September 29, 2004

Finally beat Seymour Flux. As I've been stuck for the last five months on him, this is an accomplishment worthy of me jumping up and down screaming - which, of course I did ^^

And then...there was the cut scene shortly after that. Now, I had been told today by a classmate that there was a big plot-point (which was part of my incentive to sit down and beat Seymour Flux), I so was not expecting that. I think that deserves at least one 'OMGWTF?!'. Will see how things progress from here ^^ (I sense Charlie will force me to play even more, so he has someone to talk about it to ^^)

September 28, 2004
Meaningless Fluff

Currently technically in lunch, although we use the PCs after we eat. Much love and hugs and <3 and good wishes to C - hope everything goes well today.

Also, in shameless sheepdom:

On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being the most), how uke am I?

Also, went to King Richard's this weekend, which was lots of fun, although I wish we had got there earlier, so I could look at all the shops and see all of the Royal Musical Revue, instead of just ten minutes or so of it while we waited for Yuumei to return. But there was shiny goodness, and this lovely black leather coat with black lace trim that Yuumei and I were oogling, but it was $700 ;.; Came home, Mel and I made dinner (and didn't burn anything! *gasp* [that was the random ghost that is not Ruth]) and then ran around killing moths. Yeah, we're horrible people. We also played lots of video games and were generally silly, and it was fun.

Other than that, not much has happened in the last few days out of the usual. I have a few thoughts on FMA 50 to post at some point, but I'll do that later, when I have more time and am on my own computer (This one keeps logging me out of LJ for some reason).

September 22, 2004
Anime Evolution 2004

Yes, it is done! Shh, I know it's been a month already >.>

We set off on our great Anime Evolution 2004 adventure Friday morning, after Clare, Brooke, and I got four, three, and five hours of sleep apiece. Met up with everybody on the ferry, although unfortunately Liz and the van with all of the really big suitcases ended up having to get on the next ferry. There was lots of talking and unfortunately very little of getting things done, but hey, that's what Friday night is for. Bus ride down into Vancouver was both long and boring, although we only got slightly lost trying to find the stop we connected at. Brooke and I dashed to a tiny Asian corner store and bought overpriced milk (Up around $5US a gallon, all things calculated, I think 0.o).

We eventually made it to the con, and sort of sat around outside waiting for Liz, after we all picked up our badges (They gave me an adult badge by mistake. I wasn't about to correct the mistake ^^). Liz came, we dumped all our stuff in the townhouse, put the milk and such in the fridge, and lazed around a lot. A few of us got changed into costume - I was TBvet!Seishirou - and Amber and I ran out to meet Ari at the bus stop. It turns out she had come over early, and been wandering around for an hour or so, but we found her, and everything was good. After she dropped her stuff off at the townhouse, a bunch of us went out and wandered around some, eventually watching some of the 2003 AMV contest, which was being re-shown, before going back for the night.

We then started the almight Night of Costuming ^^ This was largely because we are unskilled and disorganised, and thus didn't have them done _before_ the con. The details at this point is pretty sketchy, as it's been nearly a month, and we were pretty out of it by the end, but I do remember things got done, awful tea got made (nobody's fault, we didn't have the stuff nessecary), ramen got eaten, everybody got less than two hours of sleep, and, miraculously, nobody got mad at each other. After the SakuraCon mess, this is rather incredibly surprising, and rather nice.

Saturday finally came, with several of us having not slept at all, and we got changed into our outfits for the masquerade - only to have it start pouring rain. This resulted in kind of a mad dash from the townhouse to the main complex, during which we got totally soaked. Marina's comment was that there was something strangely romantic about soaking wet Seishirou in his wedding kimono, running through the rain ^^ We were fourth on or so, and almost short Brooke, as she took longer to get ready because her armour wouldn't hold, but she arrived, and we went on, and actually managed not to make fools of ourselves. Our CLAMP in Wonderland skit ended up pretty well-recieved, at least by the audience, even if we didn't win anything, which was really nice. The groups that did win largely deserved it, too ^^

Most of the rest of Saturday is a bit of a blur to me, other than going to the 2004 AMVs (during with Elisha and I kept nodding off, as we both hadn't slept), and then the yaoi panel, which was excellent even if the staff kept coming down and telling Nathan he couldn't do all these things he had planned. Ari dragged Brooke off afterwards, supposedly to go to the karaoke, but I went back to the townhouse and sort of crashed, so I didn't really ask.

