February 29, 2004
High Points Of My Week

-BSU Black History Month show. The three guys who danced to Micheal Jackson were so good. Like Micheal Jackson himself only more black and less child molester. Seriously, you could tell they practiced a lot.

-Irish Festival yesterday! There was much dancing and singing and non-alcoholic beer, of which I only had a little bit 'cause beer tastes kinda gross. And Chris accidently agreed to pose for nude photos. And it was lots of fun.

-Only two paragraphs and some editing left on my research paper. Wow, I finally didn't leave a project off entirely until the last day! Go me!

-Angst level = Way down. Not entirely gone, but definately far more under-control. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends for putting up with me ^^

-I had a Seishirou moment sometime around one am yesterday morning while talking to Marina. Be warned, I was too lazy to but make-up or contacts in. Still came out better than the Shoujocon photos, IMO.

As always, I feel there's something I'm forgetting, but I'll remember and blog about it later (and no, Disney has not been forgotten about, I just want to get photos up first)

February 25, 2004
It's nice to see people caring.

Found this and really touching, especially after all of Bush's crap, and thus am sharing it around ^^ A few people have had this pimped to them over AIM, so apologies if you get this twice. There's a page for donations for more flowers here, I plan on giving a little something myself later.

Also, something in a related vein, but far funnier.

February 24, 2004
In Which I Do Intresting Things With Mardi Gras Beads.

So, today. We played badmiton in gym, which was so much fun, as it's sort of the sissy English version of tennis ^^ Emily and I discovered we make a great team, and kicked ass. And she and Anthony know a lot more about mixed drinks than I think most 15-year-olds probably should >.> Then I came home, and managed to get all the buttonholes for the cording. I also got some work done on my Master Sword, so I'm generally rather pleased with myself on that front. After that, got dragged to a pancake supper, which really sucked, aside, as the subject says, from getting bored and twisting my string of Mardi Gras beads into this neat little choker. My mood was slightly improved, however, by coming home and talking to Marina on the phone for an hour, which seemed a lot shorter than that ^^

Also, made this yesterday. Skuld's fault, and I'm offering it up for anyone on my friendslist on LJ, but it was funny enough to add it here ^^

Because we all have someone we want out of the fandom

February 19, 2004
Mmmm, Strawberries

First of all, hugs and hugs. Now, life:

I've realized one of the advantages to having my computer in a room nobody else will touch (the basement, AKA my underground lair ^^). You don't get people looking over your shoulder every five minutes at what you're doing. One of my pet peeves, I suppose...hate it when people do that.

Anyway, went to the Dali museum yesterday, which was intresting, and odd, given that that's the sort of guy Dali was. Had seafood for dinner, told my mom she's deprived me of musicals.

Today...was shopping. Came away with a bunch of new shirts, two pairs of pants, Trigun 2 and a box of Godiva truffles. And my brother got Farscape season two on DVD! No boots or button down shirts, but only because they didn't have any in my size. Let me tell you, browsing Hot Topic with your grandmother, and haveing her actually think some of the stuff there is neat is a really, really wierd experience. Anyway. We had dinner with my great-aunt and uncle who live down here, and watched this funny movie called Secondhand Lions with them. And then we came home. Where I am now ^^

Oh, something I have to add, just to make Ari a little bit jealous....strawberries are in season here right now. So I've had strawberries for breakfast, strawberries for dessert, and tomorrow I'm going to be making strawberry shortcake ^^ Mmm, nice, ripe, red strawberries ^^....

(And happy early birthday to Subaru and Hokuto, just in case I forget ^^)

February 17, 2004
Another update from the Place

Another update from the Place That Is Actually Warm (As opposed to MA, AKA 'Siberia') ^^ Went to see some botanical gardens yesterday, took loooots of photos (I blame the camillias...first time I've ever seen actual camillias, so I had to get a photo, and it was downhill from there). Ben and I got haircuts, too. Mine is a little girlier than the last one, I think, but it's cute, so it's all good ^^

Tomorrow will be clothes shopping...I dare ask for some advice from the people reading this with actual style ^^

February 16, 2004
Whee, Florida!

Yep, just a quick check-in from Florida. We arrived in Orlando just a little past midnight, and then spent a good two hours or so driving down to Tampa. Um...not much other than that has happened. Amused to see that the Valentine's candy at CVS was half-off already, and that the Easter candy was out, which meant yummy Cadbury creme eggs for me <3

Also, happy to see that all of my friends arrived home from Katsucon safely and had a fun time down there ^^

February 14, 2004
Valentine's Day

Ah, another Valentine's Day, another year of me being single. In honor of this holiday of love, I present:
1) A new layout here, featuring the lovely Hokuto. Dedication goes to all my friends, who I all love dearly, and if you guys didn't know that already, then I obviously haven't been doing a good enough job, and you need to get over here ASAP for hugs and cookies.

