October 28, 2003
Happy Birthday!

A very, very happy 28th to Marion ^^ You may not know it, Marion, but you were just about my first online friend, and while we have kind of grown apart over the last few months, but, well, you're still a really cool person. Best wishes for today and the rest of the year to follow ^^

October 27, 2003

Just letting all you cool people know I'm still floating around here ^^ Presentation went off fairly smoothly, book reports are half-done, costumes are getting there.

I've got Shoujocon fun up in the form of photos, finally, if anyone wants to see, just IM me. A warning, though...some of the file sizes are pretty big.

Ummm, what else...I hate Monday mornings? No, there was some other amusing things I had to say here, but I forgot, because I'm tired and my brain is on crack.

Oh! New hostee ^^ Gave Skuld space when Pitas died last week. So, a big offical Tokyo-Tower welcome to Skuld, then.

And now, school x.x

October 23, 2003
Dear Lord

Mark the date, my friends. It is October 23rd, and there is one inch of snow on the ground. I'm going to take a photo, for posterity.

But honestly, weather? You really just couldn't wait until November here?

October 21, 2003

...Which is, of course, a sign that this is going to be me ranting and whining, so feel free to leave now, and if not...well, don't say I didn't warn you.

School sucks. Why does school suck? For one thing, it fucks over my schedule really, really badly. Unless I'm really really dead, I can't fall asleep before ten, usually more around eleven, occasionally up to midnight and one am. I function best on at least ten hours of sleep a night, although more is preferable. Getting up at six am, I'm not getting that. Which means I'm really dead to the world for the first few hours of the day, and lethargic the rest of it, which means I don't get anything done. With the amount of the day it takes up, I don't have the time to do the things I want to do, like maybe actually having a life.

Then there's also the work. Most of my teachers were pretty good about the trip, but my English teacher wants me to make up two essays I missed. Note that everyone else got a good three or four days apiece on these. I wouldn't mind if we didn't have a major project due this Friday, three book reports due next Friday, and another essay sometime in between.

Moving on to another subject - costumes. Halloween costume still needs a lot of work. I'd be able to finish it for sure if I didn't have all the English, but now I'm not certain. Also, NE_COSP is having a winter photoshoot, with a magical girl theme. I want to do a Xmas-Hokuto, and as it's not technically magical girl, although in the spirit, I ask if it's okay. Ang says yes, so I go and buy the fabric. Koumori, though, feels the need to take over planning for this, and says no way. Which leaves me with $30 worth of fabric that I can't use for anything else unless I come up with another character.

Last thing. Basically my problem versus anyone else's fault, but this is my blog and I can whine about whatever the hell I like. The Yaoicon crowd is back, and there's at least two different friends of mine going 'Awww, I miss my Yaoicon buddies so much already! I can't wait to see all you guys again!', repeatedly. And I'm sitting here thinking 'Hello, ever think that there are other people who miss you guys too and can't wait to see you again, people who sort of can't go to Yaoicon because of state laws'. And Shari's all, 'Oh, come to Sakuracon!' even though it's a $440 plane ticket, never mind other expensives, right in the middle of the school year, and I can't travel by myself. And she knows this. And in a way, that hurts, because I miss everyone as much as she does. Reminding me how much I miss them, and how chances are it'll be years (not exagerating here. Next likely chance is when I'm old enough for Yaoicon in three years) before I see them again, versus everyone else in April. And that hurts a lot too.

Yes, I know I'm being whiny, petty, oversenstive, and somewhat attention-wanting. You know what? At the moment, I don't give a damn. If you were planning on point out any of those things, or something along those lines, kindly fuck off. I've been in a bad mood since yesterday morning, and I don't need people telling me what a horrible person I am when I know I am already.

October 18, 2003

Okay, this is gonna be a long one, because there's lots to go through. Sucks to be all you reading this ^^

Thursday, had obscenely early plain flight, so I stayed up all night. This resulted in me basically passing out on the plane. Fell asleep before take-off, and slept all the way through it. Mostly sat around the hotel room watching tv, aside from going out for Thai (my first time, discovered pad thai is gooood), and calling C and Ari.

On Friday, my dad and I went into Seattle, to mostly walk around. I found out they had an Kinokuniya, and spent a while drooling over manga and pimping X to this kid I was talking to, before finally settling on YnM 7 and 8, because Sasuga never has it. After that, we went to see Kill Bill, which was very...splattery. My dad spent the whole movie going 'Ahahaha', which was amusing in of itself. And I had a minor urge to write Seishirou as a yakuza boss, but managed to curb it. We then wandered down to Pike Place Market which was very cool. Owl, my hawk, now has a new friend who actually is an owl, and currently nameless. Anyone who's read Owl, it's esentially the same type of bird I wrote for Setsuka, only fuzzy and less likely to try and take my eyes out. Very cute. I also had the best clam chowder in the world before we headed off to the motel. (No, really...I'm practically drooling thinking about it)

Satuday we got up early and headed up into Canada. Ended up meeting Ari at the ferry terminal, which included a good minute or two of us standing there staring at each other, because I hadn't been expecting the hair (I've only seen her with Seishirou-hair), and she thought I would be shorter. We ended up wandering around Vancouver for a few hours talking, before going on the ferry back to Victoria, where we mostly just sat around being silly with C.

