December 30, 2003

So, after spending over a year chipping away at this game, I've finally finished Final Fantasy 7. I think I'm going to miss playing that game. The characters were great, and the plot...well, there's not a lot of plots nowadays that can surprise me, but FF7 managed to do it. And gave me shirtless!Sephiroth in the ending sequence ^^ (All you people spoiling me for all the depressing bits, like the end of the first disc, never mentioned that). I'm getting all sentamental already, like I do when ever one of my favorite series ends.

And...yeah. I'm rather at a loss for words, possibly because it's quarter til four in the morning ^^ So I'll go sleep now, because no one is really on or anything. And have crack-FF7 dreams, probably.

December 27, 2003

Loooong day. Had to get up at 5:30 to go to work, come home for three hours, and then go back. However, I got three compliments on my PotC soundtrack, and two on my Sinatra CD (Me and these two little old ladies in the pool were singing along to the theme from 'New York, New York'. It was great ^^), and it was payday which makes me happy.

And then Scully and Weatherbee came over. With chocolate, and games. And we played DDR and talked for like two hours, which was awesome.

Also, I totally should have never been allowed anywhere near a camera with an autotimer XD I took some photos of my unfinished Seishirou shikifuku, which can be found here, because I am cool, and Seishirou is cool, and it's just generally cool all around ^^ The last few my mom took, though, 'cause I wanted full-length shots.

December 25, 2003
A Very Fangirl Christmas

Before anything else:

Merry Christmas!

And yes, I got all sorts of shiny stuff that makes me very very happy - digital camera, a PS2, FFX, Kingdom Hearts...still need a PS2 memory card, though ^^;

I also got lovely lovely gifts from my friends! A copy of the PotC soundtrack from Chris, chocolates and a book on Japanese grammar from Anthony (We bought each other the same book...we are such geeks ^^;), delicious tea and Finnish candies from Emily, a beautiful hand-decorated candle and incense from Grace ^^

I am also now $225 richer, and I've got a gift card, too!

Yes, it was a good Christmas indeed ^^ And I'm also happy that everyone has liked what I got them so far for gifts ^^ Tell me when you get something from me so I know it came!

December 21, 2003
Return of the King

My net reaction? OMG THE EPICNESS LOVE. Yeah, this is why I first fell in love with the books.

And there shall be more RotK-ness tomorrow, when I am not dead. But it was most excellent.

December 15, 2003
No school, no school, la lala li la la~

Right now, I <3 snow. SNOOOW DAAAAY~! *dancedancedance* So I haven't been doing much other than chilling and talking to people. Got most of my crazy present mailing done yesterday, except for Rachel's, because it's not done yet ^^

And now...I'm going to watch the second epside of the live action Sailor Moon, because it amuses me more than the original did, and you all hate me and won't talk to me *melodramatic sniff* (I kid, I kid, I love all you guys ^^)

December 14, 2003

So, I had a bit of a streak going there, and then it died. Because I ate it. ...No, actually, I didn't. I'm just feeling kind of random today. It's more because school eats my soul.

Friday had no amusing lunch conversation, sadly. However, my math teacher also thinks that I'm going to grow up and become very rich, possibly off the computer industry. We were talking about college plans (We talk lots in the class, but it's rarely about math. Kind of like science down at Sullivan.), and I was one of a few kids who raised their hand when he asked if there was anybody that didn't have a clue what their college plans were. So he went through asking us all our hobbies, and when I said 'graphics design', he sort of stage-whispered to the bit of the class that wasn't gone on a field trip, "Be friends with her. She's going to be a millionaire." My math teacher is funny ^^ He's met both Bill Gates and Martin Luther King Jr, and knows all this neat computer stuff.

As for yesterday? Well, we finally got our tree. It's a little bit taller than I am, and Ben and I decorated it so it's all pretty and sparkley. Now I've just got to get all my presents done ^^;

December 11, 2003

First and foremost. I need new reading material - anyone got any book recs ^^? I'm mostly a sci-fi/fantasy girl, although I've got a minor passion for mystery, and am not actually opposed to to any genre so long as it's done well. And I trust you people's taste in books, as I don't think they've lead me astray yet ^^ ...Although, I still need to pay off my $16 in overdue fines at the library before I get anything else out, but I'll probably do that sometime soon if Brattin won't let me borrow his copy of American Gods. Mmmm, Gaiman ^^

Also, I have the bizarre urge to design a sort of techno-futuristic Death costume. I had considered the idea of my own Death before, and I think finishing off Neuromancer for the second time today dragged it back up. Books enjoy making a lunch out of my brain, it seems.

