February 14, 2004
Valentine's Day

Ah, another Valentine's Day, another year of me being single. In honor of this holiday of love, I present:
1) A new layout here, featuring the lovely Hokuto. Dedication goes to all my friends, who I all love dearly, and if you guys didn't know that already, then I obviously haven't been doing a good enough job, and you need to get over here ASAP for hugs and cookies.

2) Fiiiic~! 'Nuff said ^^

3) For everyone who supports gay marriage...the mayor of San Francisco gets so much love from me right now.

Also, I'll be gone for the next week in Florida. I may have access to e-mail and this and LJ, but I probably will not be on AIM. Yeah, I think this kind of sucks too, except for the warm. Too much to do here @.@