April 22, 2004
Last Update

Probably last update before con. Must be fast, as there is line. Went on cool Haunted History tour last night. Had tour guide who was friendly, funny, and rather attractive. Also a stage magician. (C, sorry for the abrupt conversation end. Someone said our tour was leaving). Had several odd dreams last night, one of which involved everybody in cat ears and Ari in a red skirt and flowered top that surprisingly didn't look too wierd. My brain scares me. Could someone bring a snap with them to the con for me? I can't find any place that sells them around here.

Con tomorrow. Eeee!

April 21, 2004
New Orleans, Yet Again

Yep, still here. A short summary of events - went for sushi last night, it was good, talked to Winter on the phone, which was also good, watched an intresting documentary on transexuals in India and Thailand on the National Geographic Channel. Today, went to the aquarium, and then in a moment of neurotic inspiration realized that I could embroider over the red fabric paint on the sleeve crests, and have it be neat because I have lines to follow, and nicer looking because it's not crappy fabric paint. So I spend one episode of Maury and two of Judge Judy doing that. (Yes, daytime tv sucks.) So, back at the convention center for now, and I've got a little more time, as nobody is around because people are at a reception.

Amusingly enough, I seem to be hitting a bit of a con-panic point too, even though all of my costumes are basically done. Just need to find one more snap for my red sash, and a piece of black cording to go with Hokuto. Hopefully I can find a fabric store tomorrow. However, massively worried about the masquerade, as I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. Augh. Anyway. Gotta Go.

April 20, 2004
Quick Update

In New Orleans. Looks like I'll have limited access, as the hotel charges, and the kiosks at the convention center are standing-only, and I feel wierd writing much with all these people around me. However, I will be checking my e-mail, and I've got my cell with me for those that have the number, if people need to get in touch.

Anyway. Coca-Cola museum was intresting, although a little small. Wandered around Vicksburg some before heading down to New Orleans. We checked into our very fancy hotel, and then walked in the French Quarter. Got beads thrown at us by a little parade, had dinner, saw hippie!Gandalf (He had a big bushy white beard, and his hair was dyed pink).

Today, got up and felt absolutely awful, as a cold has decided to swoop down on me, went to the convention center, talked to the wonderful Mara for about ten minutes on the phone, then went to a nearby mall with Ben, and had delicious smoothies there, before going to a candy store that had really good fudge, down in the French Quarter (They also had chocolate heart thongs! XD)

More later, I guess.

April 18, 2004
Trip stuff

Currently signed in from Vicksburg, Mississippi here ^^ Flew out of Providence yesterday with much rushing around, although cookies got made, and the scythe blade shipped safely with no oversized baggage charges. Spent today visiting historic Mississippi, finding it largely unintresting, and getting my shoulders sunburned. Knew there was a reason I never wore sleeveless shirts.

Tomorrow, onto the Coca-Cola bottling museum, and New Orleans. Dunno if I'll have internet in New Orleans, so this may be my last post until I return from the con (augh, so much to worry about)

April 15, 2004

Damnit. I'm have a major Tokyo Babylon moment here, and I have no clue what to do about it. I can't work on Hokuto, because I don't have stuff for the shirt, and I totally don't trust myself to attempt zippers, I can't do layouts because I'm not getting any inspiration, I can't plan new costumes because I have no Subaru (Speaking of, any good, avalible Subarus need to get their asses over here right now. Insanity, sewing ability, and sense of fun a must.), and nobody is online. Rar.

On a mostly unrelated note, I had the urge to pick up writing amusing X summaries where the X Handpuppet Theatre left off. Anyone up for helping? I'm not sure I can manage that much wit on my own ^^

April 11, 2004
AB = r0xx0r

Yes. So much fun. I shall recount the adventures before my incredibly shitty memory loses them somewhere amoung the random stuff inside my brain ^^


Got up, rushed around putting the finishing touches on my scythe, packing, and making cookies. My mom picked me up, and we rushed out to the hotel, to find that we couldn't check in until three, and it was only noon. So she left to go back to work, and I checked most of my bags at the little luggage check place, grabbing my tie so I could be ghetto TB Sei while I couldn't get to my fancy costumes. I made it to the badge pick-up desk only to find that I needed a photo ID, which, of course was in my backpack. This lead to me to minor arguing with the little Middle Eastern baggage check guy because he didn't want to get my bag because it was busy in there. I won, got my badge (They printed them there, and they were all fancy and plastic and offical looking and stuff). More or less wandered around looking for Skuld and company, and Mara and company (I actually ran into some I met at church camp. I was amused - anime cons are really not the place you think you'll see people you met at a vaguely fundamentalist summer camp) until three o'clock, when I got my hotel room, changed into my white shikifuku (and managing to lose my right contact, and had to take my glasses off for every photo ^^;), and continued looking and taking photos ^^

I eventually found Skuld, and then went up to the NE_COSP meeting, which Skuld and Roni kind of showed up at too, and took more photos, and talked for a while. Couple of fangirls came in to get photos of me, I was kind of amusing. Wandered back downstairs, took more photos, got a couple more of me taken, and was about to leave for dinner with Skuld and her friends, but who should show up but the elusive Mara and Nicole. So I opted to stay with them, and we sat around and talked, and then went out to dinner at a nearby Japanese restaurant. As two Subarus and a Seishirou XD The food was really really good, and I have now had shrimp that I liked. Mmmm, steamed shumai ^^ We walked back to the hotel, only to find that Mara had left her backpack at the restuarant, so we had to sprint the seven or so block back, get it, and then walk back into the hotel to go to Skuld's yaoi panel. Stayed for about forty-five minutes before we got too restless, and then went upstairs and convinced the guy in the video room to give us a special TB showing, because it had just ended, but there was an hour before the next scheduled video (Biozombie live action) was set to start. So we watched the second OAV, sat in the front row, and commented the whole time because we were the only people there ^^ After that, was more or less sleep-time for all of us.