Gah, what else was there? Oh! Lunch, as always ^^ Emily stated that New Hampshire is the Lost Tribe of the Hicks, and Guida thinks I'm going to become the first homosexual president of the US. Grace's opinion was that I was going to become a hermit billionaire ^^ I so love my friends, even the ones who I don't eat lunch with on a regular basis. All you guys rock ^^

Winter came over, too. We played DDR and sat around and talked and made brownies and...stuff. Yeah, I'm kind of tired right now. It showing much ^^?

December 10, 2003
Yaaaay! We didn't suck!

Band concert went well. Best we've sounded in a long time, I think. No horrific mistakes or anything! The chorus was great too. They made some of the teachers get up and sing one of the songs with them, Carol of the Bells, which I looove. Mr Hamel looked so nervous on stage.

Sadly, the audience was a little sub par. They were good during the band bit, but they keep yelling stuff out and cheering in the middle of songs, especially these two annoying Hispanic chicks sitting right behind me. Wanted to kill so much >< But everything else was muy excelante.

Today's lunch conversation was pretty amusing too. We were talking about foods and such that were good, and cookie dough and stuff and then Emily is like 'And Anthony's butt, covered in powdered sugar', and me and Anthony were like '...WTF?'. And then Emily accidently body-slammed Moraes through the net in volleyball. My gym class is amusing ^^

Also, I drew fanart ^^! What happens when Cocoa reads Neuromancer with X on the brain. Entirely Ari's fault, as she told me to read the damn book ^^ There's a matching Subaru coming when I, uh, get it done.

December 9, 2003

Link is the Playboy bunny! (Link to the Past...Dark World. Anyone who's played the game should remember XD)

I am feeling unusually perverse today. I blame this on today's lunch conversation - masturbation, followed by tieing people to chairs. Yeah, we're horrible.

Uhh...What else. Band concert tomorrow, at seven. I'll give directions to anyone who wants to come, but suspect noone does ^^ And now, I need sleep.

December 8, 2003
"One should take care, not
"One should take care, not to grow too wise for so great a pleasure as laughter." - John Addison

Quote of the day is aimed at Ari, from my father, when I told him how much you had been studying ^^

So. Some amusing tidbits from school today, because I actually remembered them today. Anthony spilled his juice all over his white shirt at lunch trying to catch a flying milk bottle. It faded to a rather neon pink, which we spent the rest of the day making fun of. We also spent most of lunch debating the qualities of various types of milk. It was largely decided (i.e., by everyone but Grace) that whole milk is just plain gross on it's own. Opinions differed a bit after that...I was in favor of 1% or 2%, as I think skim has no taste, but Emily and Anthony prefer skim. Chris was too busy being Grace's giant uke to offer much of an opinion ^^

Want to know what the scariest thing about this conversation is? This is the normalest one we've had in a while. Usually topics range more in the field of the strangest pair of underwear we own is, or the screw-off penis Emily apparently has, at least according to Anthony. Anthony amuses me greatly ^^ Especially during Gym, because he gets way too worked up about how our volleyball game is going. He starts flipping out if we're losing, or falling to the ground ranting.

So...other than that...not much happening, really. Oh! It looks like I'm going to be doing Link in Soul Caliber 2 form at Sakuracon with the big group coordinated by her. Haven't decided on which color to do, as I get a choice, although the purple is mightly tempting ^^

December 7, 2003

We have a foot of snow outside. And it's still coming down. Ahhh, New England winters. I'm not sure whether to be annoyed or amused ^^ Let's see...I've done basically nothing worthwhile this weekend. Unless you count DDR. Which I can now play at home *does little happy dance* Aaaand...I can't think of anything else intelligent to say, as it's 10:40 AM and I haven't had food yet...soooo....huuuungry. Don't wanna go to work, either. Hope nobody decides to swim and I can sit around and do my History hw or the reading for English or something.

Will probably be posting holiday stuff later today when I finish my lists. Stay tuned ^^

December 2, 2003
Life, or Something Like It.

So, before I forget again, thank you very much to everyone who gave me such nice compliments on the layout ^^ There's an awful lot of you and I sort of lost track of absolutely everyone, but thank you all.

Anyway. Life. It's kind of busy at the moment, as I've got projects in both English and History, and Christmas shopping (speaking of which, if anyone wants a card or something and I don't have your address, e-mail it to me and I'll add you to my list ^^), and a costume to get done for a holiday photoshoot Saturday. Other than that type of stuff, I haven't really been doing much aside from hanging around talking to friends.

And right now, I have a half-finshed cup of nice tea with plenty of sugar in it, and I am happy and calm, and content ^^