February 19, 2004
Mmmm, Strawberries

First of all, hugs and hugs. Now, life:

I've realized one of the advantages to having my computer in a room nobody else will touch (the basement, AKA my underground lair ^^). You don't get people looking over your shoulder every five minutes at what you're doing. One of my pet peeves, I suppose...hate it when people do that.

Anyway, went to the Dali museum yesterday, which was intresting, and odd, given that that's the sort of guy Dali was. Had seafood for dinner, told my mom she's deprived me of musicals.

Today...was shopping. Came away with a bunch of new shirts, two pairs of pants, Trigun 2 and a box of Godiva truffles. And my brother got Farscape season two on DVD! No boots or button down shirts, but only because they didn't have any in my size. Let me tell you, browsing Hot Topic with your grandmother, and haveing her actually think some of the stuff there is neat is a really, really wierd experience. Anyway. We had dinner with my great-aunt and uncle who live down here, and watched this funny movie called Secondhand Lions with them. And then we came home. Where I am now ^^

Oh, something I have to add, just to make Ari a little bit jealous....strawberries are in season here right now. So I've had strawberries for breakfast, strawberries for dessert, and tomorrow I'm going to be making strawberry shortcake ^^ Mmm, nice, ripe, red strawberries ^^....

(And happy early birthday to Subaru and Hokuto, just in case I forget ^^)