January 31, 2004

Random photo goodness for various people ^^

Shi - Scratchy can be found in the group family photo here, being held by my younger brother, and somewhat asleep here. Awww, isn't he cute ^^

C, they are out to get you ^^ FEAR.

Marina, here's the design sketch I was talking to you about. It's not really well-scanned or drawn, I'm sorry, although you're free to ask me what the hell everything is, if you'd like.

Also, presenting my insane cookie decorating skills (Can you tell who they're all supposed to be ^^?), and the Cake From Space. Chris and Grace and I made it last weekend, and Chris was like, "Let's make the frosting green!". So we did, and it tasted quite nice, even if it's scary looking.

Speaking of Chris, he is so damn cute ^^

That's it for now ^^


Poeshirou 2 is up at the LJ. I'll post something more intelligent here later ^^;

January 25, 2004
Game Musings

Okay. As much as it amuses me terribly, I must not thwack the security bots on my side with the crowbar. Because then there is much ass-kicking, and the ass that is getting kicked is mine. Which = all sorts of not cool. And Gunther pisses me off, possibly because he seems like a bit of a dumbass. And Navarres, too, but that's because she mocked me when I failed the stealth training exercise (you know you're getting worked up about a game when you start bitching at the NPCs). So yeah, was right about something again. Deus Ex is good stuff. Wow, a first-person shooter I actually enjoy! Another sign of the world ending, given that I'm usually a strict RPG/Adventure gal, with some racing games thrown in for fun, because Mario Kart is such good crack. Deus Ex even inspires Bush mocking:

Ben: So, who are you fighting?
Me: Terrorists, according to the game booklet. I'm fighting the war on terror!
Ben: Only, unlike Bush, you're actually doing something!
Me: Yaaaay!

On the Chrono Trigger front, Ben is working away at getting all of the endings, and I am watching. There is human!Glenn in one of the ending cut scenes! I don't c care if I think Akira Toriyama's art style sucks, it's human!Glenn. Human!Glenn~! ...Bet you all can guess who my second-favorite Chrono Trigger character is ^^ (The first of course being Magus. Because Magus rocks.)

And I think I had something witty to say about FFX as well, but all that comes to mind is 'Seymour is a fucker.'

...Whee. This is totally the aftermath of those chocolate truffles I had about an hour and a half ago. Mmm, were they good. Except the Cake From Space and Poeshirou 2 tomorrow, or at the very least, sometime in the next week.

January 23, 2004
Blah. Today has generally not

Blah. Today has generally not been the world's greatest day. Two of my teachers were being real assholes, even more so than usual, and it generally made me really irritated. The fact that it was absolutely freezing and windy out while walking home really didn't help much either. So now, it is twenty to ten on a Friday night, and I'm about to fall asleep where I'm sitting >.< Augh, life. Why must you be so annoying and sleep-depriving? Why?

Some random stuff in no particular order before I go to bed:

-Had some kid on the bus think I was a guy yesterday. Would have been amused if I was in a better mood.

-Magus is totally Sephiroth's great-granddaddy or something. And Lavos is like Jenova, only not as cool.

-Everything Bush said about public education in the State of the Union was a lie, and I think I can be fairly accurate on this, actually being in the public schools and all.

-I officially hate the Master Sword. That thing is going to be such a bitch to make, I'm freaking about it already.

January 22, 2004
Confessions of a Childhood Geek

So, on a total whim, I installed our copy of "The Magic School Bus Explores the Human Body". And wow, the memories.

For those of you not aquainted with The Magic School Bus series, it's one of those educational TV shows for kids that doesn't suck. In fact, I think it was one of the first shows my brother and I watched religiously, along with Inspector Gadget ^^ Basically, The Magic School Bus is about science, in small, kid-sized form. With a somewhat crazy but cool teacher named Ms. Frizzle, and, as you might have guessed, a magic school bus. It was a great show, and I loved it, and actually learned stuff from it.

Now, I think most of you know this already, but for those who don't, my mother is a doctor. And around the same time that The Magic School Bus was my show of choice, she volunteered to come in once a week, and do experiments with my class. She actually did this for a number of years, but the ones I remember the best were from when I was eight or so. There were a few times where she went to a local butcher's shop, and got some of the organs that were just going to be thrown out or whatever, and brought them in to show us. The two I remember the most were a cow's eyeball, that she cut up to show us all the different parts, and a set of cow's or sheep's lungs that she let us touch once we had rubber gloves on (because, you know, touching dead cow parts with your bare hands really isn't sanitary). I can actually still remember what those lungs looked and felt like, which is surprising for me, as I have an awful memory (I actually manged to forget my locker combination over winter break ^^;). And I loved that too.

This year, as I've been dealing with the Chemistry teacher from Hell, I've started to realize that I've lost a lot of that. And I really miss it, that practically unconditional love of science. Man, public school really is evil. Although, I think I'll have to see if The Magic School Bus is still on TV and check it out ^^

January 21, 2004
At least it's _sort of_ amusing.