Sunday was another low-key day - we gave Ari her birthday presents, as they were all finally done (Ryuuichi outfit and Kumagoro from Viko, HIV plushie because I am a horrible person from me.), and we had the lovely if slightly dry cake Janelle made - it had a pentagram in red frosting on top of the vanilla, and little strawberry candies around the edges ^^ We also found that three people or so can drink over four litres of milk in roughtly half an hour. We all headed to the dealer's room, and I came away with two posters, one big X color managa poster (the later stuff, not the X: ZERO art), and one of Advent Children Sepiroth, for a total of $7 CDN, which I think is roughly $5 US. Marina, Elisha, and I also caught the tail end of the FMA panel, which was fun (Scar is Jeebus! XD), and as I usually can't stand panels, that says something ^^ We headed to have a little lunch at the sub place on campus, where Farha, while while dressed as Ryoma bought a big chocolate chip cookie, took a bite, and exclaimed "Mmm, it's still warm and moist!", causing us to proclaim it the porn cookie. Then there was much packing and loading and figuring out what belonged to whom, before most of us set out on the buses, and some set out by car, to head home, where ever that was.

After saying many goodbyes and giving lots of hugs, I parted ways with everybody else at the bus station, and went to the airport. Many hours, some very uncomfortable seats, and one almost-missed flight (I want to hurt the architect of the new airport in Toronto) later, I was back at home, incredibly tired and missing everyone I had seen that week. I came to visit people, and got exactly that and more, and it was wonderful ^^


-Me in the Seishirou wedding kimono

-Ari gives Kumagoro HIV >.>

-Ari in the full Ryuuichi outfit ^^

-Kitty as Sakura

-Viko's new Oriya

-The two crazy scientists and their birds ^^

-Ryoma and the porn cookie

-Actually not what I intended to take a photo of, but damn funny anyway

-It's Chii! It's Wakaba! ...No, actually, largely just Janelle

-She spent _all day_ doing this 0.o

September 20, 2004
My Teachers Are Funny.

So, we're having a dance in a few weeks, and the people organizing it asked everybody else to send them mp3s of songs they wanted played. This of course largely tends to be in violation of the copyright, and thus also our AUP on the network. They sent this message out on the school mailing list, which also includes some of the teachers, so my Tech Writing teacher sent back a warning about this, ending with this ^^:

"If NetOps hasn't put the fear of the AUP into you, then consider this:
the presence of pirated music at the dance will be reciprocated by the
performance of large quantities of Garth Brooks and Shania Twain music,
with accompanying country line dancing. Be afraid."

Other than that, my math teacher's son (who is in college), is really cute. Sadly, he is also pretty definately gay (by "pretty definately" I mean he came to the Pride celebration with us, and was wearing a 'Sorry girls, I'm gay' pin, along with many others, but he didn't say anything outright, and I didn't ask). And Akatonbo came over afterwards and we made a cheesecake (whoever has my good Amaretto Chocolate Cheesecake recipe - Mara, Claudia, I'm looking at you two - I'd rather like it back ^^), and then we sat around and talked about life and fannish things. Until six am ^^

I've also started taking a Japanese class offered by one of the aikido dojos here in the city, which should be fun - the teacher, Hoshide-sensei, seems like she's really looking forward to doing this class, and actually knows how to teach, and everybody else is there out of choice, unlike school, where we don't really have a choice. Hopefully my brain can handle learning two languages at once - Michelle and I decided that if I start calling Mr. Menard "sensei" by accident, it will be proof I can't ^^

...I so need a new layout here. And to finish the AE report, but that at least has been started. Blah, my brain won't operate on layout-mode right now. Too dead x.x

September 15, 2004
Life is full of Random

Not a whole lot going on around here - I've been lazing around at home, either watching anime or watching my brother play video games. He just finished Resident Evil today - I think I can accurately say that Lisa Trevor scares the fuck out of me. Congratulations, Capcom, you've mentally traumatized yet another person ^^ Also, Metroid Prime is very very cool, and I swear, I really will finish Deus Ex sometime this year (I'm in the very last section of the game - so close!).