Next moring, went up to C's house, where I managed to help her salvage a bit of Ari's Seishirou shikifuku. We went out for Chinese, which also included the two of them being cute. Had bubble tea for the first time, at least in my case, which was pretty good. Wandered around downtown for a while, before I headed back on the ferry to Vancouver.

Monday I got dragged by my dad to see University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, which were both nice enough, I suppose, although I'm horrible and haven't really thought that far ahead yet. Found a used bookstore that had the third book in the Liveship Traders trilogy, which made me happy because I got to find out how the story ends, finally. We also spent some time wandering around the gay section in Vancouver, and the pride stickers on basically every shop window made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

On Tuesday, it was miraculously clear and sunny, unlike the rain we'd been having the rest of the trip, and we headed up to Whistler. As far as towns go, this one was closer to an overgrown ski lodge than a town or village or what ever, but it was nice. The hotel was really nice ^^

Wednesday, back down to Vancouver, and I took the ferry over again, and managed to mostly successfully navigate the BC bus system with the help of a nice little old lady and useful bus drivers. Had supper with Ari and her younger brother and ended up talking about chemistry over Ari's somewhat creative use of prepackaged food (Seeing her fight the frozen chicken was the most amusing bit ^^). I then got my own personal walking tour of downtown Victoria, care of Ari, as well as a trip to the arcade, during which I sucked at DDR, beat her at a motorcycle racing gamee, and had three somewhat competive air hockey games (I won the first, lost the second, and lost the third, but it was close). Went back to Ari's house and saw the X movie subbed because I had only seen it dubbed, and made random commentary, mostly about the Ambigous Floating Sakura PetalsTM, and went 'WTF?!' over the sub job (when I, in my very lacking Japanese skills, can tell it's mistranslated, that's bad. And how the hell do you get 'Kimeragi' out of 'Sumeragi'?). I got dropped off at C's house for the night, got to witness the two of them being cute again (which apparently isn't very common, and less so infront of other people). I helped C cut out ofuda before we before we both called it a night around two am.

Got up the next day, got Ari out of bed, went out for lunch. I had sushi for the very first time ^^ The salmon and the other one, I think it was tuna, but I can't remember now, weren't half-bad. Gave the shrimp away to Ari because we were cutting it close and she was eyeing it. Also discovered that I still don't like squid at all, and that I can't chew through the damn stuff. There was some trouble involved the fact that the stupid old man at the ticket counter wouldn't let me get a ticket for the one o'clock ferry even though it was still there. Ended up going back on the three o'clock and apologizing profusely to my dad before driving down to Seattle.

Today, or rather, technically yesterday, I more or less got up, and then spent the rest of the day on planes, discovering the American has really uncomfortable seats. Over all? Great trip. Really great trip. C and Ari were as cool (okay, and as pretty and hot) as online and expected. I owe you guys one, I had a great time ^^

October 9, 2003
Happy Birthday!

A day early, but I won't have internet access tomorrow ^^

So. Enigmatic Eccentricty is now two, more or less. Two whole years, which seem like an awful lot, but went by very, very quickly. I am happy to say that I've become much better at both writing and webdesign over the past two years. Unfortunately, I've also become worse about updating, but I blame that entirely on the public school system. In honor of this occasion, I've got a new layout, and for the first time since my old self-powered Geocities day, all of my archives are in one spot and totally avalible. I wanted to make a new layout for the archives too, but sort of ran out of time. Maybe next birthday. Or Christmas, possibly ^^

Anway. Off to the magical land known as Washington State and British Columbia in a few hours. I'll probably manage to post sometime this weekend, as I know there'll be an avalible computer around ^^ Don't expect much, though. Hope everyone has a nice, safe life while I'm gone ^^

October 7, 2003

Made enchiladas today. They were yummy, if a bit spicy 'cause my dad put a bit too much hot sauce on top. Ah well. My Uncle Chip (You know, the one who's not really an uncle, just my dad's best friend since forever) is staying here for a few days on his way down to some conference thing. He's cool. (Dad, if you're reading this, you're cool too ^^). I stood around and explained some of X and Tokyo Babylon and the bizarre symbolism inherent in both. While, uh, in my shikifuku. No, really. I had it hanging in the dining room because I needed it for some measurements for Seishirou's (my halloween costume, whoo!), and he wanted me to show it off. And, as my costumes are more or less the one thing I'm consistently proud of, I did ^^

Anyway, school sucks. Trip day after tomorrow though, yaaaay! I'll try and update from Canada if C and Ari let me steal their computers for a few when I'm there (somehow doubt the hotels will have anything). Updates and stuff here tomorrow ^^ Will probably be smaller than orginally planned unless I find time to whip out another layout, but ah well ^^

October 6, 2003

So, I went and checked my AOL e-mail account, which I do every now and then because there's sometimes stuff that winds up there that I want to see. Such as this, which came from a very amusing friend ^^

Don't you just feel like doing this to someone, some days??!!

*snerks* It's making me think amusing Seishirou, King of Penguins thoughts (Ko will get that in its entirety, but I don't think the rest of you will *is feeling vaguely cryptic ^^*)

Also, have finished Good Omens. Overall reaction?


Seriously. I've being going around babbling to people about how good it is and showing them the footnotes on 'infra-black' and such all day ^^

(Oh, and new layout and updated stuff here within the next day or so. Enigmatic Eccentricity is getting an early birthday present...Well, okay, not that early, but shush ^^)