Woke up around 8:30, took a shower, and was in the process of getting Seishirou on when Mara, Nicole, and Erin (friend of the sister of one of Mara's friends) showed up to drag me to breakfast. So I went to breakfast in my shikifuku, and couldn't see anything because my contact in the left eye is old and thus not strong enough (new ones this week, though). The Au Bon Pain by the hotel had really good bagels. At some point that day we headed into the dealers room, and I bought presents for Winter and Anthony. I ran up to the room to change into normal clothing, met up with the rest of Mara's little group (Her friend Sarah, Sarah's sister Danielle, and the aforementioned Erin), and we took the T into Cambridge. Wherein we had a little bit more Japanese food (I mostly just had miso soup and ate Nicole's rice), went to the oriental grocery store in Porter Exchange (I found the Japanese coffee-in-a-can that my dad thinks is the greatest thing ever), looked at pretty stuff in one of the stores there, and I had bubble tea (green tea + strawberry + some milk = YES!)

Then we took the T back to the hotel, I put on Seishirou and Mara wanted to wear my Subaru, so I let her. Took the scythe down to be peacebonded (Security: *stares*....Um.... Me: ....I won't kill anyone, I promise. Security: ....Keep that totally upright, and sure.), we got more photos (there were Eds, and some really kick-ass FFX and X-2 cosplayers), and we had a lot of people take photos of us. No, really. We'd stop for one photo, and four more people would come and take photos at the same time. We eventually made it outside and took a whole lot of photos in the park, because it was all pretty and stuff. Less people asked us questions about what the hell we were doing this year than last year, although this is possibly because normal people with common sense don't really go up to one-eyed people with giant scythes and talk to them. Lots of cool photos were taken, thanks to Nicole, Sarah, and Mara, the artsy people (as opposed to me, who can't think of poses), including prancing!Seishirou ^^

Went back inside and did some wandering, before heading up to the room to watch the masquerade on the hotel tv system because we didn't want to wait in line, and this way we could insult whoever we wanted ^^ There were some really spectactular costumes, including some of the aforementioned FFX and X-2 cosplayers, a Halloween Town-Sora, a really pretty fairy-type costume that I don't know what it's from (Alichino, maybe?), an adorable kitty!Sakura,a badger (badger badger badger badger...), a beautiful ParaKiss group, an absolutely spectacular Vash (he won Best In Show for both presentation and craftsmanship), and....the worst Kamui I have seen in my life. His jacket had these big black buttons down the red trim and wasn't really well tailored at all, and his skit was him, dancing, badly, to crappy music. We were considering heading downstairs and going Sakurazukamori on his ass, especially when he won Best In Show for presentation the the juniors category.

We did end up going downstairs, but this was because I was having a fangirl moment over the person who did White Rabbit!Yue (I have this dream of doing a group of the Wonderland CCS outfits). Sadly, they had run off, but but got talking with the kitty!Sakura, who was really nice. She even was pimping us out. People kept wanting photos of her, and she was all "Get them too! They're my friends!", even though we had known her for all of twenty minutes. So some people have photos of kitty!Sakura, shikifuku!Seishirou, and X!Seishirou and Subaru, because Mara and Nicole did their little couple-thing (it was cute. Very cute ^^). We also met up with a really tall movie!Utena cosplayer (Isako) earlier who knew people in fandom, and had seen me and Mara around on LJ. She was friendly and fangirly, and she and her Anthy were really good, especially considering that they said it was the first time they had made anything comepletely from scratch.

After the photo taking was done, we sat around and talked for a while. Mara and I got into a poke-fight, which was kind of funny. Just after one am, we went to see what the to-be-announced yaoi was. It ended up being Boku no Sexual Harrassment, which was funny for both the cheesiness of it, and all the audience comments. And I have now seen the infamous corn scene XD It was both hysterical and tramautizing at the same time. And then we sort of teetered upstairs, as it was 3:30 in the morning and we were very tired.


Today, was a short day. Got up, found Easter candy care of wonderful mom, showered, put on Tatsumi. Mara and Nicole showed up outside my door, and Mara helped me pin my sign on (It says 'I R TEH L33T SHADOWMASTER'. We figured this might help people to guess who I was ^^), and then we headed to the dealer's room. I ended up spending my last five on my very first pencilboard, one of billowing-cape anime!Kamui. It was that or a Sephiroth pin, which I know I can find elsewhere, so X won out. We went back to the rooms only to find it was ten minutes 'til checkout, and thus said very hasty goodbyes and then ran to finish packing. I had issues with both my cellphone and my money, as I pack things and then forget I packed them, and panic because I can't find them. Took one or two more pictues, and then headed out.

Which leads me to here ^^ Overall? Had lots of fun, saw plenty of costumes, spent more on food than on merchandise, and got to hang with a lot of cool people. Can't wait to see you all again, online or IRL ^^ I've got photos up but not organized yet, so catch me on AIM or MSN if you wanna see them...I'll try to link them up here sometime this week.

April 9, 2004

New layout, Farscape. Must run, con. Will return Sunday with photos and I'll fix the layout bugs then.