Watched the last bit of the Hellsing anime today, and while I don't think it will become a soul-destroying obsession like Yami, X, Tokyo Babylon, or Fullmetal Alchemist have, it was still most excellent. I feel vaguely tempted to cosplay Integra because I <3 girls in suits. Especially when they're me ^^ Or possibly Ari, although people think she's a guy all the time, so I'm not sure she counts ^^ I think I can resist Integra in favor of FMA48!Roy, who's outfit I love so much more, and which is so much easier to do - I've decided I will in fact do it, although God knows for what con. Just need to make a dark brown vest, buy a red tie (Finally, an excuse to buy slightly expensive silk ties!), and somehow talk Winter into letting me borrow her black fedora - I've got one I love very much and bought for $8 at an antique store in NC, but unfortunately it's gray.

On the school front, things continue to be somewhat interesting, but very busy. I've got four different assignments due Friday, one of which I'm basically done, and one of which I've partially started - both physics. Talked with my advisor, Ms. Lang, about my research seminar project, and she didn't tell me I was either stupid or crazy for trying it, which is highly reassuring. And apparently the fact that it has no real practical modern application is alright. Basically, I'm building my own machine-based cipher, which will probably end up along the lines of a more secure and user-friendly varation of the German Enigma cipher. And no, I don't really expect anyone other than Ari to have any idea what the hell I'm talking about ^^ Also, I have a USB drive now, and it makes me irrationally happy.


important Anime Boston 2005 stuff.

I would like to do a group registration, sometime in the next week or so, so everybody can save $5. This means I need to get ten people together - who here is going for sure and would like to register with me? I know a few people who I think were interested, if they don't reply, I'll call or something. We also need to get the hotel room stuff sorted out now, before all the rooms at the Sheraton are gone. Who is interested in splitting for a room? I've got air mattresses, so I'm comfortable with floor or whatever, and I can bring some for other people if everyone is alright with a lot of people in one room.

September 13, 2004

Briarwood turned out to be okay. There were some fun activities - building a giant blob-boat out of a couple other boats, kayaking, and seeing Shrek in both French and Spanish. Unfortunately, I got really sunburnt (note to self: Never borrow sunblock from a tan man), there wasn't enough food, and there were irritating assholes in my cabin. Figures, there always are. Anyway, rather glad it's over.

Other than that, I spent most of the weekend sitting around watching my little brother play Resident Evil (We got a Gamecube! Yaya!), Metroid Prime, and playing Super Smash Bros. Melee with him. I also watched Hellsing, which I'm borrowing from my new school friend Michelle, who is very cool. I think I rather like Hellsing so far - it's got a cool bunch of main characters. But more on that when I watch farther, I think. By which I mean tonight ^^

September 8, 2004
In List Form:

-Mara and Claudia came over and we made Amaretto Chocolate Cheesecake! It was tasty.

-I've now had my first official car accident ^^; Managed to catch the corner on this small metal pole sticking up by the entrance to the student lot at my old school. Only thing damaged was the headlight cover, which shattered, and is now my duty to epoxy back together. Ah, poor abused car ^^

-I want FMA 48. Now. Because the episode preview showed maybe four seconds of Roy in suit and fedora. Mmmm.

-I'm off on a class trip to Briarwood down on the Cape until Friday. So, I won't be around, and I'll basically be unreachable, because we can't bring any cell phones or CD players or anything with us >< Let's see how many of my classmates I'm tempted to kill in the two and a half days >.>

-Oooh, and Ammie! I got your package <3 The chocolates were so delicious ^^ Thank you~