March 25, 2004

Oh yeah, I rock ^^

No sash, as it was still drying and I didn't want gold paint everywhere, but:

One and two.

Love me. You know you want to ^^

March 24, 2004
Mmmm, caffiened tea. Mmmm, showers.

Mmmm, caffiened tea. Mmmm, showers. They make me feel all sentient in the morning ^^ Anyway, stuff. This Saturday was awesome, it being my birthday party and all. People came over, we played massive amounts of video games, had lots of Shirley Temples (Do you capitalize if it if's a name of a drink? I don't know...), and generally were silly and all. everyone left by eleven, except Skuld, who sat around with me in my living room until her friends came to get her around two am. We ended up talking most of the time, about practically everything, which was kinda nice, as I don't know it often face to face. (I've also decided that I'm just about the only person on my friends list who doesn't RP at _all_, but whatever ^^) Sunday...I got up around two, and basically had to go straight to work, after which I did some costume stuff. Which is largely what the rest of my week has been, aside from shadowing at Mass Academy on Monday.

And many hugs and love to Ari. Hope you feel better, and if you don't, do me the favor of getting it looked at by some, would you? Neck injuries can be nasty things, along with back injuries.

March 14, 2004
So, back from the trip.

So, back from the trip. The wedding itself was actually quite nice, as it was short, an entirely different set of relatives than I expected, some of whom were actually pretty cool, and somehow I wound up catching the bouquet. However, Friday was kind of hell. Both our flights got delayed, which meant I spent three hours sitting around La Guardia airport. I'm not sure how an airport that services NYC can be so incredibly boring, but it is. So I ended up reading my entire biography of Douglas Adams in one weekend, and watched the four FMA eps I brought with me multiple times. Actually have comments on that, but it has to wait until sometime other than quarter til midnight. Today was more of the same, only with more BWI and less delays. Needless to say, my mom owes me big time.

March 12, 2004
Happy Birthday to me.

So, as of 10:28 this morning, I'm sixteen. This means three things:

1) I can get my learner's permit in the state of Massachusetts.

2) I can drop out of high school in the state of Massachusetts.

3) I can have consentual sex, also in the state of Massachusetts.

Only going to act on the first one, though.

Also, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I'd like to tell that I was in fact having a nice day, but I'm not. I get to leave in ten minutes to spend the weekend with my paranoid, neurotic great-aunt, homophobic Baptist relatives, and at a wedding I don't want to go to for some fourth cousin I don't know. To top it off, my mom is mad because I'm still getting ready. Thus, I am incredibly upset and have been on the verge of tears all morning. Will see everybody Sunday night, I suppose.

March 9, 2004

(In an effort to make myself actually get this con report done, here's Friday, which I mostly typed up a while ago.)

...Rocked, put simply. After lots of running around Friday morning, we finally got started. There was lots of CD playing and X Movie watching and singing and randomness on the way down. We got lost trying to find the hotel, but not that lost, so it was all good. The traffic wasn't as bad as last year either. Within twenty minutes of getting into the hotel, I found basically everyone I was looking for, starting with Lisa, who randomly appeared as TB Subaru three minutes after we walked in. She has to be the cutest 5'11" twenty-one year old ever. We hauled our two tons of stuff up to the hotel room and got settled in, and I changed into my shikifuku and went friend-hunting. Ran into Lisa again, as well as Mel, AKA Other!Subaru, who was doing that color pictures of Sakurazukamori!Subaru, complete with eyeball jar. On a whim, we went outside and got a whole bunch of Subaru group shots. When we headed back inside, we ran into some girls cosplaying as shoujo bubbles, who felt the group!Subaru love too ^^ Latter that night, I also got to meet Ko and Rachel, who were small and cute and cool, and had Seigaku shirts. We ended up hanging around our hotel room for a while, fangirling, discussing intresting X theories, being squicky, and managing to scare everyone but Anthony out of the room in the process, as Anthony doesn't mind the squick, PoT slash, and South High tennis team slash (because slashing your own school's tennis team is fun). Sometime around one am, everyone else got tired of sitting in the hallway, and tired period, and made everyone go to bed ^^ And that was Friday.

March 8, 2004
Quick Note

Just going to take a sec to babble happily about Saturday, before I run off to school. It was fun. Lots and lots of fun ^^ Started off with sushi and then bubble tea (my second time trying both, the first being back in October with C and Ari), and then went shopping. Put TB7 on order for you, although I may have to mail it to you, as they couldn't say when it was going to come in because it's hard to get a copy of. Also bought shoes to glue boot covers for Link to, and...*drumroll* suit for Tatsumi! Yep, it's all dark brown and a rather good fit. Not three-piece like I wanted, but Tatsumi doesn't always three-piece suits and, well, the chances of finding a used brown three-piece suit with a size 30 waist is what I'd call slim to none. So I went for it, and I may see if I can find a similar vest elsewhere. And then we went and played DDR at MIT, 'cause Skuld is just cool like that.

Also had the revelation that I still haven't finished my Shoujocon con report, which I do actually plan on doing at some point, although everybody probably doesn't care any more ^^;

March 6, 2004

So, just got off the phone after talking to people at C's party for like an hour and a half. First I called, and Ari was like "Uh, she's not here. Call back later." so I did, and then C was like "We're eating. Call back later.", so I did again, and finally got to talk to people. And hear randomness in the background, and all that good stuff. So, for lack of anything intelligent to say (I missed the bits of the party that actually had some sort of order, it seems), really great talking to all of you, would do it again in an instant, hugs and all that good stuff, except to Ari, who called me a miserable whore, I think ^^ It was kind of in the background, so I'm not positive.

Also - God Hates Shrimp XD

March 4, 2004
Good Things ^^

So, school today was sort of a combination of boring, tired, and stressed. Which was sucky.

But then I came home, and found the box of clothes I got in Florida, a letter and pretty fanart (I'm going to hang it on my wall!) from Hokuto, and $54 from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. So up went my mood ^^

And then there was C on the phone for an hour, which increased the good mood even more, because I love talking to my friends. To top it all off, I got work done on both Link and my shikifuku, so good stuff all around. I'll probably take lots of pictures because I'm so proud of it ^^