seeing Kiti, and hopefully getting TB 7 *cheers*

Awww, thanks hermana! You're probably my closest and second oldest online buddy (I knew her a month earlier). Marion, we all love you, and won't mind if you take some time off to give yourself a break. We'll all still be here ^^

Oh, and I updated my links, not that anyone really cares ^^

December 1, 2002
Wai! Wai! Anime! Anime!

So, my brother and I had a bit of an anime feast tonight. I had the bizarre urge to watch one of my TB OAVs, so we watched the second one, as that's the one I have subbed, and I obsessed over Subaru and Seishirou. God, I love those two. Then, because I needed a reminder of why I love it so much, we watched an episode of CCS. And there was a Touya/Yuki moment...Yuki, to Touya as he's washing the car: "You look really good like that." Me: "That was innuendo! There, right there!" *gets all fangirly* Then we watched Inu-yasha and Yu Yu Hakusho on TV, and I kept ranting at the disrespect they were paying the Beast Gods. I know Byakko is a powerful tiger and all, but he can be a pretty powerful tiger. I mean, look at Yami no Matsuei. YnM Byakko is both pretty and insanely powerful. And friendly. So, I went and watched the first half of PoT 15 for the Fuji/Taka moment, as well as several Fuji moments. And now I'm going to finally dig up YnM 6 translations and go read that for a while.

Chibi-chan: *waves back* (In an appropriately cactus-y fashion of course). Marion, I couldn't find that font *sweatdrops* Ummm...send it to my Yahoo e-mail. My AOL one won't except attachments. And Prince of Tennis owns you. As does Fuji. Well, Fuji owns all of you, including me ^^