November 28, 2003
Happy Turkey Day!

Things I am Thankful For:
-My awesome friends. <3 you ALL.
-My awesome family. <3 you all too ^^

My thanksgiving day was long and lotsa fun. Got up, had my dad call which was really great, seeing as he's all on the west coast now (job, not family problems or anything ^^;). Went upstairs to help with the food and ended up talking to Winter on the phone while cooking for like an hour. We had to keep stopping the conversation because my mom was on call and kept having to use the phone ^^; Ben came dancing and yelling into the living room during one of the conversations, as he beat Aztec on 00 Agent in Goldeneye (which is apparently hard to do, I don't play the game so I don't know), which was rather amusing. Had a rather early dinner as my mom didn't realize how fast the turkey would cook, and thus all the food was done by 2:00. We're going to have left-overs for weeks, I swear

After dinner/lunch, started my spree of phone calls ^^ Talked to C and Ari for about fourty-five minutes apiece, which was really cool, and made me decide I need to call people more often ^^ Got Shari's number from C, who actually called Heather on her other line while talking to me to get it for me (Muchas gracias to both of you guys ^^). Called Shari after that, talked to her for another forty-five minutes. After that, called Katt and expected to get her voice mail, but *gaspshock* she actually answered ^^! The world is so ending sometime very soon. So I talked to her for a few minutes, then called Skuld and talked to her for a few minutes too. After that, I took a break from the calling, and watched the Fellowship of the Ring extended version that Link let me borrow because he's cool and I hadn't seen it yet. Some of the extra scenes were cool, but I've seen that movie waaaaay too many times ^^; Last bit of the day, I called Hokuto-chan and we talked for like an hour and half because she didn't have other stuff to do like everyone else did. Which, uh, leads me to now. And going to bed in a few minutes because I'm working first shift tomorrow x.x

November 23, 2003
Mmmm, Seishirou...

Okay, so I'm fourty-five minutes late, but that's what I get for hanging with my brother upstairs while he's playing video games ^^; Now, on to the good stuff...

1) Happy Birthday Seishirou! It's slightly belated, but oh well ^^ He's already been sung to and I'm tone-deaf anyway, so I'll leave everyone without my horrific rendition of 'Happy Birthday' ^^

2) Sexy new layout ^^ Seishirou, of course. I don't know why, but he likes to lend himself to black and white and the font Porcelain. Very happy with how this one turned out ^^ I've gotten better since last year.

3) S/S Goodness. Featuring bondage!Subaru, care of Audrey, who rocks . Enjoy ^^

November 17, 2003
Ah, life.

First and foremost, Yuuzai update. Lots of sexy new photos for you people to see ^^

Other than that...I now have a PlayStation! ...Sort of. Anthony is letting me borrow his. This makes the Cocoa very very happy, as she can play more Final Fantasy goodness ^^

Um...and that's about it intresting life is all sorts of boring right now ^^;

Oh! Thanks for the compliments on the new Tokyo-Tower layout *is loved* ^^

November 12, 2003

New layout up at Tokyo-Tower *huggles Rachel*


I'm having one of those weeks where I can't wait for Saturday so I can pass out in bed. My Chem teacher is still an annoying idiot. Emily has a new-found obsession with the world 'psoriasis'. That is all for now ^^

November 11, 2003

Yeah, I'm so starting to fall into updating once a week and stuff ^^; Blame it on school. Everything is school's fault. And my stupid job >< Speaking of which, something finally happened at work Sunday night. The first two and a half hours of my shift were blah, as my English assignment in A Tale of Two Cities. Then, around five, all the power suddenly cut out - lights, ventalation, everything. Half a minute later, the emergancy generators come on, so we've got half-lights and ventelation. I go down to the front desk, they say that it happened through the whole building, they don't know what it was, I shrug and go back to the pool. Twenty minutes later, about ten minutes before the pool is set to close, this lady who works at the JCC but who's name I don't know comes down and says to get everyone out of the pool and close up because they're getting everyone out of the building, and tells me and the other lifeguard that there's a "situation" next door (we're right by the Jewish retirement home). When the people in the pool ask about the lights, she says they don't know what happened. When I leave, there's at least three fire trucks parked next door. I should have asked at the front desk, but I forgot. Really kind of want to know what happened...

As for yesterday, got to see first hand what happens when an idiot (ie, Alex May) sticks a paperclip in an electrical outlet. It sparks and half-catches fire. And melts the carpet when you knock it out. Yeah, Alex May is really stupid.

Hrm. I think that's about it for the great Saga of My Life ^^ Moving on to social stuff, then ^^ Glad you had a nice birthday, Marion. And while crashing computers are never fun, it's good that you got all your data back and a new HD to boot ^^ *hugs* I'll try not to, hermana, although life seems to love throwing things at me ^^ And silly is good sometimes. I still enjoy a good bout of silly now and then (Ahhh, Angry Bear...but only C and Ari will get that ^^)

Also, as I'm curious to see who actually still reads this thing, giving the mass exodus to LiveJournal that's been happening...leave a comment if you're reading this ^^

November 2, 2003

For some reason, I'm feeling oddly nostalgic at the moment. I think it may be because Beth put up a new chapter of CLAMP Campus X, and her stuff was some of the earliest X fic I ever read. And I started thinking about all that's happened over the last two years or so. My life has changed a lot. I've met a lot of really cool, fun, intresting people, I've had a few friendships grow apart, I've gotten myself involved in so many things...

And I myself have changed a lot too. Last year especially forced me to grow up a great deal. I look back at blog entries from two years ago, and see how childish and silly I was. In a way, I kind of miss that. That pure level of silliness was fun, and it was nice to be able to whine about the little things because to me, there were no big things. But there's a sort of fun that comes from knowing the world better that I enjoy too. I suppose the author of "Marigolds" was right...You can't really have both innocence and true understanding.

And...yeah. I have no clue where I meant to go with this. You guys all rock. I love you all, and thanks for everything ^^ It means a lot, even if I don't always say it.