May 31, 2004
3y3 r0xx0r

My latest project, done for the Boston Cosplay picnic this weekend, and started, less than a week ago. I still have to do the obi tomorrow, so it's just a piece of black cloth I had laying around in the photos ^^

Front & back

I'd make people guess what it is, only I think I've already told everybody who would know. Tatsumi from Yami no Matsuei 11, the sequence I've got illustrated on the current layout ^^

May 26, 2004

I think if I were a sound effect right now, it would be 'splat.' Seriously, I'm hitting my about-to-fall-asleep-on-keyboard point, and it's only quarter past eight. Stupid body. Why must it insist on so much sleep? Although, the fact that it's been really cold the last few days probably isn't helping a whole lot. The combination of the two makes me miss people, and want snuggles. And the only person who'd ever give me snuggles is Winter (Who currently has more than enough to deal with already), as I am unloved like that.

I think...I may get some food and then sleep, now.

May 25, 2004

*waves tiredly* Not dead, just lacking in energy to write a coherent post. Thus, in easy-to-read bulleted list format:

-New layout, obviously. Long-winded explanation to the right.

- Did in fact bring large fluffy purple towel to school. Got surprisingly few questions asked.

- Shrek 2 = not as good as the first, but still very good.

- MCAS = easy.

- Future classmates fairly interesting bunch. However, will have ass royally kicked by homework next year x.x Damn my tendancies towards intelligence and masochism.

- Discworld books make good conversation starters. However, I suck at Scrabble.

- Missing people terribly. Everybody is busy and won't talk/call/hang out with/put up with me. I damn schedules.

As always, probably more that escapes my very sleepy mind right now.

Hey, everybody! Today is Towel

Hey, everybody! Today is

Towel Day!

I know there has to be a few other Hitchhiker's fans hanging around here somewhere ^^

May 17, 2004
Why I Love My State.

So, for those of you who don't follow these things, gay marriage is now legal in the state of Massachusetts ^^ So, because I needed to see this first hand, I took my bike down to City Hall, only getting slightly lost along the way. Things turned out to be surprisingly quiet and organized. Police barriers had been set up on either side of the main entrance, with one side for each side of the issue. Naturally, our side had tons of signs taped to the barriers, and a few people with tables and flyers and food and flowers and stuff, and the other side...had one lone man. With a sign that read "Marriage has been and will always be a union between one man and one women.", which is far too long for a sign. He was temporarily joined by two Catholic schoolgirls, who mostly just hung around. Apparently that was just about the most people they got all day protesting. I was joined by a bunch of really nice kids from one of the local private schools, who were all really nice, and we talked, and handed out flowers and gave hugs to the couples that came - we missed most of the morning rush, but there was still a slow trickle. I ended up being the last one to leave, after giving a couple from Rhode Island their slice of cake. All and all, very enjoyable. I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera, so I'll just have to hope that someone else who did have on supplies photos ^^

May 16, 2004
Quick Update.

Saw Mean Girls tonight, it was actually surprisingly good, and rather funny, for a teen movie. Also played laser tag, which was lots of fun, but not as much as when we played in Toronto a few years ago, possibly because there were only three of us. I'd like to say I kicked total ass, but I didn't, mostly because Mike is a cheating bastard. However, I did pretty well. I can get strangely competative about these things ^^ Also played some DDR, and did kick total ass at that. Have cat on lap, and Yuuzai coded, although nobody will see it until June. Not my fault. Blame C and Leareth.

May 11, 2004

A treat for all of you blog-reading people, too, because I'm on a school computer and LJ is blocked ^^ (It blocks LJ, but not the pr0n on Yuuzai...yay dumb filters!) Several of the keys are also upside down, which is very bizzarre, and makes it hard to hit the left shift key...

Anyway. Spent the weekend mostly with the wonderful Mara. We mostly just sat around and ate and talked and watched dub Yami and The Princess Bride, but it was lots of fun anyway. (Plus, there was S/S pr0n! And Arashi as 003! (but not in the same thing 0.o;) <3 Mara ^^) Hopefully next time the train schedule will suck less, and we shall get more time. Or I'll learn to drive, making three hours on trains unnecessary ^^

Other than that, I've mostly been sitting around, enjoying the nice weather, making a new layout for this thing (Tatsumi, w00t!), doing cosplay stuff, and enjoying all my new manga - Fruits Basket 2 and Tokyo Babylon 1 in English last week, and Yami 10 and 11 in Japanese this week. TokyoPop has a few issues with the TB, it seems, but it's largely most excellent. Sasuga has moved into a new location, that's at least two or three times the size of the first place, and thus has lots of shiny new things ^^

And now, a LJ quote, because it was too funny not to cross post:

"In other news, Seishirou and Tatsumi have officially stolen my cosplay life, and Nagare is making an attempt at stealing the rest of my fan-life not taken by Sei and Tatsumi (five hours on one wallpaper...came out nice, though, and it was kind of funny to hear my dad intentionally mangling 'Kurosaki' - I'll share the wallpaper later ^^) Also, Hitler is from the secret foreign branch of the Kurosaki clan, and shared the snake with Voldemort. Which is why they both ended up so fucked up. "

Also, wonderful new layouts you two, and a slightly belated feliz cumpleaños por mi hermana ^^

May 3, 2004
Sakuracon 04 : The Good, The Bad, and The 'WTF?' (Now with photos!)

