September 27, 2003

Beautiful layout, hermana. Setsuka's definately very pretty, even if she is a bit nuts ^^ Oh, and if you ever need X manga pics, I'm always happy to scan stuff for friends ^^

Also on the subject of layouts, your's is just as lovely as well, Marion. That is a wonderful, sexy picture of Tsuzuki. You did it justice ^^ And no, you don't really look like Harry Potter. Too pretty ^^

Xandra, your layout's nice as well. Mmm, S/S. And I really am sorry. Forgive me? You're a really cool person, and I'd hate to ruin that over something like this.

(You people want to know about my life ^^? It sorta sucks at the moment ^^ But I'm dealing.)

September 21, 2003
For all her reputation as

For all her reputation as the former Bitch of the X Fandom, Audrey is damn cool <3

Also, the quarter you gave me will have a love-quarter come October XD

September 20, 2003

So, after some minor schedule confusion, made it in to Boston to meet Skuld, Ko, and Mel. We met for ramen (the bowls were huuuuge o.o), and then went over to Sasuga. Skuld and Ko bought some stuffed, I resisted because they didn't have any YnM.

From there, we went to see Millennium Actress, which was a bit odd, but very good. From there, headed to the MIT Game Center to play a round of DDR. Me and Mel sucked, really badly. We failed out on the second song ^^; Skuld, though...damn. I'm almost scared that someone's feet can move that fast. After that, it was good Chinese food and debate about X and it's fandom. It was great. My dad is now convinced that the X fandom is a secret society (X Fandom: We're kinda like the Masons, in a way XD)

So, um, that's been just about it for the last few days ^^;

On the social front! You look great in all those pics ^^ I dunno which one is my favorite...probably the third like Lily, although they all are very nice. And muchas gracias, amiga. I'll remember the offer ^^

September 16, 2003
Faire and School.

So, in short, my Saturday consisted of: Singing pirates, jouts, apple turnovers and fudge, and following her around (soo..pretty...). Meaning, King Richard's Faire was great. There was a little musical bit, featuring many parodies, and the aforementioned singing pirates. We talked to one of them afterwards, and he seemed rather nice, but as he was a pirate, God knows how much of that was an act ^^ Also, I discovered that it is in fact possible to Irish stepdance on woodchips in two inch heels, it's just not as possible to do it well...the fact that I don't remember much other than some of the basics probably helped, but ah well. Umm...there was most definately more, but a lot of the day was sort of a blur, as the wide abundance of pretty brightly colored things to oogle sort of shut my brain down. But it was lots and lots of fun. Oh, and if anyone wants to see what the lot of us looked like, here ^^ I'm the normal looking one in the green shirt on the very left, she's the one next to me in the leggings, vest, and hat, then Xeen in the green, my mom next in the gold and red, and then on the far right, BA. I look so normal and cheerful ^^

And now, school! Because I'm a little on the tired side tonight, I'll just give a quick run-down of my classes and my thoughts so far.

Algebra - Decent. Mr. Cavan seems intresting enough that it'll be managable. And if not, I'm in the very back of the room, and can get away with drawing a really big Seishirou on my bookcover ^^

Spanish - Not sure yet. Mrs. Alejandro seems pretty nice, though, and I've got some of my fun friends in that class.

Gym - Sucks. It's gym, what do you expect? My class is full of scary ghetto kids -_-

Band - Fuuuuun! We have our middle school band teacher who's hyper and sorta spazy and really funny and nice ^^ He's a great guy.

English - Waaaay too much work. However, a lot of the writing assignments we've had so far, I've had a lot of fun with. I've discovered that my default style seems to be more towards witty and humorous, and when I try to write something in the typical serious student style, it ends up sucking.

History - More or less the same as last year, meaning a little on the dry side at times, but a really nice teacher who's a great guy. And we've got a student teacher who hides behind the chalkboard in the corner. Odd, but amusing ^^

Chemistry - Oh God. Mr. Bonofiglio has no personality and he. Won't. Shut. Up. >.< However, the work is hysterically easy, so I'll live.

In other news, things on the social front are not proceding well in relation to a certain person, or rather possibly two certain persons. Commence Cocoa begging God for far more favors than she really deserves ^^

September 12, 2003

Admit it. I needed a new one really badly. And Lisa and I are just that cool and stuff. I like how it turned out, even if it's another addition to my 'abuse of grids and brushes' collection ^^ It's a little bit more simplistic than my last one, and I'm happy with that.

Um, YAY! and stuff, I think. *is tired*

September 10, 2003

Promised site is now up ^^ S/S fanlisting, part of TheFanlistings.ORG.

And now, I'm going to go before I make any more spelling and grammar errors all over the place *is tired*

September 7, 2003
A List (and a few other things, too)

Because occasionally I stumble across the greatest lines, and so need to figure out somewhere to use them in normal everyday conversation.

- Dear gods, it's a conspiracy of fools! - Vanyel, Magic's Price (I might not have the first bit perfect, doing this from memory)

- Their destinies were foreordained - X (Because while it's deep there, it would be wicked funny in everyday life)

- like getting slapped with a marzipan fish. - Phosfate, on Fandom_Wank (Best. Simile. EVER.)

Also, I had a very bizarre dream last night. In the first bit, my mom and I were going to walk over a very big hill to get to Link's house, and there was a tree that looked like a sakura, only it wasn't when I got up close, and it was in full bloom, even though it was the end of summer in my dream.

Then in the second bit, it sort of switched, and I was on the same road that went over the hill, only it was night time, and this is where it started getting really fruity. She was there, and she was Sephiroth, a Bard, and herself, all at the same time. Yes, it made no sense. Xeen was there too, and she was being all grumpy, possibly because it was the middle of the night, and we were sleeping by the side of the road, until Bangles woke her up and waved ice cream in her face.

...I think FF7 and pretty S/S ate my brain. And I'm enjoying every minute of it ^^ *skips off to working getting Tifa's limits up so she can learn Premium Heart*

September 3, 2003
Quick Note

Life looks up. I just wrote two essays that turned out really nicely over the course of the last half an hour. Gorgeous layouts, you two.

New site to hopefully be up by this weekend, if all goes well.

Shoujocon report (Its been started. It'll get finished ^^) and school ramblings later. For now, fanfic, and then sleep.