November 24, 2004
A Quick Goodbye

I'll be out at Martha's Vineyard the rest of this week, visiting my grandparents for Thanksgiving - not sure yet if I'll have internet there, but I think not, as my grandparents have returned the last two computers they've bought >.> So, I'll probably see everybody Friday night.

Happy Thanksgiving, and try not to have too much fun without me ^^

November 22, 2004
Fate Mocks Me

I had this whole long coherent post half-written out, and then my computer died and I had to reboot >< Now, of course, I'm tired and not feeling inclined to write it all up again, so you all get another one of my lovely lists.

-A happy birthday to Seishirou - you're a crazy motherfucker, but I love you anyawy (Yes, I know, he's not real. I don't care ^^) Regular X outfit got worn to school today, although sans contacts, in honor of the occasion. There was going to be a new layout here, but I didn't get it down, so maybe later.

-FMA 3 - Pretty damn good - Vic's acting was wondeful, and Al's is definately improving. Roy will take a little while to get used to, but I think it'll grow on me once there are a few lines that aren't deadpan-serious - hell, Roy had to grow on me in the Japanese, too, it's a while before his character is really shown ^^

-In the same vein, I think this man may be my new god or something. Seriously, funny, good-looking, friendly, and not afraid of the fangirls? Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a winner!

- My Yuna skirt is all but done, and I got the earrings basically strung together - I still need to buy backings to attach them onto. Rather pleased with how they look ^^

-We're reading Dante's Inferno in my Humanities class, and I'm finding I'm liking it a lot. Possibly because hell and symbolism = yay! Our next assignment also apparently a pair-blog. Which has lead me to say two things - Blogger's new interface is shitty, and how many people here have been blogging longer than I have, which would be mid-2001 ^^?

-Finally, FMAdub is crack, and Steve Ursprung is funny - lines from both from last week include 'ZEPPLIN'D!', 'All your alchemy are belong to us', 'Eight times pony equals muffin!' and 'Can I have a set of Yiweis?' Great fun.

And now, sleep ^^ *waves*

November 14, 2004
FMA ep 2 thoughts

I finally have more than just a nitpick about the dub - Gluttony's voice is waaaay off. He sounds too...too....intelligent, really. Not like a stupid little four year old or whatever. However, as I don't like Gluttony, I will live. And Al's acting is picking up a bit, yay! Other than that, not many comments aside from the fact that it took me ten minutes to wrangle up a tv to watch it on. Damn my brother and his friends and their playing Halo for six hours straight ><

Also, entirely FMA-unrelated, I'm almost done with the painting on my Yuna skirt :D

November 12, 2004
First Snow

Yep, first snow of the year here. Looks nice from inside, but unfortunately also means that it only gets colder from here on, until April. Ah, New England...ten months of winter, two months of bad sledding. And people wonder why I want out.

Also, the last few weeks have for the most part sucked massively, and that also is only going to get worse until mid-February. I'm exceptionally annoyed with a large portion of the world at the moment, and thus am going to go play Windwaker or work on Yuna to cheer myself up, instead of spending half an hour sitting here ranting.

November 7, 2004
Today Has Been A Good Day :D

...Well, aside from the bit where my mom's alarm clock woke me up at four am and I had to get up and turn it off ^^

Got almost all of my Giant Yuna Earring of Doom (You know, the really long one with the tassle) done, just need to go to Claire's and buy a pair of cheap light blue studs to attach it to, and even out the bottom tassel. It looks really awesome, I wish I knew where my camera was so I could take a photo. I also got dragged to the International Dinner at my former church, which was less horrible than I thought it would be - food was good, entertainment was good, and my mom and I didn't die horribly on the little Irish flute piece we played. Pretty good, considering I hadn't looked at the music before this afternoon ^^

And, as for the Fullmetal Alchemist dub...I liked it ^^ There weren't any noticeable edits, other than the ending, which was cut short. I'm going to guess this is for the extra commercial time, and, well, it's not that big of a deal. I like the opening and endings, but I watched two seasons of Digimon with that horrific American opening. I don't care ^^ Everybody seems to be bitching that Ed sounds way too old, but he doesn't really sound a whole lot older than he did in the original to me - anyone that thinks he sounds way too old to be fifteen needs to come over and meet my 14-year-old brother ^^ Plus he seemed to put a lot of emotion into the performance, which I liked. Al...Al sounded kind of likelike the creepy little kid who's in every horror movie >.> Which he sort of is, a little, even in the original. It was a little monotone, but hopefully that'll improve as he gets a little more used to the character. All the minor characters sounded great, and the little bit of Lust sounded near-perfect ^^ Needless to say, I look forward to next weekend, although the real test will come when Roy is introduced in a few weeks, because I'm a shameless fangirl. However, his voice actor is pretty attractive, which wins him advance points ^^

Also, Windwaker is incredibly addictive. Jon let me borrow it last weekend, and I've been playing a good four or five hours a day. The graphics style really works out nicely once you're used to it - very flowing and bold, and very few rough edges. The facial expressions are priceless, too ^^ It's got tons of little minigames and optional extras that I'm enjoying, and the puzzles require thought, without being frustratingly hard ^^ It's also got just enough of a touch of the bizarre to make me make strange little '!?' faces, although it's not totally cracked out like Majora's Mask was. I <3 it muchly ^^

Now, back to my Zelda, and eventually to the first seven minutes of FMA I missed earlier while Ben was playing Splinter Cell ^^

November 2, 2004
Election Day 2004

I know a few other people have said this, but I want every single person reading this who is eligible to vote in the United States of America to go and vote today. I don't care who you vote for, I don't care what your lame excuse for not voting is (There aren't a whole lot really valid, in my opinion). Just vote.

Why? Because we live in a democracy. And democracies only work the way they're supposed to when the leader is chosen by the people. All the people, not half, not sixty percent. And because the decision you make or don't make today affects me, a taxpaying citizen of the US. I'm sixteen right now. I have no say at all in the people who will govern me, which is why I'm sitting here, ranting to the people I care about, who can. And why it makes me so angry when they choose to do nothing.

Okay, end rant ^^ Will blog about weekend later, when I steal my soul back from video games.