So, today was intresting in a number of ways. First and foremost, I was surprised at how little political rantage I got from Grace and Emily on the State of the Union. Emily more or less said that Bush was a dumbass, that the way he kept using 'God' and 'God's people' all the time annoyed her, and then proceded to tell me about how Ted Kennedy was rolling his eyes through the whole thing.

Then, during History, Tsu tried to use giraffes to prove that evolution is a lie. He's a nice kid, but he was raised in a strongly religious family, and his views, and that of me, and most of my friends, in fact, don't really coincide...dunno if he actually believes evolution is a lie, or just playing devil's advocate here. However, the side of logic and reason (Me, Alex, Brattin, and Guida) won out. Probably should have asked him about carbon dating, as I have yet to see a fundamentalist explain that and the dinosaurs away ^^

Also, Emily is apparently going to marry the Geico gecko. I have no clue if Geico is all over or not, but they're a car insurance company, with very funny tv ads, a number of which feature this absolutely adorable little gecko.

And now, I shall retire to bed with my printed transcript of the State of the Union address, as I am a horrible US citizen who doesn't pay much attention to politics (although I've been trying more recently), and didn't know it was on last night until this morning ^^

January 20, 2004
More Accomplishing ^^

So, managed to get my black and red hakama almost totally taken in yesterday...just need to iron the folds for the back vents and sew the ties back in place. Man, I have no clue how, but that thing was really way too big on the sides. I ended up taking off about fourteen inches of fabric off.

Also did some work on presents for two certain people ^^ Those will get worked on more this afternoon, when I have the right colors of embroidery floss for the eyes.

And, for some reason, I'm feeling really creative right now...hopefully I'll end up putting that toward something.

January 17, 2004
My Day

So, I had high expectations for today. And then Grace called, and wanted to come over to play DDR. And then Chris and Anthony got invited along too. So we ended up playing loads and loads of DDR, making mini-pies, and watching the movie Gattaca. It was a lot of fun, especially because I don't have people over that often.

Other than that, the fact that I'm tired combined with something someone said has got part of the back of my mind wallowing in self-pity. I hate it when this happens >< Methinks I shall go upstairs with the books I got from the library today and read some.

January 14, 2004

GASPSHOCK! Yes, I actually got stuff done today! In no particular order:

-Got as far as Guadosalem in FFX. That name sounds vaguely Indonesian for some reason...

-Am halfway through Deep Jungle in Kingdom Hearts. Tangent on that, Cloud is so stealing Vincent's style. Looks pretty good, though.

-My scythe actually has a bottom edge! I need to make the slope a little more gentle, but it's a definate start. The sanding is the annoying bit of that.

-Hemmed lots on my red underrobe for my shikifuku - just have the bottom edge and replacing the sleeves (did them wrong the first time ^^;) left on that.

-Actually did all my homework. All 42 math problems of it. Mmm, matricies.

If there was anything else, I forgot it, but that's a good list for me ^^ Maybe my New Year's resolution should be to get things done for once...


It is currently -12F out. That's not including wind chill. New England weather, I haaate yooooou~

And now, to go attempted to do something useful today.

January 11, 2004

I had so much I wanted to get done this weekend, and instead of actually doing it, I partied. Yeah, this is probably a sign of the apocalypse, although the one yesterday was one of my mom's parties that I got dragged to. There was good food, and music, and dancing, and they played Sandstorm, which amused me greatly, and I danced badly to it (For, as most of my friends know, I'm not capable of any other form of dancing aside from 'really badly'). When the rest of the guests are slightly drunk 40-something-year-old doctors, it doesn't really matter to me. Also, had someone look at me and ask my mom 'Oh, is that your son?' which amused me even more ^^

Today was more or less proof that it's really cold out, Link's hot tub is nice, and I can kick all of my local friends' asses at DDR. I am pleased by this ^^

Lesse...other than that...Updated Yuuzai...beat the first world of Kingdom Hearts (on to Olympus Collesium and Cloud! *fangirl*).

Also, beautiful layouts, both of you two.

I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting, but I'm too tired to care. Sleep for me, now.

January 1, 2004

Happy New Year, everyone! Well, at least by Eastern Standard Time...my west-coast buddies still have an two and a half hours to go ^^ So, big important events of the year 2003:

-Actually kept a New Year's resolution! (To be a more outgoing and friendly ^^)

-Met a whole bunch of really, truly awesome people who I hope to be friends with for a while to come (aforementioned west-coast buddies, you know who you are ^^)

-Had my intrests in romance suddenly take root (Or hormones...either way, three crushes in one year is really not like me o.o)

-Got to meet a bunch of my awesome online friends in person (Ko! Rachel! Lisa! C! Ari! You guys all rock!)

-Got my braces off, finally! (Day before yesterday! w00t!)

And...that's it. I'm probably missing something, but oh well. I'm always missing something. I also haven't decided on a New Year's resolution, being that I actually kept one for once ^^ Shall decide tomorrow. And I'll put pictures of the First Night madness up ^^ Tons of fun, even if it was a bit cold. And now! Off to read good FF7 fic ^^