2) Fiiiic~! 'Nuff said ^^

3) For everyone who supports gay marriage...the mayor of San Francisco gets so much love from me right now.

Also, I'll be gone for the next week in Florida. I may have access to e-mail and this and LJ, but I probably will not be on AIM. Yeah, I think this kind of sucks too, except for the warm. Too much to do here @.@

February 12, 2004

Whee~! People with awesome power tools = my new best friend ^^ Yeah, went to my mom's work working class with her, and got sanding done on my scythe, and a lot done on the Master Sword. The blade and the crosspiece of the hilt (I know there's a fancy name, I just don't remember it ^^;) are both entirely cut out, and mostly sanded. I still have to do the bottom four inches of the blade, and the inside bits of the crosspiece, but it's looking really good so far. Yay grinders! Yay particle board! Yay Link!

Also, I have gotten Grace and Emily addicted to Paradise Kiss, wore something incredibly girly to school today (I'll get photos another day, didn't have time today), and am still at a loss as to what to do for the skirt-part of my Hokuto outfit, as I'm not really happy with what I've come up with so far. Ideas?

February 10, 2004
Drunken Madness

Points of intrest from Skuld's birthday party before I forget or fall asleep at my keyboard. In no particular order, the amusing bits:
-Skuld going over the corn bit in Boku no Sexual Harassment to explain a joke birthday present, rather loudly, and someone saying "Could you be any louder?" and her going "COOOOORN~!" really loudly.

-The kid sitting between me and Skuld singing loudly to himself to block out the two of us talking over them. Skuld was like "Ari are so fucking hot! I wanna have sex with them." really, really loudly.

-Discovering Rukawa, who I know through NE_COSP and Cosplay.com was friends with Skuld and company. I didn't recognize him at first, and then he mentioned Lialia, also from the above, and there was the spark of "Wait! I know you!"

And then Skuld demonstrated her low alcohol tolerance by throwing up twice in the restaurant bathroom, and almost passing out on the floor. Two of the guys helped carry her outside, which helped some, as it was hot enough inside to be affecting me, and I'm one of the three people out the group of about fifteen that had no alcohol at all. She threw up again before reviving a bit, and my mom drove me, her, Ed, and Ruwaka to Skuld's place while me and Skuld sang along very loudly to Strawberry Kiss Kiss. She's probably already asleep right now.

Skuld, if/when you see this tomorrow, do let the rest of us know you haven't died in your sleep, and thank you for the manga, and I'm glad you liked your present.

Now, I'm going to go upstairs and go to bed so I don't fall over in class tomorrow or anything.

Happy Birthday!

Big happy 21st to Skuld! No rendition of 'Happy Birthday' here, as I get to do it in person tonight ^^

(Your acutally birthday is today, right, and just not the party ^^;?)

February 8, 2004
And My Inner Geek Roams FREEEEE~

This...is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time. Just...wow. Our universe is such an amazing place ^^

Also, some more pretty geek - Molecular Expressions. Not quite as nice as the Hubble stuff, IMO, but still very neat.

Oh, and does anyone have any music recs for me ^^? I'm having a downloading spree because I need new stuff to listen to. Winter has already demanded I download Tool and A Perfect Circle, but any other favs are appreciated. I...pretty much listen to everything, really, save rap, hip-hop, country-western, and gospel ^^

Mmm, belated cross-posts. 'Nice layout!'-shoutouts to Shi, Marion, and Lilly ^^

February 4, 2004

This will be posted on the LJ later, but I don't have access to it now as I'm at school and the link is filtered.

Notes: For RackhamRose's challenge. Red Death!Seishirou, which is why he has a Clue. OOC is apologized for, this is my first time-challenge fic.
Subaru was dead, and he had never been happier. There was something that he had been waiting to do a long time, and he finally had a chance to do it. Ah, a welcoming comitte in the afterlife - Seishirou and Hokuto. Perfect.

He marched up to them and stared Seishirou straight in the eyes. Seishirou started "Subaru-kun, I-"

"No." Subaru interuppted, "My turn this time."

Hokuto whispered in Seishirou's ear, "Better let him go this time, Sei-chan. He looks really upset."

Subaru took a deep breath and began. "Seishirou-san, I've been waiting nine years to say this, and it's been nine years too long. I...care about you. More than I have for anyone else in my life, save Hokuto-chan. You hurt me, you destroyed my life, and I couldn't stop caring. I tried, but I couldn't. What I feel is just that strong. And I just wanted you to know that. That you are the most important person in the world to me."

"Oh, and this was Kamui's idea," Subaru added, stepping right up to Seishirou, and slapping him across the face, hard. He stepped backed, and calmed down a bit, tirade done.. "Your turn, now."

Seishirou blinked, before regaining his composure. "Actually, that about summed up what I was going to say. Except for the hurting bit, I mean. So..." and he leaned over and kissed him, while Hokuto cheered in the background.
Writing: 40 min. Brainstorming: 30 min.