February 4, 2004

This will be posted on the LJ later, but I don't have access to it now as I'm at school and the link is filtered.

Notes: For RackhamRose's challenge. Red Death!Seishirou, which is why he has a Clue. OOC is apologized for, this is my first time-challenge fic.
Subaru was dead, and he had never been happier. There was something that he had been waiting to do a long time, and he finally had a chance to do it. Ah, a welcoming comitte in the afterlife - Seishirou and Hokuto. Perfect.

He marched up to them and stared Seishirou straight in the eyes. Seishirou started "Subaru-kun, I-"

"No." Subaru interuppted, "My turn this time."

Hokuto whispered in Seishirou's ear, "Better let him go this time, Sei-chan. He looks really upset."

Subaru took a deep breath and began. "Seishirou-san, I've been waiting nine years to say this, and it's been nine years too long. I...care about you. More than I have for anyone else in my life, save Hokuto-chan. You hurt me, you destroyed my life, and I couldn't stop caring. I tried, but I couldn't. What I feel is just that strong. And I just wanted you to know that. That you are the most important person in the world to me."

"Oh, and this was Kamui's idea," Subaru added, stepping right up to Seishirou, and slapping him across the face, hard. He stepped backed, and calmed down a bit, tirade done.. "Your turn, now."

Seishirou blinked, before regaining his composure. "Actually, that about summed up what I was going to say. Except for the hurting bit, I mean. So..." and he leaned over and kissed him, while Hokuto cheered in the background.
Writing: 40 min. Brainstorming: 30 min.