February 29, 2004
High Points Of My Week

-BSU Black History Month show. The three guys who danced to Micheal Jackson were so good. Like Micheal Jackson himself only more black and less child molester. Seriously, you could tell they practiced a lot.

-Irish Festival yesterday! There was much dancing and singing and non-alcoholic beer, of which I only had a little bit 'cause beer tastes kinda gross. And Chris accidently agreed to pose for nude photos. And it was lots of fun.

-Only two paragraphs and some editing left on my research paper. Wow, I finally didn't leave a project off entirely until the last day! Go me!

-Angst level = Way down. Not entirely gone, but definately far more under-control. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends for putting up with me ^^

-I had a Seishirou moment sometime around one am yesterday morning while talking to Marina. Be warned, I was too lazy to but make-up or contacts in. Still came out better than the Shoujocon photos, IMO.

As always, I feel there's something I'm forgetting, but I'll remember and blog about it later (and no, Disney has not been forgotten about, I just want to get photos up first)