February 10, 2004
Drunken Madness

Points of intrest from Skuld's birthday party before I forget or fall asleep at my keyboard. In no particular order, the amusing bits:
-Skuld going over the corn bit in Boku no Sexual Harassment to explain a joke birthday present, rather loudly, and someone saying "Could you be any louder?" and her going "COOOOORN~!" really loudly.

-The kid sitting between me and Skuld singing loudly to himself to block out the two of us talking over them. Skuld was like "Ari are so fucking hot! I wanna have sex with them." really, really loudly.

-Discovering Rukawa, who I know through NE_COSP and Cosplay.com was friends with Skuld and company. I didn't recognize him at first, and then he mentioned Lialia, also from the above, and there was the spark of "Wait! I know you!"

And then Skuld demonstrated her low alcohol tolerance by throwing up twice in the restaurant bathroom, and almost passing out on the floor. Two of the guys helped carry her outside, which helped some, as it was hot enough inside to be affecting me, and I'm one of the three people out the group of about fifteen that had no alcohol at all. She threw up again before reviving a bit, and my mom drove me, her, Ed, and Ruwaka to Skuld's place while me and Skuld sang along very loudly to Strawberry Kiss Kiss. She's probably already asleep right now.

Skuld, if/when you see this tomorrow, do let the rest of us know you haven't died in your sleep, and thank you for the manga, and I'm glad you liked your present.

Now, I'm going to go upstairs and go to bed so I don't fall over in class tomorrow or anything.