(I've probably forgotten somethings here, so you may end up with a seperate post if I need to mention them that much) Something between a short list and a full con report, as my brain refuses to remember things in order. The con had it's high points, and it's low points, and, as the subject line suggests, it's moments that weren't really either but truly memorable ayway. So, here we go...

The Good

-Getting to meet everyone in person, both those I knew online and those I didn't ^^

-Finding Leareth rather quickly Friday via my Tatsumi 'I R T3H L33T SHADOWMASTER' sign.

-Getting very nice belated birthday presents from C and Ari - a Japanese wishing pot (that I need to find somewhere for where it won't get smashed accidently ^^;), and hazelnut chocolate things and bling XD

-Winning Best Amateur Costume in the Masquerade *.*

-Getting taught how to dance by Ari

-Being told by someone that she wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alleyway while dressed as Seishirou, which is actually a compliment given the character. Also had various members of staff refer to me as 'him' and 'sir' a few times ^^

-Finding a copy of Subaru's character file for ten dollars in the dealer's room. Score!

-Heather buying lunch for all of us Sunday which was absolutely lovely of her

-Finding a small stuffed koala clipped to my scythe by Leareth after she left (It's name is Vanyel now, a reference maybe all of four people reading this will get ^^)

-Sitting around talking to Viko and Marina and company after con stuff was mostly over.

-Having Viko stay over an extra night, and all of us going swimming in our clothes in the pool and being wacky and perverted (Including loud chanting of 'Orgy! Orgy!' to get Shari to come into the hot tub with us)

-Ending up with more Canadian-money-that-must-not-be-spent, care of Kari - I now have a dime from her, the quarter from Skuld, and the $2 coin (I don't know how you spell the nickname, and will be mocked if I get it wrong, so I'm not going to try) from C.

-Pants XD

-Nice weather all weekend.

-Seeing all the awesome costumes, both of my friends and others (photos soon!)

-Having Brooke squee over the shikifuku, and then me squeeing over her pretty pretty artwork while everybody else was getting food

-And because it was the point of the con, it deserves mentioning again - getting to see all of my awesome friends <3 <3 <3 You guys rock, I love you all.

The Bad

-Having no badge Friday, and getting glared at and told off by con staff for being where I wasn't supposed to be, even though it was incredibly vague what was con space and what wasn't ><

-The massive disorganization that was the cosplay contest. (Spent from nine am to around six pm with that. So _not cool_)

-The Utena group getting shoved with sound and lighting mistakes by the tech crew and not winning anything, even though they should have, IMO

-The awesome FF6 and FMA groups not getting anything either.

-All the tension created by lack of sleep and costume stuff

-Me pissing people off. I'm still very sorry about that. I was a whiney bitch a lot of the weekend, and there's really no excuse for it.

-That fucking woodpecker at seven am outside our window Saturday morning that woke me up. Thank you, you contributed to my massive lack of sleep that weekend ><

-Not getting to spend nearly enough time just hanging out with people, particularly C, Ari, Heather, and Marina and all of her whole group ;_;

The 'WTF?'

-The mass of bees that swarmed our shuttle bus on the way to lunch Sunday. Seriously like something out of a B-grade horror movie. Leareth thought we were making it up when we went back to the hotel

-Right before she left, Leareth more or less grabbing Ari and kissing her full on the lips (I only wish I had the guts to do that...your courage outshines us all ^^)

-Amber and I accidently getting partially flashed by Ari when we were trying to get the make-up off the inner edge of her movie!Akio shirt. Both sort of amusing and o.0 at the same time.

-Arm-wrestling with Muraki - Leareth wanted it for a Yami photo

-Accidently killing not one, but two people on Cartoon Heroes on DDR ^^; Heather couldn't breathe afterwards because of her binding, and Ari realized part way through that she was just too damned tired, and gave up

-Having to basically lead Ari around by her elbows and tell her where everything was while she was doing Nagare, because she couldn't see anything

-Learning that when Canadians say 'iced tea', they apparently just mean the stuff that comes in a can (which you can get here, but is kind of ghetto - like buying powdered juice mix. I do both anyway, though ^^)

-Being creative!ghetto and making ramen by boiling water in the hotel room coffee maker Sunday night


-Leareth's friend Sami as a PWP fic-bunny, with a very tall guy from Naruto

-The Man In Black. I don't care if it's not anime, he rocked. Yay, Princess Bride!

-Watari's cloning experiment gone awry (left to right: Brandi, me, Ash)

-Group!Yami. And part of Leareth's thumb

-Awesomely pretty Belle *.*

-Dunno who she is, but it's pretty

-Nagare and the snake

-Random!Group. Someone basically had all the cosplayers in the area pose for one photo. We're over on the left

-Me looking kind of out of it, and Leareth.

-The giant (and awesome) Utena group

-Setzer, Relm, and esper!Terra from the awesome FF6 group

-The awesome FMA group

-Ruffles XD (Yeah, that's C and Ari. They look totally different ^^)

-Wow, I look vaguely evil for once!

-Mmm, DVD box-art mimicry


-Seishirou is in the uke-position ^^

-Marina, Elisha, and Farha <3

-Mostly for Leareth. Vanyel-koala now lives on the Seishirou Coat

-Seishirou!Brooke. Love her, she's pretty and rocks

(video clip) Farha and the Amazing Dancing Sword. Yeah, my camera does crappy video