October 27, 2004
Hell Yeah!

The Red Sox have won the World Series!

*dances around happily*
October 26, 2004
School Consumes My Soul

I'm not sure what's worse - the fact that I'm most likely going to fail the portion of my research sem project due Thursday, or the fact that I don't care if I fail or not. First day of B term, and I'm already starting to feel drained. Ah, public education, you make me the delightful cynic I am toda.

I really just want to sleep right now, which I'll probably do in five minutes or so.

Also, Saturday was lots of fun. <3 Skuld ^^.

And...I think that's all that I can manage right now and still make some sort of sense.

Sephiroth is sexy.

October 21, 2004
Reasons Why Today Owns

-Red Sox. Need I say more ^^?
-I have stuff for Yuna! I got stuff for Yuna done! The Cosplay Gods smile upon me!
-I had a nice chat with both Mara and Skuld ^^
-I found a hidden package of instant miso in the cabinent
-My inner X fangirl has come out of hiding, but hasn't throttled my inner FF fangirl ^^

I feel like I could take on the world right now. It's nice ^^ Off to make that miso and possibly let ALHR consume more of my life ^^

October 16, 2004
Replay Value

-Started a new FFX game to get the stuff I missed the first time, which included winning the blitzball tournament in Luca. All I can say is, mmm, longer cutscene, as far as I can tell ^^ With Tidus totally flipping out at Auron and shaking him, while Auron just stands there and then laughs. And then says "I'm going to go offer my services to Yuna.", which made me think horrible horrible things even if I knew exactly what he was talking about.

-All the sewing on my summoner Yuna skirt is done! I want to take shiny progress photos, but my camera's been missing for the last month (people who's houses I've been over, did I leave it there?)

-Currently on vacation, although I get to spend most of it working on my Research Sem project ~.~ This displeases me greatly.

-As I haven't done this in a while, cosplay list:

-Summoner Yuna - skirt is largely done, as I said, and I have fabric for the top.
-Teen!Seishirou - needs buttons and collar pins. Which I could do in an hour or two if I got off my lazy ass and did it.
-Ep48 Roy Mustang - have the suit and shirt, need to find that dark brown fabric for the vest and hatband.

-Hancuff!Seishirou - My Subaru and Hokuto need to make up their minds about what kind of fabric we're using before I can start on anything.
-Regular Uniform Roy - For Otakon next year, most likely, so I'm not worrying about it yet.
-RotJ!Han Solo - Because Mel is going to make such a kick-ass Luke ^^

On Hold
-Link - I want to get a group together to go with before I work on it more
-Clow - Um..I'm lazy?

-Birthday layout went up last week, obviously. Yes, that is a Subaru on a leash, Lilly ^^ And thanks for the compliment, Ammie ^^

October 10, 2004
Happy Birthday, Blog!

Yep, today, Enigmatic Eccentricity officially turns three. Damn, it's been a long time. I meant to have a new layout up, but didn't get around to coding it, so that'll happen tomorrow, I think. Anyway, much <3 to all of the lovely people I've interacted with and talked to over these past three years, here's to many more years to come.

Also, there are FFX-ending related babblings over in the LJ, as I didn't want to spoil anyone here.

FFX Randomness

-Jecht/Braska's Final Aeon is an evil whore. Anyone have any good tips for beating him?

-Braska/Auron/Jecht is full of angst and I love it. I blame this on you.

-This game is consuming my life. Seriously, I've passed the seventy hour mark.

-My brain compels me to cosplay Summoner!Yuna, as it is OMG SO PRETTY *.* Even though I wouldn't be, because Yuna is gorgeous and I look more like a guy >.>

-Braska so wins the Silly HatTM award for this game.

October 3, 2004

Yeah, you know you're having a lousy week when *SPLAT* describes your state of being. I think I've got my official first nasty cold of the year, as I keep sneazing, my nose is running, and I'm tired all the time x.x Which means that I haven't gotten much done other than the things I have to do, because I don't have the sentience to manage much else - when I'm stumbling over tons of words in English, this is a sign my brain is fried. So, I've got all sorts of personal and long-term school projects I haven't touched, and instead have been playing FFX for many hours, because it means I don't hactually have to get up and do anything, or think particularly hard. I think I see why you ship Braska/Jecht/Auron ^^

Also, I have now survived a birthday party of nine-year-old girls (The mom didn't tip. Damnit.), played security guard at a swim meet, and cleaned gutters - I think that those who haven't done the last probably seriously underestimate the weight of a hose full of water. And some contracted construction workers are lazy bastards.

And now, I'm going to go finish my goddamned Research Sem writing-thing (Have I mentioned I hate Research Sem?), read some fic, and sleep.